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Product Details

Softcover: 374 pages
Publisher: Enterbrain, Inc.
Product ID: ISBN4-7577-0980-3


biohazard Kaitai Shinsho

biohazard Kaitai Shinsho (バイオハザード解体新書)

KEYWORDS OF biohazard


A special operations unit under the jurisdiction of the Raccoon Police Department (R.P.D.). Abbreviation of "Special Tactics and Rescue Service" meaning "a unit for the purpose of special tactics and aid." It was founded in 1996 while Raccoon City achieved rapid development in order to deal with an increase in urban terrorism and diversifying crime (terrorism using biological and chemical weapons, new kinds of narcotics, hacking activities).
The significance of S.T.A.R.S.' establishment was to supplement portions the conventional police force can't cater to. Therefore, convocation of skilled personnel with the ability to respond immediately to new crime was a pressing need and recruitment was actively carried out seeking experts in various fields regardless of gender, age or personal history. In addition, upon its establishment, local private companies funded it as part of an urban project of the city. The giant corporation Umbrella that contributed heavily to the city's development took the lead and contributed half the amount of established funding aid.
These abundant funds enabled advanced equipment, a widespread intelligence network and acquisition of excellent and talented personnel. Moreover, the establishment circumstances that it's an elite group of ability-oriented individuals backed by private enterprises makes S.T.A.R.S. different from public institutions such as normal police.

Raccoon City

An industrial town located in the Midwestern United States. It was once a small town but achieved rapid growth through the opportunity of attracting a factory of the giant multinational corporation Umbrella. The people working in Umbrella and its subsidiaries increase year by year and approximately 30% of the population now participate in Umbrella.
The enitre Arklay Mountains region spreads to the north of the city and has become a sight-seeing area with a beautiful lake and open forest where exploitation has not yet progressed.


A huge multinational corporation that uses a pharmaceutical Konzern as the parent organization. Established 1968. The head office is in Europe, but it has branch offices all over the world and above all it constructed a factory in Raccoon City which promoted the development of the city, which was only a single small-scale local town in the country. In addition, since Umbrella usually offered a large amount of financial aid to Raccoon City used for city welfare, construction of public accommodation and maintenance of public order, Umbrella now serves as an existence indispensable for Raccoon City.
The company name and logo signify an "umbrella" and express the company's policy "to protect the health of the people."


A word to express "biohazard." It refers to biological situations and biological dangers which present a threat to mankind or the natural environment.



A man who should be called the ace of S.T.A.R.S. Alpha Team. He's a man of firm character who hates corruption and is willing to disobey orders for his beliefs. He once belonged to the U.S. Air Force but was discharged based on conflicts of opinion with his superiors. He is close with Barry, a teammate from his Air Force days, and the pair have also worked on many missions in S.T.A.R.S. and displayed great success together.
He boasts a strong body undaunted by wounds and is also skilled in firearms handling, and his skill in marksmanship is second to none within S.T.A.R.S. While mentally very strong and rich in the ability to get things done, his mind also tends to get lost in details. He has a younger sister Claire and it seems like he always worries about her.


Only woman of S.T.A.R.S. Alpha Team, has experienced a U.S. Army Delta Force (counterterrorist force) training program. Expert in bomb disposal with general knowledge regarding chemical/drug matters.
Her reason for enlisting can be seen from her words "I can't forgive evil that threatens civilians," she has very strong senses of justice and responsibility and questions without hesitation to the point of absurdity and will hold on for the sake of the truth, even if denied. If anything, she has a rather impulsive disposition but conducts herself calmly during missions and has saved her teams a number of times with precise judgments. Since she also doesn't complain in emergencies she tends to be viewed as a courageous person, but it's believed she feigns strength in no small measure.


A rookie officer who just joined S.T.A.R.S. this year and is on her first dispatch on a mission. She is in charge of Bravo Team's medical needs. She is hard to imagine in a military unit from her 18 year old youth and appearance and behavior retaining some childishness, but she is a prodigy who has already finished her bachelor's degree in college and was appointed to S.T.A.R.S. for her prominent chemistry-related knowledge.


