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Project Umbrella Translation


August 8
I wrangled with the chief today too, but he still doesn't believe it.
Umbrella was in that mansion and I'm certain they experimented on the monstrous t-Virus.
People infected with the t-Virus become Zombies.
But the mansion exploded and no evidence remains. On top of that, this town is virtually devoured by Umbrella's pharmaceutical factory, the townspeople are afraid and no-one will open their mouth...
I don't know what to do.

Project Umbrella Translation


Federal Bureau of Investigation・Internal Affairs Investigative Report

Raccoon Police Department "S.T.A.R.S." Officer Chris Redfield

The following things have become clear as a result of secret surveillance regarding the matters you requested.

(1) Regarding the G-Virus which the Umbrella Corporation is secretly developing
At present it has not become clear whether the so-called G-Virus exists.
A secret investigation is ongoing.

Project Umbrella Translation


A courageous man gathered in the S.T.A.R.S. Alpha Team, his shooting skills are No.1

With a career as a former Air Force pilot, he excels in combat and close-quarters battle with a combat knife.

After Raccoon City's collapse, he organized the Private Anti-Biohazard Service and pursued the remnants of Umbrella.

He's a tough man who possesses outstanding powers of observation and insight and an inextinguishable flame of justice.

Although he sticks to his beliefs in any situation, it causes conflict with his senior officers.

He has a younger sister named Claire who he always worries about.

Project Umbrella Translation

I gave the information on Irving to Chris Redfield.
He's one of the few agents in the BSAA with level 10 action authority.
He can conduct investigations exceeding the limits of his branch as to his independent judgment.
I also believe him to be able to obtain information other agents can't get their hands on.

I frequently exchanged information with AMADI from the West African Branch. They want to arrest Irving, catching him in the act of B.O.W. trafficking.
Therefore, we need to obtain information on where he's carrying out transactions in Kijuju.
Rey seems to be actively gathering information as best he can, but regrettably, the expected results haven't shown.

Project Umbrella Translation

2009.02.26 17:11 Level.06

Now that Chris Redfield's participation in the operation has been decided, the selection of a partner became necessary.

Two-man cells are standard when SOAs take part in an operation.
As this is an operation in a region Mister Redfield is unfamiliar with, it is better to choose from the SOAs of the West African Branch rather than the North American Branch. AMADI is of the same opinion.
(on another note, Suzuki here wanted to participate, but she is probably not experienced enough yet)

As a result of our discussion, SOA "Sheva Alomar" of the West African Branch was chosen as his partner.