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Join to win rare RE4 Chainsaw Ganado Figurine

Exclusively for Capcom Unity members, visit Resident and participate in said event from April 24 to May 12 for a chance to win this rare Ganado Chainsaw figure. To successfully enter:

-Make sure you log onto with your Capcom Unity account

-The Capcom Unity player who scores the most points in this event will win the figure. If for any reason this person cannot redeem the prize or does not respond to our Capcom Unity PMs by May 19, we will move to the second place player and so on until the prize is given away.

-Open to PS3, Xbox 360, PC and Wii U players

-Prize is only redeemable in North America

-Event text from Resident Click to Continue »

Next Resident Evil Movie Details Emerged

Its been quite a while since the last Resident Evil movie, and now Paul W.S. Anderson has started talking about it again.

During the 3D film summit, he confirmed that Li BingBing will appear in the coming sequel, and that the movie will be in 3D. The tentative title is "Rising Resident Evil"

Resident Evil: Behind the Mask announced for PlayStation 1

Forum member Gemini just announced his latest project; a full "classic Resident Evil" recreation of lightgun shooter Resident Evil: Survivor.

Normally we don't cover WIP projects like this on the frontpage, but given Gemini's stellar track record in the PlayStation and translation scene, we've decided to make frontpage news of this announcement.


Originally Posted by Gemini

What is it?Click to Continue »

Slow News - Not everyone hates the Resident Evil movies (at least not ALL of them)

Turns out not everyone hates Paul W.S. Anderson's movie series inspired by the Resident Evil franchise.

According to an answer given during an AMA (ask me anything) with James Cameron over on Reddit, James Cameron revealed that his nr. 1 guilty pleasure on the movie front was in fact, surprisingly enough, Resident Evil (the first one). So there you have it! Straight from the keyboard strokes of the director of some of Hollywood's finest!

I am James Cameron. AMA.

Capcom Store Resident Evil Items Discount

Capcom store is having discounts for many Resident Evil items. Head to the link to access the store

Resident Evil competition giving fans a chance to be in “upcoming Capcom game”

Capcom has launched a competition that gives gamers a chance to appear in an “upcoming” game, and interestingly; the entry process involves Resident Evil. The competition was posted on Capcom Unity, and while it doesn’t explicitly say that the new game is based on the Resident Evil license, its inclusion could prove telling.

All you have to do is tell Capcom about your favourite Resident Evil memories by April 14 for a chance to be a character in this mystery new game.

Source - Capcom Unity

Resident Evil 6 Prequel Comic Coming to North America


Manga publisher Viz Media has acquired the rights to the Biohazard: Marhawa Desire manga series, that serves as a prequel to Resident Evil 6, reports Anime News Network. The manga consists of five volumes, and the first will be published in November.

Resident Evil 6 Shipped One Million Copies in Japan

Capcom's Resident Evil 6 has just shipped 1 million copies in Japan. This means they will be able to release a cheaper version of the game as "Biohazard 6 PS3 The Best" and "Biohazard 6 Xbox 360 platinum collection" , with a price tag of 2,848 yen.

The new Bio6 version will be out in March 6.

RE4 PC Comparison Footage & Screens

Capcom just put up 2 gameplay videos of RE4; The SD version and the upcoming HD version for PC. The videos aim to give you a direct comparison between the 2 versions.

Resident Evil and Onimusha composer exposed as a fraud

"Resident Evil and Onimusha composer Mamoru Samuragochi has admitted hiring someone else to write his music for nearly two decades, according to the Japan Times.

The 50-year-old, dubbed the "Japanese Beethoven", lost his hearing completely at the age of 35 but continued to work using what he calls his "absolute pitch". In Japan he is most famous for Hiroshima Symphony No 1, which he dedicated to those killed in the 1945 atomic blast, but gamers know him best for his work on Capcom's Resident Evil and Onimusha.

According to Samuragochi's promotional website, he composed the music for 1997's Resident Evil: The Director's Cut, called Biohazard in Japan, while hiding "his severe hearing disability and living under harsh conditions".Click to Continue »