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Product Details

Softcover: 304 pages
Publisher: Enterbrain, Inc.
Product ID: ISBN4-7577-1298-7


biohazard 0 Kaitai Shinsho

Project Umbrella Translation

Enemy Descriptions

ZOMBIE (page 054)

If a human is exposed to the t-Virus, the body will undergo a mutation in a very short time. The skin will start to decay, and the brain cells which contain memory will be destroyed completely. Meanwhile, the metabolism of the infected will be highly enhanced, and this will allow the Zombie to possess great strength much more powerful than normal people. Thus, these monsters are called "Living dead raised from the grave." Even though the functions of their hearts, lungs and brains are stopped, they can still rise as a Zombie. But their appearance will be changed completely and turn into terrible living dead. During this incident, the people who turned into Zombies were supposed to be infected by those leeches created by Dr. Marcus, which carry the t-Virus.

CERBERUS (page 056)

A B.O.W. developed by administering the t-Virus to the Doberman pinscher, and the codename "Cerberus" refers to the hell guard in Greek myth. These are first-class dogs which have received military training, and they are administered the t-Virus in order to enhance their toughness and combat abilities. Unlike those slow Zombies, these dogs have very high speed and agility, and also hold the habit of attacking their prey as a group. If the objective is to clear a small area, then they can be considered a successful model which costs only little to produce. However, the problem is the excessive aggressiveness of the dogs which makes them very difficult to control. These creatures are hungry all the time, and the resulting killing impulse makes them impossible to secure. Among the bizarre murders which occurred in the outskirts of Raccoon City, roughly more than half of the cases were committed by these killers that escaped from the mansion.


This is a creature formed by uncountable leeches gathering together, and turning into the figure of their "father" James Marcus. Usually this phenomenon is almost impossible to happen, it is inferred the cuticle covering their body is a special matter with high permeability, through this they can glue together and form like a human, and will act under common understanding. Under normal conditions, the Mimicry Marcus must stay in a stationary state, when it encounters its victims, it will quickly turn into a form which is more convenient to act. This creature can use its "hand" part as a whip to attack. As said earlier, the leeches' skin has high permeability, so this creature is quite weak to fire, acid or other chemicals.

LEECH (page 061)

A large blood-sucking leech reaching 20cm in length used for Dr. Marcus' varietal improvement of the Progenitor Virus and raised with paranoid love. It features a huge mouth not found in common leeches that cuts flesh more than sucking blood, giving a human injuries usually resulting in death. In addition, during this predatory action, it injects a fluid held in its body that contains a high concentration of t-Virus, so a victim also has a very high probability of becoming a Zombie. The heterogeneous life form seems to have achieved "evolution", including the capability for organized attacks and something similar to a perceptual organ akin to eyes, leaving no traces of a lowly Annelida.

CROW (page 062)

While not being creatures developed as biological weapons, these wild crows were infected by the t-Virus by eating the flesh of an infected animal's corpse, causing secondary infection. Due to being covered by their feathers, the change in their appearance can hardly be seen. They are not afraid of gunshots and always attack people firstly; these are all common features of greatly increased ferociousness on the creatures influenced by the virus. Considering the infected creatures as sufficient food for them, it is believed that a large amount of crows were infected. What's more, due to the ability to fly, these crows are very likely to be the agents of spreading the virus.


An insect type B.O.W. based on many species of insects experimentally developed in the early stages of Bio Organic Weapons research through repeated gene manipulation and virus administration. The effects of enlargement for arthropods, which should be called a characteristic of the t-Virus, is fully displayed by the Plague Crawler, and it is believed that as it is equipped with two sickle-shaped forelimbs resembling weapons in addition to a physique of over two meters, there is no deficiency in assault capabilities. However, as a fatal fault of a B.O.W. which uses insects as the base organism, development of intelligence was hardly seen and research seems to have been aborted since it isn't able to take action in accordance with commands. Those that were abandoned in half-disposed form hid their huge dragonfly nymph-like figures and began breeding all over the executive training school. They prefer wet and dark places and usually made ceilings their homes, and if prey is detected under this view, they will drop in with their lean physiques and attack with agility.


Different from the Plague Crawler, which was a kind of chimera (synthetic creature) produced by crossing the DNA of multiple insects, this spider which lived in nature served as a base organism and was secondarily infected with the t-Virus. For such a pureblood spider, the enlargement effect of the virus immediately appeared. To put it another way, no matter how it is attempted to improve it, no serious differentiation will be produced. In fact, an officially developed spider type B.O.W. (code name: Web Spinner) was confirmed in the Mansion Incident, substantial differences were not observed except for some species variations. Its venom amplification, enlargement and ability to freely walk along walls and ceilings are noteworthy, although in spite of this its low intelligence was beyond control, and it has become an example which supports that B.O.W. research based on insects does not produce significant results.


