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Sherry Birkin (Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles)
Sherry Birkin in Casual Wear (BIOHAZARD 1.5)
Sherry Birkin Artwork (Resident Evil 2)
Sherry Birkin (BIOHAZARD 1.5)
Sherry Birkin (Resident Evil 2)
Sherry Birkin (BIOHAZARD 1.5)
Resident Evil 3 Epilogue - Sherry Birkin

Personal Data:

Date of Birth: 1986
Gender: Female
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Blood Type: O
Nationality: American
Ethnicity: Caucasian


Sherry Birkin

Sherry Birkin was the daughter of scientists William Birkin and Annette Birkin. Having been the daughter of two renowned scientists, their obsession and passion for their work was often put ahead of their child and as such they were never around to foster a healthy relationship with her as she grew up. Although mature for her age, she was introverted and indifferent, didn't speak much, was very insecure, lacked self-confidence and had a difficult time showing any emotion due to the lack of a proper presence or love from her parents. After being caught up in the biohazard of Raccoon City partially caused by her father, she was infected with his G-virus before being cured and taken into the custody of the U.S. government. She later became a government agent. 1 2 3


Raccoon City Destruction Incident (Sep. 29, 1998)

Following William Birkin's mutation and attack on the U.S.S. (Umbrella Security Service), Annette Birkin, who foresaw the chaos that was soon to ensue, called Sherry at her school and informed her that the city was dangerous. She demanded that she take refuge in the police station. Unknown to them however, the station was alredy overrun by infected creatures. Even so, Sherry sought refuge in the building and met by Claire Redfield. The two agreed to co-operate in order to escape from the city, and Sherry gradually came to open up emotionally. At the time, Sherry feared that a monster was after her and her father, oblivious to the fact that the monster was actually her father himself after his mutation, and was now seeking Sherry in order to implant her with an embryo of the G-virus. At the same time, Sherry was also pursued by a mass-produced Tyrant (T-103 Model) for her pendant, which contained a sample of the G-virus placed by her father. Sherry was oblivious to the hidden sample in one of her most prized possessions, and simply tried to run away.

After briefly being separated from Redfield, Sherry encountered an unknown woman and dropped her pendant in a panic. The woman was Ada Wong, a spy sent by the rival company of Umbrella to steal the G-virus. Wong retrieved the pendant. As a result, Sherry was no longer in danger of the Tyrant but was still being pursued by "G", her mutated father. Following their escape into the sewer, Sherry was separated from Redfield again. In an attempt to rejoin her, Sherry was knocked unconscious, at which point "G" managed to implant a G-Embryo in her body, which would gestate and spread the G-virus throughout her body over time. Following a confrontation with Annette, Redfield found Sherry only to hear her complain of her stomach hurting. Redfield took Sherry with her into the Raccoon City Underground Laboratory of Umbrella.

Redfield managed to synthesize a sample of the G-Vaccine, known as "DEVIL", based on instructions left by a dying Annette who sought to save her only daughter. Sherry was collected from the security room and taken to an emergency train by rookie police officer Leon S. Kennedy, who had also been working with Redfield. They administered the vaccine to an unconscious Sherry, saving her life. At dawn on September 30, they had managed to escape the city.

Custody (1998-2009)

After escaping from Raccoon City and watching as Redfield walked off into the wilderness alone to fulfill her goal of finding her brother, Birkin and Kennedy were taken into protective custody by the U.S. Army after the government sent a force to find and "protect" Birkin. The reasons for this were that she still harbored active traces of the G-virus and its anti-bodies, and she also required protection from Umbrella and their rival company, namely Albert Wesker who had been seeking a sample of the virus during the incident and was the one who had sent Ada Wong. She was also taken for another purpose; to force Leon S. Kennedy to join the government as an agent. 4

After an agreement between Kennedy and a U.S. intelligence agent in which he agreed to become an agent in exchange for her safety, Birkin was kept safe within the custody of the government, where they then began observation and research on her body for the virus and its anti-bodies within. Birkin was questioned by a three-star U.S. Army general about any relatives she may of had, to which she didn't answer, instead thinking about Claire and saying to herself "She will come back to me... she will..." Birkin was placed under house arrest and had become the only person in the world with a resistance to the G-virus, making her of great significance both politically and as a military asset and giving her a top-secret status. However, among the personnel in the department responsible for her, many of them were subordinate spies planted by Wesker. However, as he had already obtained the G-virus from another source, she remained safe. 5

