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Production Information

Developer: IdeaWorks3D (Nokia)
Capcom Mobile (iPhone)
Capcom (Japan - 2D Version OS)
Publisher: Capcom, Glu Mobile Inc.
Platform: Nokia N-Gage 2.0

Release Dates

USA: 18 December 2008 (Nokia)
10 May 2009 (iPhone)
PAL: 18 December 2008 (Nokia)
10 May 2009 (iPhone)
Jap: 22 January 2009


biohazard DEGENERATION (Mobile)

The first Resident Evil game to be released based on supplementary material and the first game on Nokia N Gage 2.0 system and iPhone platform. In this case Degeneration is based on the CGI film of the same name, and incorporates many aspects seen from the film.


Utilizing the same 3D engine that was used in Resident Evil 4 Mobile Edition, the Nokia version of Degeneration plays very much like an extension of the same formula, set in Harvardville Airport. The game boasts the best looking graphics for any Resident Evil cellphone game with a fully 3D environment for Leon S. Kennedy to explore.

The iPhone version of the game is divided into 10 small chapters, with Leon completing simple objectives whilst battling the undead. As opposed to the CGI film, much more time is spent in the airport with the ultimate goal being to prevent infected planes from taking to the air on their auto-pilot systems.

Further expansion in the iPhone version takes place in the form of new B.O.W.s within the airport confines. Cerberus, a gold Tyrant resembling the T-002 seen in the Saturn release of the original Resident Evil which you fight in the medical bay, and a Tyrant T-103, which you fight in a plane's cargo hold and finally a warehouse area.

Development History

Degeneration was a major project and one of the flagship triple A titles for the relaunched N-Gage platform. Originally the N-Gage was made to be a competitor to Nintendo's GameBoy, but sales were extremely poor, and the two specialist phones were soon discontinued. Undeterred Nokia re-released the concept of the N-Gage, this time incorporated into newly released mobile phones. The N81 being the first model to receive the gaming treatment, now most premier Nokia models have the N-Gage platform built in ready to download new titles.

3D Version

Degeneration was outsourced to developer IdeaWorks 3D who used the Resident Evil 4 engine and maintained the "over-the-shoulder" perspective. Similar items and the same art design in terms of weapons and ammunition has also been recycled from the game as well.

2D Version

A 2D Version of the game was also released for other cell phones, this version utilizes the same system as the 2D version of Resident Evil: The Missions, however, the game is linear and has no alternative routes, As with the more advanced version of the game, the plot is non-canon.

iPhone Version

An iPhone OS version was released for the platform developed by Capcom's mobile division. Despite their involvement, it is deemed non-cannon. The engine used in this version was later refined and used for Resident Evil 4 iPhone Edition released two months later and the soon to be released Resident Evil 4: iPad Edition.

A Lite version is also now available free for the i-phone. This acts an extended demonstation of the game by portraying the openin scenario's only.

In-Game Elements


The plot is very loosely held together with the dialogue between missions, during the events of Resident Evil: Degeneration, Leon S.Kennedy is given  various objectives via Ingrid Hunnigan in order to rescue civilians and prevent the virus from leaving the airport, all whilst surviving against various monsters. The plot is non-canon due to contradictory events taking place during Resident Evil: Degeneration.


Gameplay consists of a fixed first person view with the gun visible at the bottom of the screen, the player is able to aim in several different directions on the same fixed screen, various monsters rise in front of the player with an attack meter and a health bar, the player has to attack the monster in order to prevent it from attacking, whilst draining the monsters health with attacks, due to several monsters appearing at once, the player has to prioritize the greater threat. During gameplay, various items will appear on screen to aid the player, such as green herbs (Healing item) and grenades (damages all enemies on screen at once).

During the course of the game, missions will provide the player with a specific weapon for such a mission, these weapons cannot activelty be changed. Each weapon possesses a different trait, such as the Desert Eagle needs to be aimed for a longer time to increase damage, whilst the shotgun is damaging without prolonged aiming but needs frequent reloading. The player is also awarded with various special items to lessen the drawback of certain weapons, such as a laser scope that shortens aiming times, only one of which can be equipped at the start of each mission.

There are 50 missions total, all have different requirements that have to be met in order to proceed, these include rescuing survivors by supressing their attackers whilst avoiding shooting them accidentally, killing a set number of monsters or collecting several items within a time limit.

The iPhone version utilizes the touch screen for all actions. Movement is controlled by a simulated analog stick on the bottom left of the screen. Weapons are aimed via a cross-hair button on the right side of the screen. This button also doubles as the context action button to climb, jump through, open, and pick up. Below the cross-hairs button is the Knife button, which acts in the same function as Resident Evil 4's tactical knife option.

The inventory screen is executed via a touchscreen PDA, but Leon still needs to expand his inventory space by purchasing larger Atache Cases.


The game predominantly stars Leon Kennedy, who takes his mission orders and tips from Ingrid Hunnigan.


Zombies and Cerberuses are the main enemies throughout the game, however, there are also several tyrants of unknown origin which serve as bosses, all tyrants are the same and appear similar to that of the mutation of T-103, with elongated claws on each hand, The tyrants can run along the screen to avoid getting shot, whilst their attack bar grows.

Files (iPhone Version)

Guys-Just a reminder, please contact any management about any unattended suitcases that are found in the airport. 
Anyone found opening suitcases and crates and keeping the valuables will be fired on the spot.
So don't even think about it!

Passenger's Will:
The plane is descending. We're going down.
I write this surrounded by monsters. Everybody is turning...
Will I become one of them? Or will we crash first?
No humans left alive. Oh god...please. I don't want to die.
To my beautiful wife: I love you always.

Spec. Ops. Memo:
We got separated. This place is a hell hole. Where's our backup?
If anyone reads this, we've gone in search of the VIP lounge.
From what we can gather, the lounge is a highly secure area. Hopefully we'll find a way to get in.

Repairman's Note:
Damn trashed circuits. What's going on here?
We could be letting anybody through with security like this.
Our dog kennels are malfunctioning, and so is our locking mechanism for the civilian route.

About Shutter Controls:
I've really tried my best to repair the shop shutter system.
Seems like we still can't get them to open/close individually.
So for now, I've set up the system so that they all open simultaneously, at the flick of the shutter switch.
Be advised! 
From Bruce,

Message From Bruce:
The shutters to the VIP area are closed as requested.
Hopefully this will curb random people walking around up there!
To release it, use the switch at the south east of the cosmetic shop.
From Bruce,

Conveyor Notice:
The fuse blew again. The wire has to be taken off.
Third time I've had to get a new fuse and wire this month.
To whoever's on the next shift, you'll find both items in the maintenance area.

Pilot's Log:
They've changed the control panel code again.
The PIN code is the ID card number backwards.


While based on the movie, the cell phone game bears very little resemblence to the actual events that occur and goes out of it's way to make up an entirely new plotline, along with the introduction of events and creatures not seen in the movie. Furthermore the game was developed by a third party. With these in mind, it is not considered canon.