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Capcom and Valve Announce Resident Evil 6 x Left 4 Dead 2 Crossover Project

Press Release:


Capcom and Valve are pleased to announce the Resident Evil 6 x Left 4 Dead 2 project. This crossover project between two of the interactive entertainment industry’s most respected publishers will see characters from Left 4 Dead 2 featured exclusively in the forthcoming PC version of Resident Evil 6, while enemies from Resident Evil 6 will invade the PC version of Left 4 Dead 2. All content will be made available completely free for fans of either game to access and play.Click to Continue »

Resident Evil sale on EU PSN this week

Big sale on Resident Evil titles starting up this week on EU PSN.

These deals will go live as soon as the store updates on Wednesday 13th and will run until 27th March.

Check them out below:


Resident Evil 1, 2 and 3 Bundle Pack (not available in Germany)

Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil CVX (not available in Germany)

Resident Evil Chronicles HD Collection (not available in Germany)
Was €26.99/£21.99/AU$39.95, now €14.99/£11.99/AU$21.95

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon CityClick to Continue »

Resident Evil 6 PC Pre-Order Bonuses on Steam

Steam are offering some amazing pre-order bonuses with Resident Evil 6 for PC, including a Digital Soundtrack and Artbook, a free copy of Resident Evil 5, and the Resident Evil 6 DLC Season Pass giving you 4 of the upcoming multiplayer DLC modes.

Capcom Japan to Release Biohazard 6 Story Guide

Capcom Japan will be releasing a story guide book for Resident Evil 6, which explains and showcase the various intertwining timelines in the game. According to the description, the book will also contain storyboards that were made for this game.

The book will be out in Japan on March 25th.

Resident Evil The Mercenaries On 3DS Eshop This Week

Capcom-unity has just announced that Resident Evil The Mercenaries will be up on the 3DS in digital form this week at the eshop, with a price tag of $19.99. The game will appear on Thursday (March 7)

Infernal Mode Trailer for Resident Evil Revelations

Capcom has a new trailer for RE Revelations. The trailer features the new 'infernal' mode for the title, schedule to be released on home consoles in the near future.

Incoming Server Downtime (Possibly)

Just a quick heads up that there'll be a little clean up on the servers for THIA in a not too distant future.

This might lead to some temporary downtime or other misbehavior from the forums.

Just sayin', so now you know!

Capcom Bundling Both RE 3DS Titles in Japan

Capcom will be releasing a value pack which consist of the 2 Resident Evil 3DS titles in Japan. The bundle will be available on March 22.


Playable Biohazard 1.5 build released!

Most visitors to this site will be aware that a mysterious Team have been working on restoring and modifying a build of Biohazard 2 prototype (aka 1.5) into a complete, fluid game.
Each new media release from the Team has been met with jubilation and extreme anticipation for the completed release.

The labors of this mysterious group were accquired by an individual who was allegedly looking to sell them. In order to circumvent any potential sale of their work, the team have today released the build which was being shopped around.

This is a huge event in the history of Biohazard; and a moment many people have been waiting up to 15 years for.Click to Continue »

Resident Evil: Revelations - HUNK Playable in Raid Mode

Capcom has released a video for the PC and console versions of Resident Evil: Revelations. The video gives a brief look at HUNK, who is a new playable character in Raid Mode.