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Sentinel Nine Thorough Elucidation

The Sentinel Nine Thorough Elucidation is an online document detailing the custom "Sentinel Nine" handgun manufactured by Tokyo Murai as a tie-in product to BIOHAZARD 6. The story setting of the product was provided by CAPCOM Japan and ties into the main series.

Project Umbrella Translation


The Necessity of Anti-Bioterrorism Equipment

The operations of DSO agents are mainly investigation and espionage.
They are supplied with firearms and high-performance handguns with portability are the main, but firearms developed for military and law-enforcement organizations were not developed with special situations like bioterrorism and biological weapons in mind.
It could be said that providing agents facing against special situations and operations with equipment developed "for exclusive use" every day was a natural flow.

Revival of the Sentinel Project

A large anti-bioterrorism force named the "FBC" (Federal Bioterrorism Commission) once existed in the United States of America. The FBC was a military unit for the purpose of bioterrorism suppression and was an organization with different properties than the DSO, but it conducted exclusive equipment development with abundant financial power equal to the military budget of a small country.
The code-name "Sentinel" was given to this equipment development project specializing in anti-bioterrorism.
The Sentinel Project also vanished due to the FBC's dissolution.
However, the DSO had its eyes on a vast quantity of data such as analysis of the various equipment and manufactured trial products devised in this project and the unique circumstances brought by bioterrorism, and the Sentinel Project was revived.

Leon S. Kennedy and the Sentinel Project

A representative agent of the DSO named Leon S. Kennedy, who has experienced scenes of bioterrorism time and time again, participated as a supervisor in the Sentinel Project revived by the DSO.
This was because of Leon's abundant experiences in surviving bioterrorism, such as Raccoon City in 1998, Operation Javier in 2002, and the kidnapping of the President's daughter in 2004, were useful for development of equipment.
He once used the powerful "Desert Eagle" magnum handgun and became well versed in small arms through much combat experience, gradually becoming an expert.

・What is the DSO?

A United States organization established to protect the nation from many threats, including "bioterrorism."
DSO is the abbreviation of "Division of Security Operations."
Agents with flexibility and readiness to special circumstances were selected from various organizations and operate in an agent organization under the direct control of the President.
Their operations are centered on espionage and investigations conducted "alone" or with "a small number of people" in many cases.

・Material left by the FBC (Excerpt)

There is an interesting passage in the documentation of the FBC's Sentinel Project.

"...OVERALL: As a result of studying and analyzing every weapon in the world; we the FBC Small Arms Resarch Group have decided the gun to become the base of the handgun from the Beretta corporation's "M92F", the IMI corporation's "Desert Eagle" and the SIG corporation's "P226R" which squeezed three marks (omitted) the SIG corporation's "P226R" led to the desirable result in the end..."

The interesting thing is that, in handguns, it means the FBC Small Arms Research Group narrowed down the M92F, Desert Eagle and P226R.
"The usefulness of the Samurai Edge in combat" is present in another file, proving that the "Samurai Edge" used by S.T.A.R.S. was thoroughly analyzed.