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Resident Evil 6 Prequel Comic Coming to North America


Manga publisher Viz Media has acquired the rights to the Biohazard: Marhawa Desire manga series, that serves as a prequel to Resident Evil 6, reports Anime News Network. The manga consists of five volumes, and the first will be published in November.

Resident Evil 6 Shipped One Million Copies in Japan

Capcom's Resident Evil 6 has just shipped 1 million copies in Japan. This means they will be able to release a cheaper version of the game as "Biohazard 6 PS3 The Best" and "Biohazard 6 Xbox 360 platinum collection" , with a price tag of 2,848 yen.

The new Bio6 version will be out in March 6.

RE4 PC Comparison Footage & Screens

Capcom just put up 2 gameplay videos of RE4; The SD version and the upcoming HD version for PC. The videos aim to give you a direct comparison between the 2 versions.

Resident Evil and Onimusha composer exposed as a fraud

"Resident Evil and Onimusha composer Mamoru Samuragochi has admitted hiring someone else to write his music for nearly two decades, according to the Japan Times.

The 50-year-old, dubbed the "Japanese Beethoven", lost his hearing completely at the age of 35 but continued to work using what he calls his "absolute pitch". In Japan he is most famous for Hiroshima Symphony No 1, which he dedicated to those killed in the 1945 atomic blast, but gamers know him best for his work on Capcom's Resident Evil and Onimusha.

According to Samuragochi's promotional website, he composed the music for 1997's Resident Evil: The Director's Cut, called Biohazard in Japan, while hiding "his severe hearing disability and living under harsh conditions".Click to Continue »

Insert Coin Clothing Showcases Upcoming 2014 Resident Evil Themed Range

The people behind Insert Coin Clothing is showing a sneak peak at their upcoming 2014 Resident Evil themed range. You can find them on the link below. Preorders for this new range will start in the next couple of months.

Capcom wants you to suffer in HD - Resident Evil 4 HD on Steam 28th of February 2014

Capcom just announced that Resident Evil 4 continues its quest to become the most ported and re-released title in the universe by doing yet another PC release of the game, this time labeled as the ultimate HD experience. With unlimited trolling potential in terms of how we'd post these news, we figured we'd just cut it short and link to the official reveal trailer:

Main Resident Evil Fanbase Is In Its 30s And 40s


The “main user group” for the Resident Evil games is now in its late-30s to 40s, Capcom have revealed. In a feature highlighting the series on their Investor Relations website, Capcom say that this poses the risk of these fans growing older and older and eventually outgrowing videogames altogether.

As always, the solution is to try and appeal to a younger generation of gamers, in an effort to ensure that you always have new players being introduced to the Resident Evil games. One approach Capcom are taking to help facilitate this is carrying out collaborations with fashion magazines.Click to Continue »

Wesker's Extra Report - narrated by D.C. Douglas as Albert Wesker

The folks over at Project Umbrella have prepared another great holiday treat for Biohazard fans.
DC Douglas reprises his role as Albert Wesker and has narrated Wesker's Extra report.
The report was never widely circulated in the original Japanese or English. This is a fantastic opportunity for those who are not familiar with it to hear it read from Wesker himself!

Thanks to D.C. Douglas for engaging with the Resident Evil community and generously working with Project Umbrella to make it happen.
And thank you to Project Umbrella for organising the recording, and for making an accurate and up to date translation of the original Japanese file.

Listen here!

Did you know? -- Kickstarters and what not!

Slow news ... quarter!

It's a slow news period, that's for sure. Some are drooling (or complaining) over the obvious existence of a new Resident Evil project at Capcom, some are counting the minutes and Facebook likes since the previous update on Team IGAS' Resident Evil 1.5 restoration project, others waiting for The Evil Within from Shinji Mikami and his new band of developers, and some are clearly eyeing other stuff going on online in the world of gaming and what not.Click to Continue »

Resident Evil 5 Is Capcom's Biggest-Selling Game

Resident Evil 5 has overtaken the legendary Street Fighter 2 as Capcom’s biggest-selling game since the company formed in 1983.

In a post on the Capcom Investor Relations site, the company pegged Resident Evil 5′s life-time sales at 6.5 million units since 2009, beating Street Fighter 2′s 6.3 million.

In third, Resident Evil 6 comes in at 5.2 million units, followed by 4.96 million copies of Resident Evil 2 sold since 1998.