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Scenario: Yasuyuki Saga


Trevor's Notes

Trevor's Notes are scrapped in-game files from BIO HAZARD written by the architect of the mansion, George Trevor.


The notes were conceived as a series of letters chronicling the various stages of the game and were originally included as files in order to provide clues for players to get past some of the harder puzzles in the game, as well as to provide an explanation as to why the mansion was full of traps. Shinji Mikami decided to remove them from the game 1 month before release, as the game's story was split into two threads and he was not confident that they could write them suitably. Prior to their removal, they were found in the L Passage (next to Kenneth's body), room with a shotgun framed to the wall, attic, library and other locations based on a press sample CD. This showed George Trevor's own progression through the mansion while trying to escape. 1

Written Invitation 招待状
Thank You Letter
Trevor's Note (1) トレヴァーの手記 (1)
Trevor's Note (2) トレヴァーの手記(2)
Trevor's Note (3) トレヴァーの手記(3)
Trevor's Note (4) トレヴァーの手記(4)
Trevor's Note (5) トレヴァーの手記(5)

Trevor's Note (6) トレヴァーの手記(6)
Trevor's Note (7) トレヴァーの手記(7)
Trevor's Note (8) トレヴァーの手記(8)
Last Note 最後の手記

Later, the letters were rewritten and included in "The True Story Behind BIO HAZARD" book as "George Trevor's Letters" for the release of the game on the Sega Saturn. However, these rewritten versions, like the "BIO HAZARD THE BEGINNING" story in the same book, heavily contradicted the storyline of the game and deviated from the source material. Some of the original letters were rewritten again and included by Mikami in his remake of the original game, biohazard, as a single "Trevor's Diary" file. This file is now the canonical version, although the Notes are still relevant.

The original files were still contained in the 15 minute demo disk of BIO HAZARD, released on January 15, 1996. Although not obtainable in gameplay, the files were contained on the data of the disk, and were extracted by MarkGrass. They have now been fully translated by Project Umbrella in English for the first time.

Project Umbrella Translation


My dear friend, George Trevor.
Only through your sincerity and effort could this beautiful mansion be built.
It's been three months since I moved here, and this place is so magnificent.
Alongside the hurly of hunters, I greet the arrival of dawn; Alongside the howls of wolves, I greet the fall of night.
...However, there's still something we haven't got here.
So, I want you do me a favor, my friend. Would you like to come to this mansion?
Of course, bring your family with you.
You can look at this like meeting an old friend, and come here light-hearted.
I'll prepare a splendid banquet and await your presence, I'm sure you'll like it.

Best Regards,
Oswell E. Spencer
October 9, 1967


Dear Lord Spencer

It's a pleasure to receive the invitation to me and my family to visit the new mansion; I can't thank you enough for this.
Actually, I've also been meaning to pay a visit to that mansion again.
I accept your invitation.
In the beautiful courtyard with many wonderful waterscapes, there are two fountains with names.
If you want to see this fountain, I must tell you something you must remember. Please take the "Red Book" and "Blue Book" with you.
Sorry, I still have some unfinished business to do, so I'll let my wife and daughter go there first.
Please take care of them.
Many thanks.

George Trevor
November 3, 1967


It was 6pm after I finished my work, Lord Spencer arrived at the mansion, and we cheered for our reunion.
In the spacious and bright dining room, a lot of delicious food was on the table.
The goddess was looking down at us, she seemed jealous.
But I don't think I'll pull her down here... And I gave a little gift to this remarkable girl...
Even so...
The clock goes tick tock in the silence, making me feel quite lonely.
My family arrived here a little earlier; my wife left me a message to tell me my aunt was ill, and they went to visit her.
Well then, I guess I have to wait here until their return.
In spite of this, at least I can enjoy the delicious food and wine, and those wonderful artworks in the mansion. They'll help me sweep away my feeling of loneliness.

George Trevor


In this happy vacation, bad news has come to us. I'm saddened because our dear aunt Emma is ill.
Aunt Emma seems to be living near this mansion, so Lisa and I just decided to visit her.
That's really a pity; it's been such a long time since we took a holiday together.
But don't worry; we'll return in two or three days.

Your wife,
Jessica Trevor
November 12, 1967

Due to Lord Spencer's great kindness, we're allowed to play the piano in the mansion. Our Lisa was very happy, she told me she wanted to play Beethoven.
But our daughter couldn't remember where she put her important music book...
Where is it exactly...?


November 14th, 1967

Today, Lord Spencer said he'll show me around his mansion. He opened every door for me, and those amazing rooms appeared before my eyes one after another.
This building seems to be luxury, but in the mean time it's also a crystal of wisdom and great ideas. In my opinion, only a successful entrepreneur like him deserves a mansion like this.
In one of the rooms, there are many stuffed animals, their eyes look strange and give off mysterious light.
In another room, I saw some armored knights from the Middle Ages, and the commander is one step forward from the line. They're standing quietly alongside the room and seem to being protecting something...
"Isn't it fantastic?" Lord Spencer went on proudly.
"In a few years, I'll build another building on this site to operate as a corporate resort facility. I intend to use this mansion as part of the resort facility by then. In a short time, this mansion can receive not only my company's employees, but guests from anywhere."
I imagined the scene, this mansion full of visitors.
People walking around the building like myself; shocked by its unbelievable beauty and elegance.
I think I should be proud now for doing my bit to this fantastic building.