The quiet, calm and composed Captain of S.T.A.R.S. Also serves as leader of Alpha Team. At the time of the unit's establishment, he was appointed Captain through the recommendation of Umbrella Corp. which invested the most among the private sponsor companies. He wasn't originally a police officer but there are no clues looking through his past, except that he has a profound knowledge of bioengineering.
He's a perfectionist who makes no mistakes and possesses sharp insight and outstanding judgement respected by those around him. He has dignity and style appropriate for someone at the top, but since he doesn't show emotion, he has an undeniably cold and impersonal image. He has an unapproachable air and is also a mysterious person.



In t-Virus mutant strains, there is a type that further alters a host's body, driving an action known as "V-ACT." Even if it incurs a fatal wound, a Zombie infected with this will only enter dormancy while it rebuilds body tissues, unless it is burned or the head is destroyed. Then, the body springs back to life as the more ferocious and agile blood-red monster "Crimson Head." They attack enemies with incomparable agility using newly acquired sharp blade-like claws.


A plant cultivated in the mansion greenhouse absorbed virus contaminated water and mutated. All segments were enlarged under the virus' influence and its hardended skin nullified any shock. Furthermore, its leafs and stems transformed and as soon as it senses an approaching creature, it swings them around like tentacles to remove them with savage beast-like aggression, as if it had a will so to speak. It's only a plant and can't walk on its own, but the scale of virus contamination would be immeasurable if it scattered its pollen.

CROW (Page 065)

Wild crows which were also affected by the t-Virus themselves while pecking the flesh of t-Virus victims. Although there is apparently no great difference from other normal crows which inhabit Raccoon Forest, extraordinariness can be observed in it becoming violent, attacking living things indiscriminately and not being shaken by gunshots at all.
Although it was born irregularly, the dangers of secondary t-Virus infection are expected at the laboratory and there is even a calculation point that these creatures spread virus contamination.

ADDER (Page 066)

A small poisonous snake commonly called an adder which achieved mutation and increased aggressiveness due to secondary infection of the t-Virus. An abnormality in their breeding ability was caused and their numbers continued increasing explosively and a red-brown variant species with worse venom began to appear.
They prefer to live near water and attack in crowds from high places as soon as they sense a creature's temperature. Their bite is fraught with the risk of injecting the virus in addition to their natural hemorrhagic poison.

WEB SPINNER (Page 068)

A kind of B.O.W. made during early experiments based on insects. The development name means "spinner of webs", a characteristic of a spider which was the base organism, however this mysterious creature itself cannot spin webs and performs direct hunting with strongly acidic venom, because it became gigantic under the influence of the virus. Its offensive ability as a weapon is low, but it seems to have been considered as an intermediary weapon due to the unique mobility of spiders to walk along outer walls and ceilings, which enables virus dispersion to various places.

WASP (Page 070)

Bees which were secondarily infected by preying on insects which were affected by the t-Virus. The virus's influence shows as it became gigantic in size, but it could be said that the true fear is the possibility of explosively extending virus contamination by spawning in large quantities. They bred flourishingly in one corner of the dormitory and attack as soon as they discover creatures near their nest, sticking their tailpiece needle into them and injecting venom with the t-Virus. Moreover, unusual gigantic growth was achieved among the Wasps and an individual with increased killing power also exists.

HUNTER (Page 071)

A combat type B.O.W. based on humans that was created by adding the genetic information of other creatures, administering the t-Virus and altering its gene structure. Code No. is MA-121. It was developed based on a concept intending for the creation of an organism which could oppose enemies with anti-virus equipment and protection measures. It has intelligence and can understand and execute simple orders, characterized with phenomenal agility and jumping ability, and can close-in on targets at high speed and cut down their lives, surely deserving the name of "hunter". The body surface, which resembles reptiles, causes the beholder to experience a physiological feeling of repulsion.

