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Invader Studios' Daymare: 1998 is up on Kickstarter

Invader Studios, the small Italian developer that's probably best known to most here as the developer that made the Resident Evil 2: Reborn gameplay demo in the Unreal Engine and later on was invited to come visit Capcom HQ, just put up their Kickstarter for their first original/solo project; Daymare: 1998. Whilst the trailer linked to in the text there is an old trailer, it absolutely shows signs of heading in the right direction. However, if you need more to be convinced that Daymare: 1998 is one to keep an eye on, it's worth noting that the team has received plenty of praise from a variety of members of the development teams of various Resident Evil titles.

If you're curious about the finer details about the goals of the project and general info on what's been said by whom, who's doing what and what to evt. expect from the final product, I suggest dropping by their Kickstarter page, read up, show your support if you're lusting for more, and spread the word. This is absolutely a case of a game being worked on by the fans, for the fans.

Link to kickstarter page: Here


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I wasn't a fan of the RE 2 fan game and not a fan of these "by the fans" Kickstarter projects (which usually tend to go nowhere) but this looks somewhat intriguing so I will keep an eye on it in case it ever goes somewhere. Good on them to actually go just fully original though, instead of making a Kickstarter campaign on something they don't own the license to, as these kinds of groups usually have the habit of doing.

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Glad to see that they have gone off in their own direction.

We need more fans making their own games, that way they can continue to expand survival horror :D

[Excellent visual quality on the project, although the three main characters seem a bit generic]

Can't wait to see the final product!