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Wesker's Report II

Wesker's Report II (ウェスカーズリポートII) is a series of five records written by Albert Wesker which elaborates on his past. It was first released weekly in five parts on the official biohazard website in 2002, and later published in the "biohazard Kaitai Shinsho" guidebook. Revised fragments of the report are featured in BIOHAZARD UMBRELLA CHRONICLES as archive files. It was published again in the "BIOHAZARD COLLECTOR'S BOX Wesker's Report File" in 2003, which was reprinted in BIOHAZARD archives II in 2010.

February 22, 2002 (Fri) "(1) FEMALE TEST SUBJECT Update"
March 1, 2002 (Fri) "(2) ALEXIA-1 Update"
March 8, 2002 (Fri) "(3) ALEXIA-2 Update"
March 15, 2002 (Fri) "(4) NEMESIS Update"
March 22, 2002 (Fri) "(5) G-VIRUS Update"

Project Umbrella Translation

Before the "incident" in "BIOHAZARD 1" came to light, Wesker left records divided into five parts about the events involving himself and the "incident" during these past twenty years. The mailing address of the records is "Ada Wong" but details about this person are unclear. Those records are published here.

Contents of the following records contain spoilers for "original 1", "2", "3" and "Veronica."



I went there for the first time during the summer at eighteen years old. This is the story of twenty years ago.
I still remember the smell of the wind stirred by the helicopter's rotors when we landed.
Though the mansion looked ordinary from above, there was something repulsive at the ground level. As usual, Birkin, who was two years my junior, only seemed interested in the research papers in his hand...

The two of us would assume our positions there having been informed two days previously on the day they decided to shut down the executive training center we belonged to. It all seemed both carefully planned and at the same time merely a coincidence.
Perhaps the only person who knows the truth is Spencer. At the time, the very place he himself created to serve as the center of t-Virus development in the United States was there, in the Arklay Laboratory.

Upon getting off the helicopter, the director in charge of the facility was standing in front of the elevator. I don't even remember his name.
Whatever the formalities, the Arklay Laboratory belonged to Birkin and I from that day on.

We assumed full charge of the research there as chief scientists. That was Spencer's will, of course. We had been chosen.

We ignored the director and stepped into the elevator. People who'd worked with us typically felt resentful after the first five seconds.

However, the director didn't react at all.
I was a conceited young man at the time, so I left his presence unnoticed.
After all, during my time there I was merely dancing in Spencer's hands, and being a higher-up himself he understood Spencer's intentions rather than I.

In a short time, the elevator carrying the three of us descended into the basement and Birkin didn't turn his eyes from the papers in his hand.
Birkin's eyes were fastened on a record of Ebola, a new strain of filovirus that emerged in Africa two years before. As we speak there should be many men around the world studying Ebola. However, its purpose can be divided into two parts. To help people and to kill people.

As you know, the mortality rate of Ebola infection is 90%. Its immediate effects destroy human tissue within ten days and even now, both precautionary measures and treatment methods have not been established. It may possibly demonstrate great destructive power if used as a weapon.

Of course, it's illegal to study it as a weapon even when we do, since the "Biological Weapons Convention" had already come into effect at this point. But there was no assurance that someone wouldn't use it as a weapon even if we didn't. In that case, it's legal to conduct research in advance.
The dividing line is extremely ambiguous because how it's used must be investigated when utilized in the study of a defense plan.

There's no difference whatsoever between the research of weapons and the research of cures.
In other words, it's also possible to research weapons under the false pretense of researching treatments.

However, Birkin at this point had no intention of looking over the record of Ebola itself for the purpose of research in either case. The virus had too many weak points.

First, it can survive only a few days outside the body and is physically removed simply by sunlight (UV rays).

Second, since it kills the host organism (humans) much too early, there's scarcely little time to move onto its next host.

Third, direct contact is necessary for host-to-host transmission and protection is comparatively easy.

But, as an example, I want you to think about the following.

What if a person struck with Ebola could stand up and walk with a steady rate of virus multiplication in the body?
And if that person could actively seek out uninfected humans in a diminished state of awareness to infect them?

What if RNA, the genome of Ebola, could influence the human genome?
And imagine the human body endowed with stamina like a monster so it couldn't easily die?

Could it not become a "Bio Organic Weapon" that spreads the virus in its body to other living organisms in a now clinically dead state?

It was fortunate for us that Ebola didn't exhibit such properties since only we could continue to monopolize them from now on.

