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Resident Evil Games Steam Summer Discount

A couple of Resident Evil titles are getting their price slashed for the Steam Summer Discount.


Resident Evil 6 - $26.79 - 33% OFF
-33% off all DLC!
Resident Evil 5 - $9.99 - 50% OFF
Resident Evil: Raccoon City - $14.99 - 50% OFF

Source: Capcom Unity

Biohazard 6 Special Package Announced for Japan

Biohazard 6 Special Package has been announced for release in Japan. The game will be out in August 8 with a price tag of 3990 yen.

This version will includes Japanese voice actings, and will include all DLC.

New Interview with Biohazard 3's scenario writer

Project Umbrella posted today a brand new interview with Yasuhisa Kawamura, best known for his involvement with the writing of Biohazard 3's scenario.

If you're a fan of the serie's history and development, it'll make for a nice coffee read.

Go check it out!

Resident Evil Revelations Lady Hunk DLC Trailer

The mysterious Lady Hunk makes her way to Resident Evil Revelations Raid Mode as a new DLC character on June 11, along with her own unique weapon loadout. Watch her action packed trailer at

Source: Facebook Resident Evil

"Biohazard The Real Survival Horror" Attraction Announced for Universal Studios Japan

The Universal Studio in Japan will have a survival horror attraction based on the world of Resident Evil, for this summer.

In the attraction, players will wear an infection meter which indicates the degree of the viral infection while fighting off monsters including zombies, licker and Tyrant. The objective is to try and survival without any viral infection.

Here's a link to the article (in Japanese language)

RE Revelations DLC Characters Lady Hunk & Ooze Rachel & Other DLC Contents News

Capcom will be releasing 3 matches of DLC contents for Resident Evil Revelations Unveiled Edition in June.


The first batch of content will hit June 4 in the form of two DLC packs: Resistance Set and Enhancement Set. Each pack will be priced at 160 Microsoft Points/$1.99/€1.99 and contain six weapon upgrades.Click to Continue »

Resident Evil Revelations Unveiled Edition Famitsu Score

Resident Evil Revelations Unveiled Edition received a score of 9/9/10/8 from Famitsu reviewers. The score is the same across all consoles.

For reference purpose, the 3DS version scored a near perfect 10/10/9/10.

Capcom Reveal New Costumes for RE Revelations

The official Resident Evil facebook page has uploaded several pictures of the new unlockable costumes for Resident Evil Revelations!

The costumes are as follow:
Sailon Chris
Pirate Jill
Ninja Keith


RE Revelations Wii U Demo Out

Nintendo has just send out a press release, which states that RE Revelations Wii U Demo is out today. According to Capcom's FY 2013 report, they are expecting to sell 1.2 million copies of the RE Revelations for all regions on all home consoles.