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Production Information

Developer: Capcom (Japan)
Publisher: Capcom (Japan)
Platform: Mobile / Cellphone, iOS

Release Dates

Jap: 1 February 2008
USA: 13 July 2009
PAL: 13 July 2008


biohazard 4 Mobile edition

biohazard 4 Mobile edition is, as the name suggests a mobile phone version of the biohazard 4 console game. It was released on the iOS platform, and was the first biohazard mobile phone game to feature the "over the shoulder" perspective.


This is a smaller version of the home console game, but manages to retain many of the aspects of biohazard 4 that reformed the series all over again. The game features Leon S. Kennedy as he investigates the disappearance of Ashley Graham, daughter of the American President.

Unlike the home console version, the game is divided into smaller level chunks. This includes village, revene, fortress, subterrainian levels.

Development History

iOS version

The mobile version was announced at TGS 2007 and was released to the Japanese market in February 2008. The game uses the popular MascotCapsule engine and is able to replicate excellent graphics for the mobile phone industry.

The western version was released a year later, with further updates being added to the game including higher difficulty settings.

Beginner version

Following the successful release of biohazard 4 mobile edition, an easier adaptation was released. Titled Resident Evil 4 for beginners, the game enabled an easier playthrough of the game.

iPad version

With the release of Apple's i-pad, the game was once again re-released, this time utilising the tablet computer's capabilities. New features include high-resolution art set designed to take advantage of iPad's larger display. This version also uses an enhanced Visual Pad control system that makes gameplay a more fluid and intuitive experience.


On 9 December 2010, biohazard 4 mobile edition received platinum status on the i-store with the release of version 1.04. The lastest update  contains last 4 Scenario of Resident Evil 4 saga as well as improved graphics, new modes, difficulty levels and DLC.