CHIMERA (Page 074)

A human-based B.O.W. born due to an insane experiment which incorporated the genes of a fly into the base organism and forcibly merged both species using the mutation properties of the t-Virus. The name originates from the artifical beast Chimera which appears in Greek mythology. Although it's fundamentally a human type, characteristics of the fly remain everywhere as it relentlessly crawls while making bizarre sounds, and countless maggots vividly crawl inside the body. Its intelligence is about the average of a fly and it can only perform monotonous attacks, but the psychological damage it deals to enemies is unfathomable.

YAWN (Page 076)

After a poisonous snake which was a test subject for B.O.W. development escaped from the laboratory, it sufferred the influence of the t-Virus that began to leak in an accident and achieved abnormal growth to a size far beyond imagination. Its length is short in spite of its thickness and imbalance is undeniable. Its fangs are equipped a deadly venom which cannot be counteracted by an ordinary antidote, and if suitable treatment is not immediately performed, death occurs in mere minutes.


The original Crimson Head gave the researchers an opportunity to notice the "V-ACT" process and the existence of a virus that came with it. Prototype 1 was created using that particular t-Virus strain, the effects of which created this Crimson Head possessing vitality and combat skills far exceeding those of regular ones, and after that it underwent cultivated production. An analysis is considered impossible as it is so aggressive it instantly slaughters all surrounding people. But it is still a valuable sample, so it was sealed to examine and research it someday.

NEPTUNE (Page 083)

A shark-based B.O.W., Code No. FI-03. Generally, it was said that marine type biological weapons had low military effectiveness, but the development intention of Neptune was not to achieve results as a combat weapon, but to measure whether the t-Virus can also adapt to genes other than ground creatures. One subject boasts a large frame that far exceeds the base body and there are two smaller ones which exist, still believed to be growing. The adult boasts invincibility underwater, as the name "King of the Sea" indicates, but is nearly helpless on land.

PLANT 42 (Page 085)

A mysterious plant documented at Observation Point 42, a so to speak abnormally grown monster plant. Although it was a byproduct caused by the t-Virus leak accident, its ecology exceeded common sense and drew the interest of a researcher who conducted detailed observation. It became large enough to go through two levels of the dormitory and establish tentacle-like feelers in the building to catch prey and drain blood for nourishment. It also seems to possess intelligence in its own way and elaborates for self-defense and unfailingly erases foreign intruders.

TYRANT (Page 090)

The adult male-based "ultimate life form" which the Arklay Laboratory created. Code No. is T-002. The development of a combat ability emphasised type B.O.W. gave birth to this, and it exhibited a certain measure of completion and was named Tyrant, the official name of the "t" virus. Exceptional physical capabilities and even high intelligence to obey and execute orders were realized upon its design. It was due to be commercialized after completing the final check "test" of the combat model against veteran soldiers.

S. TYRANT (Page 092)

The Tyrant when its limiter was removed due to endangerment of its life. Other than the superficial difference that its whole body was tinged reddish, dramatic changes were generated internally; physical strength, agility and offensive ability far exceeded conventional values. Although it is in an irregular state, so to speak, since its capabilities as a weapon have markedly increased, in a sense, this form is fitting as the ultimate ideal form "Tyrant" which its developers aimed for.

SECRET FEATURE (page 331-333)

Whole Picture of the "Mansion Incident"

Scattered bizarre murder cases which occurred frequently in the cases of the Arklay Mountains region in the vicinity of Raccoon City...... It was a biohazard which occurred in a certain single mansion that caused all of them and created the prelude S.T.A.R.S. paid great sacrifices for. We have explained the unclear portions by pursuing the story and summarized the complete picture of this abnormal situation that came to be called the "Mansion Incident" later.


We explain the connection between the incident and the truth of the giant corporation Umbrella which is the mastermind of the "Mansion Incident."

01. The Real Image of Umbrella

Umbrella had great influence in every field as a conglomerate spanning the world and supported Raccoon City's foundation. It became a pharmaceutical company based on the promise of protecting the health of the people with strength in viral disease treatment, but the true nature of this company was a "merchant of death" developing and producing biological weapons using viruses. The mansion which S.T.A.R.S. arrived at was one of these weapons development facilities called the "Arklay Laboratory" among authorized personnel. However, they cleverly concealed this fact using their mighty power.

