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Source: Raccoon City Case Details.
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Raccoon City Case Details

The 'Raccoon City Case Details' is a small timeline based around the events related to Raccoon City, covering biohazard 0, biohazard, BIOHAZARD 2, BIOHAZARD 3 LAST ESCAPE and BIOHAZARD CODE:Veronica. Released on the official BIOHAZARD series website before the release of biohazard 4.

Project Umbrella Translation

May 10: At Umbrella's private industrial waste disposal facility, the waste to be disposed of by far exceeds the processing quantity, and unprocessed pollutants flow out.

May 11: A biohazard occurs in the Arklay Laboratory (the Mansion), officially a rest facility of Umbrella to the public.

May 20: A local newspaper reports the bizarre murder case of a woman discovered in Arklay Mountains.

July 9: Bizarre cases occur frequently in the Arklay Mountains region. As a result, the mountain path is blockaded and a decision to send the Special Forces S.T.A.R.S. is made.

July 21: Before X-DAY and the dispatch of S.T.A.R.S., Dr. William Birkin decides to evacuate from the Arklay Laboratory. He moves base to the Raccoon City Underground Laboratory.

July 23: Bravo Team is dispatched by helicopter. However, it makes an emergency landing in the Arklay Mountains due to engine trouble. Afterwards they encounter a biohazard caused by the t-virus in the former Umbrella Management Training Facility.

July 24: X-DAY. Alpha Team is dispatched in search of the missing Bravo Team. The helicopter of Bravo Team is discovered, but they are cornered by Cerberus and take shelter in the Mansion.

August 24: Chris obtains information on a new virus and departs for Umbrella Headquarters in Europe alone. Jill remains in Raccoon City to continue investigating the secret Umbrella facility.

September 23: The rescue of Dr. Birkin by the U.S. Special Forces fails, and the doctor suffers a fatal injury in the G-virus seizure operation of HUNK and the Umbrella Special Forces.

September 24: The biohazard spreads through the whole of Raccoon City, and the city is blockaded by the Army.

September 28: Jill who was hiding in Raccoon City decides to escape from the city that has turned into a den of zombies.

September 29: Leon S. Kennedy's day of arrival at the R.P.D. Claire Redfield arrives in Raccoon City on the same day to look for her older brother.

September 30: Leon and Claire defeat the "G" creature and escape Raccoon City with Sherry Birkin.

October 1: The United States government resolves to carry out the "sterilization operation" on Raccoon City fatally to stop the spread of the biohazard.

October 2: Early this morning, Jill and Carlos escape Raccoon City by helicopter. Immediately after, the Army carries out the "sterilization operation" and begins the missile strike. Raccoon City disappears from the earth.

December 27: Claire is captured in the Umbrella Paris Laboratory, and is sent to Rockfort Island.

December 28: The South Pole Laboratory explodes. Chris and Claire escape.

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