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The Ivan was a custom derivative of the Tyrant (T-103 Type) suited to VIP protection. Its main improvements were the strengthening of its thinking ability and ability to disguise itself as a human. 1

Project Umbrella Translation


Dear Colonel

It has been a long time.
Has summer come to Russia yet?

I know it's sudden, but I have one request.
It's a job only you can do.

I think you already know, but at the executive teleconference the other day, immediate measures were determined regarding the dubious incident that occurred in Arklay.

The e-mail on the X-DAY disposal has already been sent into the field.
There is progress behind the scenes to "purge" that entire laboratory.

In my heart, I feel only the "Guardian of Crete" would be a true loss.

Project Umbrella Translation


A secret surveillance unit that infiltrates for Umbrella executives to keep tabs within the company.

They slip into various Umbrella organizations as employees.

Several also infiltrated the U.B.C.S.

Nikolai Zinoviev is one of them.

Their duties are special missions like cleaners, such as destruction-of-evidence maneuvers, surveillance of suspicious individuals, and assassination.

Because a large amount of reward is promised in the event of mission success, they think nothing at all of dying or betraying comrades.

It's said that Colonel Sergei controls the monitors in the shadows.

Project Umbrella Translation


At 12:00, in accordance with Article 12 of Emergency Internal Regulations, all personnel and equipment attached to this aircraft will be under the command of Captain of the Guard, Sergei Vladimir.

Rejection of any order is not permitted.
We cannot guarantee your safety if you disobey command.

This aircraft will infiltrate Raccoon City airspace under virus contamination and drop T1 into the Raccoon Police Department.

This will successfully allow the complete elimination of survivors within the police department.

Project Umbrella Translation


An Umbrella executive.
Since he was a "Colonel" in his army days, he is often called so as a nickname.

After the Soviet Union's collapse, he approached the Spencer-led Umbrella. He participated in Tyrant development.

His deep experience and connections to military organizations made him closely involved in the establishment of the private army organization of Umbrella, the U.B.C.S.

He devoted himself to the ideas of Spencer, forming a radical Spencer faction within Umbrella and organizing the Monitors.

Official Japanese Transcript