< In the mansion which became the stage of the incident, Umbrella founder Lord Spencer had it built for biological weapons development. It was officially considered the company's rest facility.

02. t-Virus Project

The "Tyrant Virus" (common name "t-virus") which Umbrella was originally studying was the direct cause of the "Mansion Incident" that took place.
First of all, the t-virus isn't something that already existed in the natural world. In the beginning, the founders of Umbrella including Lord Spencer discovered a new RNA virus strain called the "Progenitor Virus." By incorporating the genes of other viruses in this Progenitor Virus and adding improvements, it became ideal and easy to use as a military weapon for developing biological weapons (refer to next section) - this project conducted by Umbrella was called the "t-Virus Project."

> So to speak, the monsters wandering the mansion are people sacrificed to the virus.
There are also humans and creatures which were infected or received genetic enhancement.

Data on the t-Virus

【Summary】 A new class of RNA virus developed by Umbrella. Also included are variant types created in research experiments.

【Characteristics】 The capacity for environmental adaptation is known to be high and every living thing serves as a vector of infection.

Infected Organism Characteristics】 Miraculous durability and offensive ability, general characteristic of ferociousness. There are many examples of bodies becoming large. Intelligence generally decreases, but may increase before infection extremely rarely.

General Symptoms Occuring In Human Body】 Sense of hunger increases, necrosis of skin and blood congestion are seen. Causes loss of reasoning and clouding of consciousness, irregularly progressing with time. Entire body festers on its deathbed, craving the flesh of certain living things and beginning to wander. The infected organism in this stage is called a "Zombie" and is in a state equal to death from a medical standpoint. There are individual differences before reaching a Zombie after being infected however, one week at the latest, and early the same day. A method to cure this state yet to be discovered.

03. B.O.W. and t-Virus Project

B.O.W. is an abbreviation for "Bio Organic Weapon" and refers to organic life-form weapons for which Umbrella advanced research and development. Speaking of B.O.W.'s, various types exist for different application purposes according to the organisms they're based on, such as combat or  virus dispersal. Umbrella aimed for a humanoid combat B.O.W. with advanced intelligence (as disguised infiltration is possible as a human type), and was temporarily named "Tyrant" from the beginning of development. In other words, it can be said that the name "Tyrant Virus" was kept to match the goal.


- NEPTUNE... CODE: FI-3 / BASE: Shark
- HUNTER... CODE: MA-121 / BASE: Human
- CHIMERA... CODE: Unknown / BASE: Human (+Fly)
- TYRANT... CODE: T-002 / BASE: Human

*The Web Spinner and Yawn are a kind of B.O.W. The Zombie is a B.O.W. in the sense that it was studied for the purpose of spreading the virus.


George Trevor who was in charge of designing and constructing the mansion at the request of Lord Oswell E. Spencer, and his family. The three of them are the first victims of the t-Virus Project.
After the completing the mansion, George was imprisoned in the mansion to be silenced and died. Variant types of the Progenitor Virus were administered to his wife and child as test specimens, but Jessica couldn't adapt and was annulled and disposed of. On the other hand, Lisa survived, though suffering mental and physical abnormalities, and spent several decades imprisoned as a test subject.


A certain day in 1962 - George agrees to design the mansion.
A certain day in 1967 - Completion of the mansion. Three members of the family are invited under the pretext of commemoration.
November 10 - Jessica and Lisa first arrive and are administered the Progenitor Virus.
13 - George is imprisoned in the mansion.
14 - Jessica is annulled and disposed of.
31 - George dies of starvation in the mansion.
July 1, 1988 - An examination of Lisa's body begins her as a test specimen of great interest.
July 31, 1995 - Lisa is annulled and disposed of. (On Record)
July 24, 1998 - Lisa and S.T.A.R.S. wander around the interior and exterior of the mansion and encounter each other.


In the beginning of this incident, the t-Virus began to leak in an accident. The staff and animals were infected with it, and the humans became Zombies and loose B.O.W.'s wandered about the outside of the mansion in search of flesh and caused the bizarre murder cases. It was approximately two months from the accidental outbreak to the S.T.A.R.S. dispatch. Meanwhile, Umbrella concealed the accident and did not take a concrete solution.