Umbrella was founded mainly by Spencer and was nothing less than an organization to develop a virus with these properties. It was officially a viral treatment pharmaceutical company, but in reality, it was a manufacturing plant for Bio Organic Weapons. The discovery of the "Progenitor Virus" which recombines the genes of living organisms seems to be its origin.
In order to manufacture Bio Organic Weapons from the Progenitor Virus, a variant virus which enhanced its properties was being developed. That was the t-Virus Project.

The Progenitor Virus was an RNA virus prone to mutate and thereby make it possible to strengthen characteristics. Birkin was interested in Ebola to strengthen this property by incorporating its genes into the Progenitor Virus. The Ebola sample had already reached this laboratory at that point.

We changed elevators several times and arrived at the highest level of the facility. Even Birkin looked up there. That was the first time we saw "her."

No one told us anything about her beforehand.
She was the utmost secret of this laboratory and the data was never taken outside for any reason.

According to the records, she'd been here since this laboratory was founded. She was twenty five years old at the time. But we knew neither her name nor her reason for being here.
She was a test subject for t-Virus development. The experiment began on November 10, 1967. She had received experimental injections of the virus here for eleven years.

Birkin mumbled something.
Was it to curse or to praise? We'd come to a place of no return.
Accomplish the research successfully or wither away like her? There was of course only one choice.

Her body, bound to the pipe bed, moved something in our consciousness.
Was this part of Spencer's plan?

(The record continues three years later)



(Three years after previous record)

On this day, a ten year old girl was assigned as chief scientist to the Umbrella Antarctic Laboratory. Her name was Alexia Ashford. At the time, I was twenty one years old and Birkin was nineteen.

In our Arklay Laboratory, that damn rumor of Alexia in Antarctica monopolized the chatter of the researchers. For my older colleagues who'd been in Umbrella for many years, it was because the Ashford family name was a legend.

For a long time, those incompetent old men would always say this when research came to a deadlock.
"If only Dr. Edward were still alive."
To be sure, Edward Ashford was one of the discoverers of the Progenitor Virus and was possibly a great scientist who laid the foundation for the t-Virus Project. But he died shortly after Umbrella was founded. Thirteen years had already passed since his death.
What could we expect from the Ashford family now?

In truth, thirteen years after Edward's death the Antarctic Laboratory established by his son had achieved no results. His granddaughter Alexia's intellect was nothing special!

However, after this day, the scum that'd failed to kill themselves, our subordinates, had begun to say this.
"If only Alexia was here."
Only ignorant people who could only judge men with blood in a prestigious family would feel so anxious.
Because those guys had such thinking, they were underlings who couldn't move without someone else's instructions and had one foot in the grave! ...But I was still sensible.

If I, a chief, became angry, then t-Virus development in the Arklay Laboratory would be delayed even more. Success wasn't possible if I couldn't judge any situation calmly.

Then I thought as follows.
If I treated the notables of the old days well, research results were achieved. Their old bodies could die at any moment, appropriate for dangerous experiments.
If I could reasonably exploit all human resources, couldn't I stand on top of mankind?

But the problem was Birkin.
His reaction to the Alexia rumor was miserable.
Although it didn't come directly from his mouth, for Birkin, he must've been proud of initially being the youngest chief at sixteen years old. His pride was shattered into pieces by a ten year old girl. He was born a genius and this would be his first taste of the feeling of defeat.
He was unable to accept a younger girl of a prestigious family.

At the mercy of human issues, no research results had been raised yet.
In other words, he was still a child. But even if he was inexperienced it was necessary to have Birkin recover himself mentally somehow or other.
In the past three years, our research was isolated to the second stage.

At this point in time, the t-Virus had been stabilized for the production of a Bio Organic Weapon nicknamed "Zombie." However, 100% influence on genes wasn't possible due to the virus. It was because there is a delicate difference in genes according to the individual, and there is what's called compatibility.

Approximately 10% of humans would escape development of symptoms even if infected by a Zombie. It wouldn't help to just continue gene research. If we'd made 90% of humans show symptoms, it should've been enough for a weapon, but Spencer's idea seemed to be different.
Our boss expected an independent weapon able to exterminate 100% of humans, "that's it". But for what exactly?

Originally, the merit of a biological weapon was that it could be cheaply developed.
However, the Bio Organic Weapons we were researching had begun to become extremely expensive.
If Spencer wanted to make money normally, he wouldn't choose this path.

It should've been profitable enough if combined with conventional weapon systems. But it wasn't profitable to continue researching a "standalone extermination weapon." Even ignoring profit, why continue this research? I understood the aim in the "monopoly of the entire military industry" by changing the concept of war, but...
I still don't understand Spencer's true intentions.