A B.O.W. which reached moderate perfection in Dr. Marcus' repeated screening t-Virus administration experiments on mammal hosts, before he made humans the base organism. Originally, since it was a large simian with high intelligence, it can carry out commands as directed if they are simple, and it is believed that without almost inhibiting neurotransmission of the brain under erosion, it is stablilized unlike a simple virus infected human (= Zombie). Physically, the metabolic acceleration function of the virus acts effectively, and the bare muscular tissue seen in its split skin shows they were rapidly augmented at an unbelievable level. However, still to decide on mass-production after, since its capability aspect was insufficient it demanded further development, and inhumane human-based B.O.W. development began in earnest.

HUNTER (Page 070)

A model developed by Umbrella which is considered to have succeeded the most in both performance and cost aspects as a B.O.W., and various derivative models would later be produced. A host human is administered the virus and its gene structure is altered with the addition of genetic information of different species (details unknown, although reptiles are assumed from the characteristics of its appearance) and realizing movement abilities far exceeding humans, and preserving the minimum intelligence necessary for command execution. Decline of intelligence, the bottleneck of human hosts, is caused by the t-Virus thoroughly eroding the cerebral neocortex which controls it. Therefore, the Hunter uses the genes of lower class organisms with only instinctive old brains such as the brain stem and cerebellum which have been discovered to compensate for cerebral functions and improve controllability. As for its physical structure, its frame is already greatly distant from a human and since it attracts too much attention, its use as a weapon is limited, but in a battlefield, its killing abilities will serve as a pillar of virus dispersion and unparalleled attacks.

LURKER (Page 072)

An experimental frog-based B.O.W. chosen as an amphibian sample at the stage of screening the organism species most suitable for injection during the early days of t-Virus research. It gained a strong tongue for predation and a huge physique able to swallow a human whole. It seems that in addition, its light-dependant sight degenerated and the space where the eyeballs existed probably serve as a middle ear cavity, developing sharp hearing to sense the approach of prey. Such changes resulted from the virus and some usefulness was recognized compared to arthropods which merely enlarged, but one way or another, practical application research was shelved due to the fatal defect of it indiscriminately targeting any approaching object as prey, as its brain was too primitive and control was impossible. Later, a European laboratory produced a Hunter subspecies that incorporated a human gene into an amphibian base, but its eyesight was completely lost; a sign of specific mutation patterns in the combination of the t-Virus and tailless amphibians.

STINGER (Page 074)

The scorpion belongs to the creature class known as arachnids, a phylum very close to spiders in classification. Therefore, like the Giant Spider, it continually repeated ecdysis under the influence of the t-Virus and grew to a size dozens of times its normal mature form with amazing speed. With this abnormal enlargement, the exoskeleton encasing its whole body was toughened gaining armor performance to the extent that it absorbed the damage of most fired bullets, and taking this individual as an example, its torso length reached three meters. However, a gap between the "armor" was produced on its head to compensate for its sudden rapid growth, exposing too much of a clear weak point for it to be deployed into actual combat as a B.O.W. In addition, a substance harmful to humans was not secreted by the poison gland of the tail needle, and it is unknown whether toxicity wasn't considered when it was chosen as the base organism for the administration experiment or if it was detoxified due to changes of gene information by the virus.

CENTURION (Page 076)

Like most insects administered the t-Virus, this ferocious polymer also mutated to a gigantic size. Commonly, a large centipede discovered in a torrid zone can reach about 30cm in length and feed on rats and lizards; this is considered a rare phenomenon that the food chain is on a contrary direction between insect and vertebrate. However, the one discovered in the executive training center has a size of almost 10m long. The other surprising thing is there is no record about choosing a centipede as a test subject, and this mutation is not controlled by adjusting the amount of the virus, it is believed to be caused by a sudden secondary infection. This is one of the worst examples where the t-Virus is spread in a great extent in an environment, and of course, as the size is larger, to fulfil its terrible appetite, the food of this creature is naturally expanded to "humans."


This "infected bat" is an example on which the t-Virus caused a clear enlargement effect on a mammal, achieving growth to the point that the length of its opened wings reaches a maximum of 3 meters. Its distorted form required abnormal development of its skeleton and its muscular strength was markedly enhanced to allow it to flap its wings, and as it is originally a creature with high flying ability, it's also possible for it to hold a human and fly away. In addition, it also has a troublesome habit of actively hunting in a group and if it discovers prey, it will call its companions with a soundwave outside the audible range of humans. Moreover, as observed in this group, becuase the build differences are extreme this is the only individual that became gigantic and it is believed to be an irregular variant species with high compatibility secondarily infected by the virus. Although blood-sucking species do not inhabit the North American continent, there is no doubt that the base organism became meat eating.


