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Alexia Ashford was a brilliant scientist and the younger twin sister of Alfred Ashford and the successful result of the "CODE:Veronica Project" initiated by Alexander Ashford. She was a clone of Veronica Ashford and considered to be her reincarnation, inheriting her beauty and even surpassing her in intelligence, factors which reminded others of Veronica. To others, she is known as the creator of the t-Veronica virus.

Alfred Ashford was the older twin brother of Alexia Ashford and the 7th generation head of the Ashford family. He was conceived from the "CODE:Veronica Project" advanced by Alexander Ashford in his effort to create a genius scientist who could restore the family. Alfred was the first result from the project, and was deemed a "failure".

Veronica Ashford was the ancestral matriarch, first lady and founder of the British aristocratic Ashford family. She was revered by all of her later descendants for her intelligence and beauty. Veronica had one son, Stanley Ashford. 1 2 3

Alexander Ashford was the 6th generation head of the aristocratic Ashford family and son of Edward Ashford. He specialized in genetic engineering and was responsible for advancing the "CODE:Veronica Project" in an attempt to lead his family name into further prosperity. He was responsible for the construction of the Umbrella Antarctic Base and served as its first director. His ultimate ambition was to create a "reincarnation" of the Ashford family's first matriarch; Veronica Ashford. This led to the birth of two twins, who were not his direct children.

Dr. Edward Ashford was the only son of Arthur Ashford and the 5th generation head of the aristocratic Ashford family. He was a discoverer of the Progenitor virus and was a founder of the Umbrella Corporation. 1