Away from Spencer's true goal, at that time Birkin devised a Bio Organic Weapon emphasizing combat abilities. It was to create "them" by incorporating not only the t-Virus' genetic manipulation, but also the genetic information of other creatures.
A "Bio Organic Weapon for combat" later called "Hunter" which exterminates humans who escape the onset of infection or possess anti-viral weapons and equipment.
However, the experiment had to be interrupted for a while.
It was to protect the test subjects from Birkin.

With his meaningless haste, Birkin began to take erratic actions against Alexia.

He stayed at the laboratory 24 hours a day and repeated experiments on unplanned ideas.
Using the other researchers, I extracted as many organic samples as possible before the test subjects died, but we couldn't catch up with his speed. The director replenished the test subjects as if nothing had happened and they died in no time.

That was hell.
But only one survived in that hell, the female test subject.

She was already 28 years old. She'd spent another fourteen years at this laboratory.
There couldn't have been any thinking ability as a human due to the Progenitor Virus injection fourteen years ago, but if her mind remained, "death" was probably the end she desired.
But she kept growing.

Why could only she continue living like this? The experimental data from the other test subjects was no different at all. There was still much time required before we could solve this mystery.

(The record continues two years later)



(Two years after previous record)

I greeted my sixth winter in the Arklay Laboratory.
For these two years, although we hadn't achieved good research results, the stagnation had passed and a turning point finally showed up. The trigger was from a single report I received on the morning of this day.

Alexia of the Antarctic was dead.
The cause of death was an accidental infection with the "t-Veronica Virus" Alexia herself developed.
Alexia was 12 years old then. She seemed far too young for continuing dangerous research.

Although there was also talk of Alexia having planned the rumor from the beginning and injecting herself with t-Veronica, it couldn't be such a thing.
Maybe she hadn't recovered from the sorrow of her father's disappearance a year ago and made a mistake.

In the Antarctic Laboratory, her only remaining blood relative, Alexia's twin brother, succeeded her research, but nobody expected anything from this man.
Eventually, the Ashford family was virtually ruined without publishing any research results.
As I expected, the legend was nothing more than a legend after all.

Birkin was changed by Alexia's death. No, should I say he was restored?
But above all, our subordinate researchers were forced to recognize him.
Now there was no one surpassing him.

However, it was still taboo to talk about Alexia in front of him. He strongly opposed when I planned to obtain a sample of t-Veronica.
I couldn't do anything but postpone the truth of Alexia's research for a while.

Eventually, although the circumstances surrounding us had changed for the better, Birkin didn't grow up at all.
But at the time, I held a bigger question.

Our Arklay Laboratory was surrounded by a deep forest.
Although I often took walks within it, this laboratory was located in the center of a mountain range and I never encountered anyone at all. The only means of transportation was by helicopter, this wasn't a place people could visit.

The factor that people weren't around was important, of course, when keeping damage to a minimum in the event the virus should leak.
But a biological weapon wasn't so simple.
A virus wasn't something which only infected humans.

No virus assumes only one host species.
For example, the "Influenza Virus" is confirmed to, in addition to humans, make hosts of birds, pigs, horses and seals.
It complicates the matter further when you know that not all species of the same family become hosts, but different birds cannot.

Moreover, with the same virus, hosts can change further due to "mutant strains." It's impossible to grasp all the organisms who become hosts for only one virus.
And there was a problem in adaptation level beyond the kind the t-Virus had.

When Birkin was useless, I was investigating the secondary infection nature of the t-Virus.

With that, what I understood was the fact that almost all species of organisms can become hosts of the t-Virus. As well as animals, most species including plants, insects and fish had the possibility to carry out amplified proliferation of the t-Virus.

When I left the laboratory and walked in the forest, I always pondered.
Why did Spencer choose this place?

All ecosystems gather in a forest. What would happen when there was a leak of the virus here and there were organisms compatible as hosts?

When it's an insect, since it's small to begin with one may feel that it doesn't pose a big threat if for only simple secondary infection. But insects may biologically carry out explosive mass-reproduction. In that event, how far does the virus spread?

When it's a plant, you may be able to think there's little possibility of contamination since it cannot move on its own. But what happens to the pollen the plant expels?

This place was too dangerous.

If you think about it, it was quite a given that the Ashford family made the Antarctic the location to establish their laboratory. Contrary to there, this was like a base selected for the purpose of completely spreading the virus.

But surely it was no such thing?
Was Spencer trying to make us do that?

This problem was too big and I was unable to leak it to the other researchers. Although the only colleague I consulted with at this time was Birkin, even if I spoke to him, it was clearly meaningless.

Information was required.
From that point, I began to feel my limits on my position as a researcher.

In order to investigate Spencer's true intentions, it was necessary to obtain a position closer to all information. Therefore, I had no regrets abandoning my previous position.