Development of the Tyrant, which was successfully mass-produced following the "Mansion Incident" as a perfect model of a humanoid B.O.W., was advanced for an ultimate life form combining overwhelming combat efficiency and intelligence for carrying out commands---- Cancellation of training for the near-complete prototype was decided, probably because the effect of the injected t-Virus was too strong with no development of cognition observed. Decomposition of the outer skin was remarkable, skin began to erode exposing part of the upper spine, and even while appearing inferior in the points of body function and durability compared with the Tyrant put to practical use, even though it was disposed of it demonstrated unbelievable vitality and resumed activity. Due to the addition of a huge claw on its right arm akin to jousting spear and signs of form transformation observed in its left hand, it is sumrised that it is in a very unstable state close to the out of control mode which the subsequent mass-producted model evolves into when its limiter is removed (Super-class) after facing a threat to its life. Its demonstrative brutality is rather more suitable for the name of "tyrant" than the finished product.

QUEEN LEECH (Page 084)

After releasing the mimicry of young James Marcus, the Queen Leech turned into its original form. This creature is the queen which is the top of the all the mutated leeches, ten years after being infected by the t-virus, the transfiguration ability of its body structure has reached an unthinkable level. The intelligence of this creature is very high, and it can use some methods (A kind of olfactory message with micro-chemicals is highly possible) to control the uncountable leeches as its soldiers. The thoughts and memories are from the murdered Dr. James Marcus, it is believed that this is a fusion phenomenon of the t-virus after the Queen Leech got into his corpse. However, rather than considering this as a human based life form, given the leech's DNA, another theory is more reasonable. Over many years, the Queen Leech could acquire the genetic information from the dead people, so it turned into an intelligent creature which has the character of James Marcus. Because leeches are hermaphrodite, the name of "Queen" as the ruler of this population is only for convenience.

SECRET FEATURE (Page 232-235)


The true father of the t-Virus

Friend of Umbrella founder Spencer, discoverer of the Progenitor Virus, first director of the executive training center...... There are many words to describe Marcus, but a point deserving of attention is his having carried out development of the t-Virus, the foundation of later B.O.W. research. However, the deterioation of his relationship with Spencer darkened his fate. Did the trigger rely on the difference between a scientist emphasizing research and a person dreaming of success in business as Marcus himself talked about in his diary? Moreover, it may be due that internal blame developed for the cruel method of using trainees as test subjects. Regardless of the reason, he was secretly murdered ten years ago at Spencer's order.

True Nature of the Handsome Young Man

The true nature of the mysterious handsome young man, is James Marcus. He was betrayed by Birkin and Wesker whom he trusted, and died taking the t-Virus of the Queen Leech and revived...... It is just as he himself says. Then it was he who began to seek the destruction of Umbrella and by extension, the world, however his transfiguration in the final stage was clearly unexpected. Although he thought he achieved his own revival using the leech's ability, in reality his mind was copied by the leech, and even his self was swallowed by the Queen Leech.



A huge multinational corporation with a pharmaceutical Konzern as the parent organization. Its headquarters was established in Europe and affiliates/branch offices were set in various places, including Raccoon City. Although it widely advocates an image of a bright, healthy top-rated company "protecting the health of the people", its true nature is a merchant of death that develops and supplies biological weapons. As for those involved in its foundation, Oswell E. Spencer, Edward Ashford and James Marcus have become clear so far.


Abbreviation for Bio Organic Weapon (biological weapon). Beings created by Umbrella due to injection experiments with the t-Virus, but in CODE:Veronica, they also appeared in the hands of Umbrella's opposing company.


A military virus developed by Umbrella based on a new virus, the "Progenitor Virus." "t" is the initial of "tyrant." Remarkable transformations to the body are caused upon creatures infected by this, and they acquire frightening durability/offensive ability and increased brutality. Many tragic incidents were caused by this virus leaking out, including the "Mansion Incident." In addition, there is what's called the "G-Virus", a new species of virus discovered by William Birkin during t-Virus injection experiments.

Flow and Full Picture of the Incident (Page 234)

The "Umbrella Executive Training Center" is a a facility set up to train suitable top-class personnel, each with their own aspirations for the future of Umbrella. It was built in the backwoods of Raccoon Forest and had a laboratory, just like the "mansion." At the personal request of Lord Spencer, originator of Umbrella, his friend Dr. James Marcus was appointed first director. He advocated the motto "Discipline, Obedience, Loyalty" consisting of three elements, and although it is a measure of each candidate, the training center was closed down twenty years ago and he himself disappeared ten years later. Reclamation of the laboratory began to be examined recently and an investigation aimed at the training center is now in progress.

How did the contamination occur?

At the point in time when Rebecca visits, the train and training center, which are these stages, have already been contaminated by the t-Virus. This is the work of a mysterious handsome youth = Marcus, but according to him the biohazard that occurred in the mansion, which is a stage in "BIOHAZARD 1", is the result of his own plan. It was all one man, an Umbrella executive betrayed by Umbrella - it all began with Marcus' revenge.

According to a "BIOHAZARD 1" file, the t-Virus leaked in the mansion in the early dawn of May 11. This might've been the result of a cunningly devised plan of Marcus to make it seem accidental and personnel inside the mansion believed it to be pure accident.