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Resident Evil 7 - Reviews Round Up

Embargo lifts 8 AM PST on January 23rd. Will update first post when more reviews become available.

Pure Playstation - 9/10 *includes spoilers*


Resident Evil 7 didn't just take the series back to form, it perfected it. Sure there will be satisfying combat but not before running around for your life filled with dread. The story and plot twists were entertaining as they were interesting and all the scares that came along with it. The voice actors did a phenomenal job and so did the level designers. There was never a time where I felt safe and ready to take on the next challenge. Old schools fans of the franchise will love this outing and is a perfect opportunity for new fans to hop on board. Just don't burn the midnight oil alone.

Warlegend (French) - 8.5/10 (17/20)


(Google Translated and slightly tidied up) Limited supplies, heavy atmosphere, puzzles to solve, all with a difficulty dosed well. Yes, it's a good game! The first-person view is a success, the graphics are perfect, the game is fluid and optimized, global release for a multiplatform game, Capcom has successfully bet its hand: this Resident Evil is a success despite a playtime reduced to about twelve hours and a bit lighter on content than some entries. Playing through in PSVR almost makes it a second game, hopefully Capcom brings HTC Vive / Occulus Rift compatibility one day to PC, but it's clear that we have a nugget for VR in RE7. I would even go so far as to say that it is the only must-have PSVR game at the moment. The ball is in the camp of Capcom: we would love to have added content to the game, simply because by the end we were left savoring for more. We expect DLC Capcom, or to see a sequel!

This Gen Gaming - 7.5/10


Resident Evil 7 is a much better Resident Evil game compared to Resident Evil 6 but it’s not this generations Resident Evil 4, actually it’s quite far from it. It’s also far from being a bad game, actually it’s a pretty good game that’s worth purchasing but the issues keeps it from reaching it’s full potential. Should Capcom continue with the first person Resident Evil games? It really depends on if they are actually committed to this new approach, and are not just cashing in on the virtual reality craze currently.

Famitsu - 9/9/9/9