But I mustn't rush.
It would all be over if Spencer suspected.

I devoted myself to the research with Birkin so that my thoughts weren't realized by anyone.

Meanwhile, the female test subject was forgotten in a nook of the laboratory.
A bastard who merely continued to grow. She gradually came to be called that because significant experimental data wasn't produced.

That was until the time of the experiment five years later...

(The record continues five years later)



(Five years after previous record)

For us, the summer of our eleventh year in the Arklay Laboratory was about to begin.

I was already 28 years old at the time. Birkin had also become the father of a two year old daughter.
His companion was also an Arklay researcher. Thinking normally, it's difficult to understand that they were able to bring themselves to marry and raise a child while continuing research there together.

But it could be said they were able to continue their research in Arklay since they weren't people of decent nerve. There, a successful man is merely a madman.

In ten years, our research had finally reached the third stage.
An advanced Bio Organic Weapon for combat programmed with intelligence, able to comply with commands and act as a soldier.
We were to create a monster nicknamed "Tyrant."

However, there was a liability in our project from the start.
The acquisition of an organism used as the Tyrant's host was difficult. At the time, the biggest problem was that humans who could genetically adapt as a Tyrant were extremely limited.

It was caused by the nature of the t-Virus.
Although the t-Virus variant for manufacturing Zombies and Hunters was adaptable for most humans, there was a problem which eroded brain tissue.
If a certain amount of intelligence couldn't be maintained, they couldn't become a Tyrant.

To conquer the problem, Birkin extracted a new variant that suppressed the influence on the brain to a minimum if it completely adapted.

But there were extremely few humans with the genes to adapt to the variant. In the Gene Analysis Section's simulations, only "one in ten million humans" would develop as a Tyrant and the rest would merely become Zombies.

If the research progressed, we should've been able to develop a different type of t-Virus which developed more humans as Tyrants. First however, a human who completely adapted to the new variant was required to study.

However, the possibility of bringing in a human of whom there were only a dozen as a test subject was extremely low, even if we searched the whole of the United States.
Actually, at the time we were only able to prepare several with close genetics after forcibly gathering them from other laboratories. We'd come to a deadlock before beginning the research.

But not long afterwards, we heard a rumor that there was a project at a certain laboratory in Europe to manufacture a "Third Stage Bio Organic Weapon" in a completely new way of thinking.
It was the "Nemesis Project."

To change the situation at the time, I acted in order to obtain a sample of the project. Birkin then objected of course, but I was somehow able to persuade him.
He couldn't help but admit that our research wouldn't progress until the adaptable subject itself was found.

A few days passed, then, in the middle of the night, a package was sent from Europe through several relays.
It was contained merely in a small box lowered onto the heliport.

"Nemesis Prototype."
It was under development at a French laboratory and I used considerably aggressive means to obtain it, but Spencer's backing was significant in the end.
Although Birkin didn't show any interest for it to the end, he recognized the significance of still testing it.

The sample was developed for a revolutionary, completely new concept.

A parasitic organism created artificially through genetic engineering.
That was the true nature of Nemesis.

Standalone, it's unable to do anything; it's an organism specializing only in intelligence. However, it controls intelligence by parasitizing the brains of other organisms and can demonstrate advanced combat efficiency.
Intelligence is prepared separately from the organism for combat and it's said that by compounding the two, they will constitute a single Bio Organic Weapon. If this is perfected, an organism for combat can definitely be created without having to worry about the intelligence issue.

But the problem was that parasitism through it wasn't stable at all.

On the document attached to the sample, only examples of subject deaths caused by failures were listed. Parasitized organisms die from the Nemesis' intelligence control within five minutes.

However, we knew the incomplete prototype was dangerous.
We would take it from the hegemony of the Nemesis Project and somehow succeed in extending the parasitism time. That was my aim.

Of course, we used that female test subject. Her abnormal vitality may tolerate the parasitism of the Nemesis Prototype for a long time. Even if it failed, we would lose nothing.

However, contrary to my expectations, the experiment caused a completely different result.
Nemesis tried to invade her brain and vanished.

We initially didn't know what happened. Indeed, we never would've thought that she had absorbed the parasite.
That was the beginning.

Until then, she was merely an existence who just would not die, and something was about to awaken. Once again, we had to re-examine her from scratch.

By then she was examined exhaustively over ten years, but we daringly ignored past data. Something nobody was able to catch in twenty one years, since before we were assigned to this laboratory, was about to appear.

Only Birkin noticed something when he spent a long time.
Something was definitely inside her.