George Trevor


November 15th, 1967

My family hasn't come back.
They should've returned here about this time.
Did aunt get worse?
Without any other choice, I went to a room deep in the right area of the first floor and started to read books to kill some time.
Some of this mansion's mysterious matters were recorded in the books, but I can't figure it out at all.

George Trevor

November 17th, 1967

At midnight, I heard people were talking about something when I passed by Lord Spencer's study room.
I went close to the door and just opened a crack, and I saw three men in white coats whispering with Lord Spencer.
"....a large market... high commodity... basic research stage... still simple life... because... many years are inevitable..."
I heard them talking like this.
Driven by my curiosity, I carelessly stepped a little forward to the door and pushed it. A small sound piped up and one of those men noticed and walked toward me.
That man, a man with red hair; he saw me, and in that moment he looked very shocked. However, he immediately averted his sight elsewhere, as if nothing had ever happened.

George Trevor

November 18th, 1967

The lighter! I lost my lighter! It's the birthday gift my wife gave to me and one of my most precious belongings.
For many years I've never left my lighter away from me.....
I have a bad feeling....
I was sure I still had it when I stopped for a rest at the L-shaped corridor where glass cases were placed.
Though it's easy to find another lighter, this one is too special to me and I can't just give it up.
I'll go there and try to look for it tomorrow.

George Trevor


November 20, 1967

I was casually looking over paintings in the large room lined with portraits on the first floor, when suddenly the red-haired man in a white coat approached me.
What could it be? The odor of disinfectant drifted faintly from his body.
"There's something I want to ask you..." he said. "What exactly do you know about your family?"
"My family? Do you know something!?"
The man saw my expression and muttered with authority. "You really don't know anything... Such a small child..."
I shook the man, raised my voice, and demanded to know where they were.
But at that moment, I heard something squirm behind me.
"Something's here..."
The red-haired man wouldn't say another word about it no matter how much I asked.

George Trevor


November 23, 1967

Early this morning, servants hurriedly washed the floor on the way to the first floor.
The only room in this mansion where I didn't put anything...
I didn't have any doubts initially.
Until I passed that room and went on into the next living room...
Nothing. There was no sign of the shotgun on the wall!
"What happened to the shotgun that was here?"
"Oh, that one. It was destroyed. You know, stepped on by an elephant. It's still kept its original shape to a degree, unlike the animal. Oh well, I keep a spare that can replace it."
Spencer, who was nearby, answered.
I returned to the previous room as quickly as possible.
Some sort of black stain on the floor. And red hair.
I couldn't stop trembling...
That shotgun was moved, surely...

George Trevor


November 26, 1967

I'm trapped. It's already been 3 days.
I tried to escape from this mansion the day I saw the scene in the empty room, and left with the utmost confidence that my family should be safe at our aunts'.
But it was too late.
As I left the mansion, I was subdued by a group of men in white coats and severely beaten.
Then I lost consciousness for a while.
"It's a pity for you, but it's a matter of security."
"Those men are evil. Trying to use this mansion's designer of all people... But you'll be useful for data collection in the future."
What matter of security? For designing this mansion?
I lay in an underground room when I noticed it.
A dimly-lit room, and my whole body feels strangely itchy.
It almost felt like I was being tickled by human fingers.
I lifted myself up.
Drip, drip, then something fell from my body.
It was... moving!
Spiders! There were hundreds of spiders on my body and wriggling on the floor.
Spiders about the size of my palm in this cold room...
I stepped back, reflexively trampling on several of them. Just then, all those spiders attacked me.
I ran to the door, but it was locked.
The spiders came shuffling up to me one after another.
I remembered the structure of the door and somehow got out.
After that, I roamed around beneath this mansion until today.
There were irregularly-shaped insects and many animals. However, their movements were slow and simple and I somehow managed to survive.

George Trevor


Jessica, Lisa..
Why! Why! I don't want to die in a dismal place like this...
Was it my fault that I designed this mansion at his special order?
Or is this God's punishment for trying to escape, not knowing if I had left them behind.
It makes no difference.
This is extraordinary.
The smell of disinfectant fills the basement and it seems a new machine was brought in...
What the hell is the secret?
Is this place actually still used as a recreation facility?!

George Trevor


December 5, 1967

...And now, I unexpectedly set foot into the narrow and dark room.
With each step I took, the danger intensified. I walked around slowly and carefully. Then, in the center of the room, I bumped into something hard.
What was it?
I lit the flame on the lighter, and there, looming up slightly, was a letter.
It was...
What! Son of a bitch! That man thought of every possible angle!
But it's ironic. I'm still alive.
Unless the expected thing occurs today.
But it's the same thing. I can't see the sunlight rising anymore.
It has literally become where I will die.
...No, it's not. I must live. I made it through up until now.
I'm still alive... I will survive.

George Trevor


I failed. How could Spencer, know about it?
A behemoth approaches...
Though it should be a secret device only I knew...
On the contrary, myself and...
My consciousness is fading.
I forgot. Not just one... but another very similar tool is needed.
Ah, a bit longer, just a bit longer and I could have reached the fountain with two names...

George Trevor


  1. 1. The True Story Behind BIO HAZARD - Words from Producer on the Game (Page 154)