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Project Umbrella Translation


Taken in front of the Arukas clothing store.
Became a Zombie after two hours.
He complained of nausea and itching of the body before losing consciousness.

Ben Bertolucci, Photographer

Official Japanese Transcript




Notes on the "Zombie" creatures.

Official Transcript

They were once human, but were infected with and consequently resurrected by the T-virus. They lose their ability to reason, which combined with the continued decay of their flesh has led to their being called zombies. They began to appear in great numbers with the T-virus outbreak.

Their insatiable hunger drives these carriers to seek out living organisms for food, which only further serves to drive the infection.

Official Transcript

These zombies were inhabitants of the waterside village, Mixicoatl. They were attacked and infected by the zombies released by Javier.

Project Umbrella Translation


A Zombie confirmed in Mixcoatl.

After Javier captures people who oppose him and turns them into Zombies, it is believed that they are released as terrorist weapons.

When Javier injected the t-Virus into people as a warning or punishment, he is rumored to have produced Zombies as the watchdogs of his residential security.

They are artificially put into an inactive state and it seems to be the type that increases brutality and speed by causing the V-ACT action.

They are usually restrained by being tied to chains, and are released when an enemy approaches.

Official Transcript