Over the next eleven years, although the advance of the virus within Birkin was halted when she was inoculated with the DEVIL vaccine, a small amount of the G-virus remained in her body. In the government's custody, she was subjected to various experiments in relation to the virus and its anti-bodies at a government research institution. In the process, by the time she grew up, she could completely control the virus' power and succeeded in allowing her body to reflect only a physical ability to regenerate, and a viral resistance. In addition, her aging process had halted around the age of 20 due to the virus' influence, giving her a more youthful appearance than her actual age implied. 6

With no relatives, a high-ranking government official named Derek C. Simmons became Brikin's substitute guardian. Simmons gave full support and assistance to Brikin during her time under house arrest. He strove for the stability of her mind and permitted visitations between Claire Redfield, a civilian outsider, and Brikin, a top-secret existence for the government. 7 The kind and gentle Claire Redfield continued to support Brikin as she endured the government's experiments, and Brikin came to put more trust in her than a blood relative. She visited Brikin frequently and taught her to be strong despite carrying a painful past, and became the person Brikin trusted most.

At the same time, Redfield became an aspiring presence and her personality and character became a goal Birkin aimed for. Redfield's influence on Brikin was huge, and Brikin inherited her motherliness and tolerance. Although Redfield belonged to the NGO TerraSave and regularly flew around the world while Brikin was a U.S. agent, making their schedules busy, they displayed their closeness and spent time together whenever their schedules permitted. 8

In 2009, Albert Wesker was killed. Umbrella and their rival company had long since collapsed. As a result, Birkin had no further need for "protection" and the experiments on her had been completed. The government offered her a deal to become an agent in exchange for her freedom from house arrest. "I'll become an agent so I can save those like myself," Brikin feared the increase in victims like herself due to the increase in bioterrorism in recent years and accepted this deal, and she was inducted as an agent under the exclusive direct control of the U.S. National Security Advisor, her substitute guardian, Derek C. Simmons. Subsequently, Brikin received training as an agent. Though she was still under the strict surveillance of the government, she was now free from confinement. She later became an agent of the DSO (Division of Security Operations).

Redfield attempted to persuade Birkin to resign as an agent many times, but with no success. Birkin firmly believed in her desire to carry out her missions in order to stop bioterrorism from claiming more victims like herself. 9

Edonia Republic (December 24, 2012)

In December 2012, Brikin was ordered by Derek C. Simmons to infiltrate the Edonia Republic and extract Jake Muller, a mercenary and son of Albert Wesker, who harbored anti-bodies to the C-virus, a new virus which had recently been used in bioterrorism incidents around the world. She found Muller in the middle of the civil war and escaped with him while being pursued by a B.O.W. known as "Ustanak." Brikin explained Muller's importance to him and informed him that a terrorist organization known as Neo-Umbrella was also attempting to capture him, alive or dead. There, she met Chris Redfield for the first time and cooperated with him in killing two Ogroman B.O.W.s. Captain Redfield arranged for the two to take passage on a BSAA helicopter out of the country, but it was destroyed mid-flight by Ustanak, sending the two plunging via parachute to the snow-covered mountain range. There, they found a temporary safe-haven in a cabin, where Brikin explained her unique abilities, their cause, and her past. They were again attacked, but finally escaped and almost reached the rendezvous point before being struck down by Ustanak and confronted by Carla Radames, the leader of Neo-Umbrella. They were then knocked out and taken to a secret facility in China.

Lanshiang Incident (Jun-Jul. 2013)

Over the next six months, Birkin and Muller were separately confined in a secret Neo-Umbrella detention facility in order to study their physiology's. Birkin was once again forced to experience almost torturous experiments on her body. On July 1, 2013, Birkin and Muller escaped the facility and contacted Simmons to arrange a rendezvous, then made their way through the streets of Lanshiang. They met Leon S. Kennedy and USSS (United States Secret Service) agent Helena Harper who informed them that Simmons was behind the bioterrorism attacks, and they cooperated to defeat Ustanak. After they informed Kennedy where the rendezvous point with Simmons was, they searched for it themselves.

After they reached the rendezvous point, Birkin questioned Simmons about his involvement only to be told that it was for the benefit of national security and global stability. They were then attacked by Simmons' agents and fought their way out. However, J'avo sent by Neo-Umbrella captured Birkin and Muller again, taking them to an off-shore oil field, a camouflage facility for an underwater laboratory. They were later rescued by Chris Redfield and Piers Nivans, and encountered the giant B.O.W. Haos. Birkin and Muller separated and encountered Ustanak for a final time, killing it at last. Brikin successfully brought Muller to the government, allowing them to develop a vaccine against the C-virus. They then parted ways, but kept in contact as Birkin continued her work as an agent while Muller set off to fulfill his new purpose.


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