However, it deviated from the t-Virus Project.
It would produce another completely new concept.
The inception of the "G-Virus Project", which altered our fates.

(The record continues seven years later)



(Seven years after previous record)

It was summer again and seventeen years had passed since that day, the time I first visited that place. Whenever I came there, I remembered the smell of the wind that day. Both the building and surrounding scenery hadn't changed since then.

On the heliport, I saw the figure of Birkin, who'd arrived earlier. It was a long time since I last met him. Four years had already passed since I left the Arklay Laboratory.

When the G-Virus Project formulated by Birkin was approved, I hoped to transfer to the Intelligence Division and was frankly accepted. Giving up my course as a researcher and planning a turning point must've looked like a natural development.

The fact is, the concept of "G" was beyond a level I could keep up with. Even if I had no aim to investigate Spencer's true intentions, I'd clearly reached the limit in my capabilities as a researcher.

As the wind of the helicopter whirled up, Birkin didn't take his eyes off the documents he had in his hand, as usual. Although he seemed to come to Arklay regularly, he no longer belonged there. A while ago, he transferred to a huge underground research facility in Raccoon City. That place served as the base for his "G-Virus" development.

But honestly, four years ago, I didn't think Spencer would approve G. It consisted of an unknown concept that deviated from the general idea of a weapon.

The reason G is distinguished from the previous t-Virus is that an infected organism continues spontaneous mutations on its own.
Of course, virus genes easily cause mutations since they're in a bare state.
But that's the story in a simple virus, the genes of living organisms are different.
It's very rare for in-vivo genes to cause mutations even if their structure is changed by a virus. The story's different if there is an external factor, such as exposure to radiation.

However, an organism infected by G doesn't need such external factors at all, it will repeatedly mutate until it dies.

No similar characteristic existed in the t-Virus.
It had already been confirmed that placing a Bio Organic Weapon in a particular kind of environment would cause re-mutation due to activation of the virus within the body. But for that purpose, a trigger due to an external factor was strictly required, and within that, there was a category for a certain level of prediction for re-mutations.

However, a "G Organism" has no such rule. No one can predict what changes will be found but even if we thought about countermeasures to destroy it, it would continue to mutate and invalidate them.

Birkin discovered a glimpse of this effect seven years ago in the female test subject. She seemingly hadn't caused any changes, but her deepest parts constantly changed and she continued to live, used for every experiment and coexisting in fusion with the virus. Her internal two-year mutations only achieved transformation when she absorbed the parasitic organism Nemesis.

The G-Virus Project was going to push this characteristic to the extreme.
However, it may be evolution to a "supreme organism", or demise by destruction... Can it be called a weapon?

Why did Spencer approve this project, what was he thinking?
Although four years had passed and I moved to the Intelligence Division, I wasn't able to grasp Spencer's true goal. Spencer has even stopped showing up in Arklay now.
As if he predicted something would occur here soon...
Spencer's figure strays off from me like a mirage floating in the desert.

But the chance should present itself someday. I can survive till then.

The elevator picked Birkin and I up and descended to the highest level of the laboratory.
To the place we first met her.

There, Birkin's successor was waiting, the new chief scientist "John." The man seemed to be an excellent scientist who came from the Chicago Laboratory, but he seemed too proper a person to work at this lab. He questioned the barbarity of the research here and submitted his opinion to the top brass so that it might be corrected.

He'd been spoken of even in the Intelligence Division I'm in. "Supposing information leaks outside, it will be from this guy first" was everyone's opinion.

We just ignored John and began her final disposal.
We killed her.

Although she'd absorbed Nemesis and regained a little intelligence, it merely induced bizarre behavior. Her actions gradually escalated and she began tearing the faces off other women and wearing them. According to the records, she seemed to exhibit a similar action at the time she was first injected with the Progenitor Virus.

We didn't know what she was thinking in such actions, but her disposal was decided since three researchers recently fell victim. Since G research was on track, she no longer had any practical value as a test subject.

After confirmation of her vital signs was repeatedly conducted over three days, her body was brought somewhere at the director's orders.

In the end, I still don't know why she was brought here, or by whom.
Of course, the other test subjects are the same.
But the "G-Project" may not have existed if it weren't for her. In that event, the extant for myself and Birkin would probably be different.
I thought about it as I left the Arklay Laboratory behind.

How far has Spencer calculated?

(Three years later, the "incident" begins)

Official Japanese Transcript





1978年7月31日 (月)





















1981年7月27日 (月)






















1983年12月31日 (土)













バーキンが使い物にならなかった頃 私は「t-ウィルス」の二次感染性を調べていた。

















1988年7月1日 (金)































1995年7月31日 (月)


























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