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Virus Classification

Group: Group VI (ssRNA-RT)
Family: Retroviridae
Genus: Unknown



The t+G-virus was a hybrid viral strain with bioelectromagnetic properties developed by the Umbrella Corporation by fusing the t-virus and G-virus. Its primary goal was to create an extra defense for a t-virus B.O.W. (Bio Organic Weapon) with a high-voltage electromagnetic field.

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On September 30, 1998, the G-virus developed by William Birkin was recovered from Raccoon City and transported to the company's secret France branch where research was conducted in order to apply it for B.O.W. development, but it quickly became clear that its unpredictable evolution and lack of control did not give it the stable performance demanded from a weapon. For that reason, B.O.W. research involving the G-virus was frozen.

Umbrella began an alternative project to use the G-virus as a secondary viral strain to strengthen a t-virus B.O.W. However, the G-virus could not achieve this function on its own due to its volatile nature. It was believed that combining both viruses could extract the most beneficial effects of each and eliminate faults, and the introduction of a bioelectromagnetic field as a protective measure was also conceptualized. They were fused at the genetic level by swapping certain genes and proteins within the G-virus with weaker equivalents in the t-virus. In effect, the t-virus was used as an "antibody" to the G-virus.

Trial agent "v.0.9.1" of the new virus was injected into a Tyrant but manifested only a minor electrical current and caused deformations in the Tyrant's body, indicating room for improvement. This Tyrant 091 gave the researchers necessary data to stabilize the virus. The trial agent "v.0.9.2" was subsequently developed and initial tests on a B.O.W. successfully yielded a high-voltage current. The virus was scheduled for human experiments and stored on the Spencer Rain luxury cruise ship owned by Umbrella as a showcase in a secret biological weapons auction.

Before human testing with v.0.9.2 could proceed, a terrorist group led by former Umbrella employee Morpheus D. Duvall hijacked the Spencer Rain and stole the t+G-virus, and Duvall was eventually injured. To save his life, he injected himself with the virus and became a Tyrant, but retained full intelligence. After sustaining significant molecular damage from the Charged Particle Rifle, the virus went out of control within his body and caused rapid mutations that transformed him into a giant blob of mass to the point where his bloated body exploded.

It is unknown if any samples of the t+G-virus remain.


The virus was developed with the hypothesis that amplifying a creature's bioelectric currents would enable the formation of a high-voltage bioelectomagnetic barrier around the entire body. This protected a B.O.W. from conventional weapons, but lack of physical damage prevented the side-effect of the virus' recovery ability over-compensating and causing further mutations leading to physical deterioration or loss of intelligence and control. Another improvement was the dramatic reduction of cellular necrosis. Since even the most perfect t-virus B.O.W. underwent a certain level of necrosis, further damage would severely undermine its ability as a weapon.

Only one human subject of the virus was confirmed, Morpheus D. Duvall. The following characteristics may not be true for other potential hosts. Duvall's mutated form greatly resembled a Tyrant and the G-virus' affinity for creating eyes around the body was removed from the virus, so they did not manifest in his mutation. The weakened necrosis allowed him to maintain full intelligence and cognitive ability due to the virus not extensively destroying brain cells.