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Project Umbrella Translation


January 30
There's a forbidden room in the Antarctic's hall.
I don't know what's hidden inside, but I know how to get in.
I should use those three jewels the three of us, parent and children, wear to prove we are legitimate successors of the Ashford family. The problem is how to get father's proof.

Project Umbrella Translation


My father Edward discovered the Progenitor Virus in collaboration with fellow nobleman Lord Spencer and repeatedly conducted research for military application.
Soon, research results began to appear, and variants of the Progenitor Virus came to be generally called T-Virus.
Father and the others established Umbrella Pharmaceuticals in order to camouflage this research.

Project Umbrella Translation


Lord Alfred
Please allow me to explain in this letter why I suddenly took my leave.

I have served since your father Lord Alexander's generation, and have shared the joys and sorrows of the Ashford family for a long time. The Lord unexpectedly disappeared 15 years ago and an accident during research took the life of our Lady Alexia.
Lord Alfred, you were young and became the family head, likely to break at any moment in the sorrow of having lost all your loving immediate family.


This creature was originally the sixth-generation head of the Ashford Family; Alexander Ashford. In 1983, Alexander was subjected to an experiment with the T-Veronica virus by his own daughter, Alexia Ashford. As a result of his body not being able to coexist with the virus, the virus ravaged Alexander, causing a rapid cellular change and destroying his brain cells and body flesh. Alexander's body also began to develop a special form of poisonous gas.

Project Umbrella Translation


The greatest highly classified information of the Ashford Family is kept in this laboratory.

Considering the worst, I decided to install a self destruct device in the control room to eradicate the highly classified information and set up a detonation code, operated from a computer.

If the detonation code is used, all door locks will be removed in order to move smoothly. If the elevator linked directly to the hangar is used, it will be possible to escape in a short time.

The detonation code glorifies the name of the great founder, the source of the project, the beautiful person.
Glory shine upon the Ashfords.

Alexander Ashford