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Project Umbrella Translation


September 23
It's all over. Umbrella have ruined my city!
Soon, the city will become full of Zombies. Even I may be infected.
If that happens, I'll kill everyone in the city!!

September 24
I've successfully disrupted the interior of the police station. There's no need to worry about support coming from the outside.
The escape of the masses in the city will be hopeless if this merely delays police response.
I've also severed escape routes from the inside already.
On the floor below, a group of survivors desperately escaped and seem to be working out a plan, but from this point forward, no one will get out.

Project Umbrella Translation


Diary of the Chief's Secretary

April 6
I accidentally moved a stone statue on the second floor. When the chief found it he shouted at me "Never touch this stone statue!" with a threatening attitude. Why put it somewhere like that if it's so important...

April 7
According to a rumor, the entire collection of artwork cherished by the chief are expensive things, amounting to tens of millions. It's a mystery where the money for such a hobby came from.

Project Umbrella Translation


June 8
When I was cleaning the chief's room as usual, the chief stormed into the room with a dreadful look. Its been two months since I came here, but its the second time I've seen such a terrible face. It's the same as when I moved the stone statue last time. It even felt menacing.

June 15
I know the chief's secret.
I won't be able to get away with this if the chief finds out. My life... my life... today is too slow. I want it to be tomorrow already.

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Official Japanese Transcript


Project Umbrella Translation


Chief Brian Irons, Raccoon City Police Department

In the foolish betrayal of "S.T.A.R.S." Captain Wesker, the mansion was blown up.
But virus research will not be delayed.
The problem is that survivors escaped from the mansion. "S.T.A.R.S." officers Chris, Jill, Rebecca, Barry and Brad. Keep a close eye on them and restrict their movements, and if they bring back evidence, I want you to dispose of them in absolute secrecy. If this incident is made public, the company could be held responsible.
Your liaison will be my wife Annette, in the same manner as before.
William Birkin

Chief Brian Irons, Raccoon City Police Department

Official Transcript

The Chief of the Police for the R.P.D. He maintains the facade of being a warm-hearted police chief, but was accepting bribes from Umbrella to turn a blind eye to their many illegal activities in the city. When members of S.T.A.R.S. returned with reports of the mansion incident, he intentionally blocked all further attempts at investigating the matter.

His dark side is not a recent phenomenon. A little known fact about his past is that he was twice accused of domestic violence against his wife during his college years, and he avoided incarceration by agreeing to undertake psychiatric evaluation. During the events in Raccoon City, his unstable nature began to rear its ugly head again.