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t-Abyss Virus

The t-Abyss virus was a weaponized marine virus created at the suggestion of TRICELL under the direction of Morgan Lansdale by combining the viral fish pathogen The Abyss virus with genes of the viral weapon t-virus. It was of little threat alone but posed a severe ecological risk if leaked into the world's oceans.

Its completion showed that xenogeneic infection and B.O.W. (Bio Organic Weapons) development based on the genes of marine organisms had become easier. There were few documented uses of t-Abyss weapons but new aquatic B.O.W. models were studied and developed on the world's black markets.


Creation (2004)

In 2004, the research department of the Montpellier University of Marine Science and Technology Laboratory conducted the fourth Kermadec Trench exploration with an unmanned deep sea probe. At nine thousand meters within the hadal zone, the probe discovered a new species of deep sea predatory fish.

While this fish was in a high water pressure environment with a huge influence on creatures, it had unbelievably high swimming ability and phenomenal vitality with specific features that made it ferocious. As a result of the team's research analysis, the cause of its unique attributes was found not peculiar to the fish itself and testing revealed a new kind of viral fish pathogen. The virus was secretly given the "unfathomable" name The Abyss and the team continued confidential research. 1

When gene analysis of The Abyss virus neared completion, the research institute of Excella Gionne in the TRICELL Pharmaceutical Department offered cooperation through the FBC (Federal Bioterrorism Commission). FBC Commissioner Morgan Lansdale was a former advisor to the FPC (Federation of Pharmaceutical Companies) of which TRICELL was an executive board member. The FBC supplied the university researchers with three cruise ships seized from the Umbrella Corporation as off-shore research facilities.

Under the guise of combating bioterrorism, the TRICELL research institute suggested a development experiment to create an improved virus strain by incorporating the genes of Umbrella's t-virus into The Abyss. Its genes enabled the infection of all organisms beyond marine creatures, including humans. The new virus was named "t-Abyss." However, the prototype's speed of triggering transformation was so rapid that it broke down the host's cellular structure. This problem was resolved by resolutely suppressing the virus' activity in the early stages of infection, enabling it to adapt to a host over time without killing them. 2

An unexpected by-product of this solution was produced. Although cellular breakdown was avoided, a host's flesh partially liquefied and even bone tissue mutated. A host gained characteristically soft flesh and was able to attack a target through small gaps by dissolving into liquid and re-solidifying Furthermore, when bone composition melted and flowed into the outer skin, limbs hardened and another type of host whose limbs turned into sharp weapons was confirmed. Due to this characteristic, human subjects infected with the virus were named Ooze. The new virus made creating an aquatic B.O.W. easier, an area where the t-virus was particularly weak, pioneering a new field in marine viral weapons and expanding B.O.W. activity zones exponentially. 3

The virus neared completion through infection experiments on test subjects. However, without a vaccine sold as a pair with the virus, it was imperfect as a product in the biological weapons business. A large amount of clinical data was required to create a vaccine and it was left to luck with the lengthy process of finding antibodies from a small number of sample experiments. Morgan Lansdale determined that it needed an artificial pandemic to provide the amount of data required to create the vaccine. He supplied the three ships and eight samples of the completed virus to the terrorist group Il Veltro, encouraging them to attack the floating city of Terragrigia. The FBC had full authority over handling bioterrorism incidents in the city and its staggered response allowed the necessary data to be recovered. During the incident, TRICELL agent Jessica Sherawat gathered data on irregular mutants created with the virus and reported to Excella Gionne. 4

Vaccine (2005)

After the Sterilization Operation using the Regia SOLIS (Solar Integrated System) eradicated Terragrigia, the virus was leaked on the three Queen ships to kill the members of Veltro. Temporary research bases were established on the ships for the researchers to observe the virus' mutation and infection progress with the infected Veltro members as test subjects.

In 2005, progress observation on the virus went smoothly and a prototype vaccine was developed. The research data was sent to Lansdale who promptly locked down the ship and released the B.O.W.'s from cryogenic stasis to kill the researchers in order to eliminate any loose ends. The FBC kept the virus out of TRICELL's hands and used it to create new B.O.W. models on the world's black markets.

By monopolizing the biological weapons business, the FBC could control and cut-off the supply of biological weapons throughout the world in order to prevent bioterrorism. 5 Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine of the BSAA (Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance) neutralized t-Abyss on the Queen Zenobia and Queen Semiramis to prevent it leaking into the ocean. At the same time, TRICELL agent Raymond Vester secretly recovered a sample of the virus for the company.


The infection capacity of t-Abyss was 99.78%, inherited from The Abyss. Although extremely rare, cases where it didn't infect individuals were seen in oral ingestion. Its ability to infect almost any organism was a trait of the xenogeneic Progenitor virus inherited from t-virus genes. Extended periods of infection allowed the virus to adapt to the host and thereby strengthen muscle and bone. This was dependent on the host's physical and mental resistance to the virus as well as dosage.

A general t-Abyss host could not tolerate mutation caused by the virus due to the extreme mutation speed inherited from The Abyss. This problem was solved by resolutely suppressing the virus' activity in the early stages of infection and allowing it to adapt over time. Although collapse was avoided, the flesh of individuals infected by the virus partly liquefied and even bone tissue mutated. However as a result of longer periods of adaptation, the virus could transform and strengthen muscle and bone.

This transformation was caused since The Abyss was originally suited to environments of low oxygen, high water pressure and low temperatures. To compensate it would transform the fat and juicy bodies of deep sea fish and create a high density frame and muscular strength of a level impossible in the deep sea. A land-based host could gain aquatic attributes reminiscent of marine organisms. This phenomenon suggested that The Abyss was a virus instrumental to the evolution of marine life just as the Progenitor virus was instrumental to the evolution of life on land.

Its research data predicted that if a fixed quantity of the concentrated virus solution were released into the sea, all marine life, including bacteria which live on the peripheral, would repeat a chain of infection contaminating an entire ocean in a short time. This contamination would cause the ecosystem to change completely with unimaginable damage to humanity and the entire global environment.


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