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New Resident Evil/Biohazard Umbrella Corps Trailer

A new trailer video showcasing the multi-mission mode for Resident Evil Umbrella Corps has surfaced on Youtube.

Resident Evil Series Sales Update

Capcom's Q3 FY 2016 results reveal some updated numbers for the series:

Resident Evil 5 - 100,000 (7,000,000 LTD)
Resident Evil 6 - 100,000 (6,400,000 LTD)
Resident Evil Revelations 2 - 100,000 (1,600,000 LTD)
Resident Evil Revelations - 100,000 (1,500,000 LTD)
Resident Evil (HD Remastered) - 100,000 (1,200,000 LTD)

Umbrella Corps Launching in May 2016, New Trailer

There's a new trailer for Umbrella Corps, which feature the village stage from Resident Evil 4. The trailer also showcased a brief look at the sinngle player mode in a new arena, as well as a RE5 stage tease. Here's the youtube link to the trailer

Biohazard/Resident Evil 0 HD Remastered Released

Capcom Japan has got some accessories on sale to celebrate the release of Resident Evil 0 HD, including a Billy Coen dog tag.

Biohazard The Escape 2 opens at Universal Studios Japan

Biohazard The Escape 2 has opened at Universal Studios in Japan.
The attraction runs until The 29th of May 2016.

Kotaku have uploaded photos taken inside the attraction. to Continue »

Playable Homebrew Battle Coliseum Preview for PS1 Released

Team IGAS and Loboto3 just released their first public playable demo of their Battle Coliseum. The demo runs on Gemini's Squeeze Bomb engine; a game engine developed for the PlayStation, and currently being utilized for Team IGAS' Resident Evil 1.5 restoration project and Gemini's own Behind the Mask project, based on Resident Evil Survivor.

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Resident Evil 0 HD January Release Date Confirmed

Capcom has confirmed that Resident Evil 0 HD will indeed be coming to PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC in January 2016 alongside the Resident Evil Origins Collection. Plus, Digital Preorder Costumes Trailer.

Resident Evil 6 Rated on Korean Gaming Board for PS4/Xbox One

It seems we might be getting a RE6 port for the PS4/Xbox One soon. The Korean Game Rating Board have previously leaked the HD version of RE Revelations.

New Costumes for Rebecca Chambers in RE0 HD

Famitsu has just revealed 2 new exclusive costumes that will be familiar to classic RE fans for RE0 HD. One of the costume is a basketball outfit, which you can see in a secret photo on Wesker's desk back in RE2. Another is a red STARS uniform from RE Director's Cut.

You can check out biohazardfrance for the scan.