It is already meaningless to ask who was doing the research which separated from humanity about ethics from the fact of having concealed the accident.
However, why did they not take measures until damage spread to relatives? Were the effects of the accident really beyond prediction? The accident was used for this incident and a large-scale "experiment" using all of the creatures inside the mansion.


  • May 11, early dawn, accident occurs. Infection spreads regardless of organism type and staff members begin to transform into zombies.

(Protective clothing was distributed to personnel. However, the rate of infection seems to have topped the initial prediction and it was too late.)

  • May 20, the civilian victim with infection appears. After this, similar incidents occur frequently.
  • June, researchers begin to commit suicide.

(The fax was sent to the mansion so that Umbrella HQ, which took in the whole situation, could examine the immediate response.)

  • July 9, S.T.A.R.S. investigation and intervention is decided.

(They decided to refrain from S.T.A.R.S. intervention until just before Umbrella HQ sent mail that stated the final order to chief of security in the mansion.)

  • July 23, S.T.A.R.S. Bravo Team is put into action.

S.T.A.R.S. Action Record

Wesker's Report II

Emergency Report

Emergency Report
Aug 21, 1998

I have a very important report to show you, because you and I are both reporters of the Raccoon Times, and I think I can trust you.

During our secret investigation about the Mansion Incident that happened last month, we finally found some evidence of Umbrella's crimes. According to the report we found, now we've got the truth, and it is far different from all the things we were told before, I want you to tell the public as soon as possible.

The first thing we need to focus is that it tells us the real identity of Albert Wesker, who is behind all these evil things. The report says that he was first trained at the Umbrella management training facility, and was then transferred to that mansion (they call it "Arklay Laboratory"), becoming one of the chief researchers and carrying out many experiments. After that, he quit his position as a researcher, and requested a transfer to Umbrella's Intelligence Department. In this part, his detailed information was shown, and one detail which I noticed is that he was also suspicious about the purpose of those researches. On one side, he seemed to act under the orders of Umbrella, but in fact he had his own purpose as well. I think we can find some reasons for his strange behaviour in the report.

Of course, I wrote down all useful things on it. Those evil experiments in that mansion, the details of that evil virus, and goals that the researchers kept pursuing. The "female research subject", which is mentioned quite a lot of times in this article, is supposed to be that monster called "Lisa Trevor", just like the description of those survivors, and her tragic story is told by this report. When S.T.A.R.S. members were facing this monster, it showed unbelievable vitality and toughness, it almost cannot be killed. As for the reason for it, I think it will be clear after you read page 4 and 5 of the report. And her strange behaviour of ripping off people's faces is also understood according to the content of a diary found in the incident.

What's more, as the investigation continues, many noticeable names appear in this report. William Birkin, a genius man and also Wesker's partner researcher in the mansion. Alexia Ashford, a genius girl whose talent made William almost lose his mind. John, William's successor as the chief researcher, who was aware of the danger of that terrible research. And Ada Wong, a woman who received this report. It seems that all those people above didn't appear in the mansion incident, but it is possible any one of them is now doing some terrible things somewhere.

Because of this, I'm pretty sure our opinion is right, and the incident is not over yet. The origin of all these evil things, Umbrella, is still holding a good image to the public, and no citizens here have noticed their real face. If people who know the truth like us are not going to expose their evil behaviour and alert the world, they will keep playing a role as a merchant of death. And at this moment, they must be continuing research on that devil's virus, and developing some terrible biological weapons. It seems that they are now working on the development of the "G-Virus", even its prototype has very terrible power. Can you imagine what's gonna happen if it's finished and applied to producing biological weapons? A biohazard will happen again. The incident that happened in that old mansion deep in the mountains is not an end, maybe the whole city will be involved in a tragedy sometime.

I think you must have understood what I said, the remaining things you should do is to sum up this report and the results of our investigation, and then make them public as soon as possible. You have to start preparing immediately.