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Resident Evil Code: Veronica Is Free On Xbox Live Gold In Japan

According to Siliconera, Microsoft is offering Resident Evil Code Veronica (360 version) for free to Xbox Live Gold subscribers during August in Japan region. This version of the game has updated graphics rendered in HD, a new leaderboard system and updated menus.

Capcom; Resident Evil 7 will Return to Survival Horror Roots

Former Capcom marketing boss Michael Pattison told MCV that Capcom has been listening to the consumers feedback in regards to the direction series. He acknowledged the complaint that Resident Evil 6 is 'bloated' , and that the next game of the series will return to the survival horror roots. He suggested that Resident Evil Revelations has aided in the cry out for the return to the series root.

Resident Evil Revelations Discount on Steam!

Resident Evil Revelations Unveiled Edtion is having a 50% discount over at Steam at the moment. Its a very limited time offer (40 hours as of this moment) so now is a good time to buy it if you haven't.

Resident Evil 6 Art Book Coming Next Year

Udon Entertainment has just announced that they will be localizing the Biohazard 6 Art Book for release next year, along with other video game artbooks. Biohazard 6 art book has been available in Japan since Jan this year.

Check out the link for more information

Resident Evil Games Steam Summer Discount

A couple of Resident Evil titles are getting their price slashed for the Steam Summer Discount.


Resident Evil 6 - $26.79 - 33% OFF
-33% off all DLC!
Resident Evil 5 - $9.99 - 50% OFF
Resident Evil: Raccoon City - $14.99 - 50% OFF

Source: Capcom Unity

Biohazard 6 Special Package Announced for Japan

Biohazard 6 Special Package has been announced for release in Japan. The game will be out in August 8 with a price tag of 3990 yen.

This version will includes Japanese voice actings, and will include all DLC.

New Interview with Biohazard 3's scenario writer

Project Umbrella posted today a brand new interview with Yasuhisa Kawamura, best known for his involvement with the writing of Biohazard 3's scenario.

If you're a fan of the serie's history and development, it'll make for a nice coffee read.

Go check it out!

Resident Evil Revelations Lady Hunk DLC Trailer

The mysterious Lady Hunk makes her way to Resident Evil Revelations Raid Mode as a new DLC character on June 11, along with her own unique weapon loadout. Watch her action packed trailer at

Source: Facebook Resident Evil

"Biohazard The Real Survival Horror" Attraction Announced for Universal Studios Japan

The Universal Studio in Japan will have a survival horror attraction based on the world of Resident Evil, for this summer.

In the attraction, players will wear an infection meter which indicates the degree of the viral infection while fighting off monsters including zombies, licker and Tyrant. The objective is to try and survival without any viral infection.

Here's a link to the article (in Japanese language)