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Umbrella Magnum Revolver Development Story

The Umbrella Magnum Revolver Development Story (アンブレラ・マグナムリボルバー開発ストーリー) is a text provided with the release of the "Umbrella Magnum Revolver" airsoft gun inspired by the magnum in biohazard 0. The settings of the text were provided by CAPCOM Japan, while the gun itself was manufactured by Kiwa Corporation. The original source can be found on Kiwa's website.

Project Umbrella Translation



 The pharmaceutical company "Umbrella" is known as a multinational enterprise boasting global-scale shares. It is a company which handles a great variety of products, but aside from daily necessities like supplements and advanced medical equipment, generally unknown "black products" also existed. As represented by the "T-Virus", biological weapons were seen to raise vast profits and "B.O.W. = Bio Organic Weapons" were developed.
 But this development was accompanied by many sacrifices. This was because a developmental B.O.W. can become uncontrollable during field tests killing and wounding R&D team researchers, and accidents damaging precious experiment equipment were frequent. So within Umbrella a professional special operations unit was founded, a biohazard countermeasure force (U.B.C.S. = Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service) that suppressed out of control B.O.W.s. Before long, the damage caused by out of control B.O.W. accidents decreased in their activity, but the sacrifices of U.B.C.S. members were serious. In a certain case, there was also an instance in which the B.O.W. "Tyrant" went out of control during an experiment and the U.B.C.S. squad that lucked out on its suppression was annihilated. The main cause was because their weapons were conventional models used in military and law-enforcement organizations. After all, even though military assault rifles are antipersonnel, it is difficult to kill a B.O.W. with much higher vitality and athletic capabilities than a human. Therefore, the development of weapons for exclusive anti-B.O.W. use was greatly desired.


 The Umbrella Corporation has its own weapons development section for the sake of the company's security departments (including the U.B.C.S.), so it's not an overstatement to even call it a paramilitary organization. Although customization of conventional firearms and weapons was its main function, it also undertook research and development of anti-B.O.W. weaponry. Then they observed the existence of the "magnum revolver." According to past combat data, magnum revolvers were amid the most effective against B.O.W.s.
 As for the reasons, the huge stopping power of magnum cartridges will be mentioned first. A case was reported in which even the B.O.W. "Hunter", with phenomenal athletic ability and durability high enough so it couldn't be easily defeated by normal handguns and assault rifles, was reported to be killed in one shot with magnum handguns. Although the 5.56mm×45 cartridge used in the U.S. Armed Forces' M16 / M4 series assault rifles also adopted by the U.B.C.S. had superior penetration, it didn't damage a B.O.W. much. No matter how many small holes are made, a B.O.W. cannot be defeated.
 In addition, magnum handguns are superior in terms of reliability and mobility. Although high-caliber rifles and shotguns (using slug ammunition) were superior in stopping power, they were detrimental to movement in small spaces like laboratories since the size of the gun's main frame was bigger. What's more, a quick-moving B.O.W. is a bigger opponent than a human. It's also said that the favorable magnum handguns could even be called "small cannons. "
 By the way, there are two types of magnum handguns; revolver types and automatic types. Although autos are excellent in regards to the number of cartridges and quick-fire ability, revolvers excel in operability and reliability. That is why a "magnum revolver" was chosen.


Various kinds of revolvers using .357 or .44 caliber magnum bullets have been released by firearm manufacturers. Most magnum revolvers were developed for the purpose of competitions and hunting large beasts rather than military or police use, and were ideal for the base of an anti-B.O.W. weapon. Therefore, Umbrella Corp.'s weapons development section developed a gun exclusively for anti-B.O.W. use based on a commercial revolver that uses .44 caliber magnum bullets. The "Umbrella Magnum Revolver." This gun adopted the opinions of some employees with actual combat experience with B.O.W.s, including U.B.C.S. members, and the specifications of each part were decided. We will first look at its features.

・Barrel (6in. / 8in.)
In order to improve reliability as a weapon, a uniquely designed reinforcement bull barrel was adopted. It has a ventilated rib to prevent the barrel overheating from continuous shooting and the top of the barrel is made of a useful anti-reflection satin process in case of sighting. In addition, the bull barrel serves a role as a weight to improve the balance of the gun itself coupled with a magnaport on the tip that softens the strong reaction and recoil of the barrel caused by .44 Magnum bullets. A six inch barrel was initially adopted and a high eight inch model was developed with higher muzzle velocity at the request of some members.

・Frame / Cylinder
A reinforced frame was developed in reference to the S&W N-Frame which .44 Magnums can fire. It's a design that predicts the usage of planned stronger cartridges developed in the future. The cylinder was enhanced as-well and supports various special use ammunition.

An orthodox slim and easy to grasp wooden grip was adopted with an emphasis on operability. The design calculated a favorable balance between the frame and barrel and became a shape that achieved the most balance. Anti-slip checkering was performed and a medallion of Umbrella Corp.'s trademark was inserted.


 Although more powerful magnum cartridges existed such as the .500 S&W and .454 Casull, the more common .44 Magnum was best considering affordability (procurement-related = easy acquisition). The .44 Magnum cartridge's moderate penetration and exceptional stopping power had sufficient power for anti-B.O.W. use. Additionally, various special-use .44 caliber ammunition are also under development. That includes something that acts instantly on the genes of a B.O.W. itself and breaks it down.
 In addition, since not just sufficiently trained members but also emergency use for insufficiently trained researchers were envisioned, operability was one of the items thought most important. After all, a .44 Magnum's recoil is strong and most magnum revolvers aren't even able to be given to inexperienced individuals. Therefore the above-mentioned barrel and grip were adopted to make the design as ergonomic as possible, improve accuracy and tone down recoil. Operability became higher as a result and even beginners would be able to shoot it somehow, and it's easier to deal with a quick-moving B.O.W.


 The "Umbrella Magnum Revolver" was adopted through a number of evaluation tests and deployment began with high-priority posts such as the U.B.C.S. and B.O.W. research facilities, and it received high praise from cases of actual use. However, stronger B.O.W.s are under development within the company and possibilities even this gun can't handle may appear in the future. Therefore, further improvements (including the development of the 8 in. model and special use ammunition mentioned above) and development of new weapons will also be necessary. Thus, the "spear and shield" relationship that could be called the fate of weapons development will forever continue.