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Softcover: 210 pages
Publisher: Micro Design Publishing Inc.
Product ID: ISBN4-944000-77-4


RESEARCH ON BIOHAZARD 2 -final edition-

Project Umbrella Translation

TYRANT (page 20-21)

The Birth of a Tyrant

The letter "T" is the initial letter of the word "tyrant". Its etymology comes from the Greek word tyrannos, like in "tyrannosaurus". The name "Tyrant" with a capital "T" was given to the final enemy in the previous game and now there's a smaller and improved version of this bio weapon. While the metabolism capabilities of Tyrants are high due to fact they were originally imprisoned young males who underwent surgery and were implanted with the T-Virus, Umbrella's research also managed to improve the restorative abilities of this new T-type model of the bio-organic weapon called the "T-103", which are also capable of acting calmly according to a given order. Its eerie existence was programmed to target the G-virus, as it encounters our heroes several times through their venture into the Umbrella lab.

The Tyrant in the Game

During the beginning of the 2nd scenario, an FMV scene is played where a mysterious man in a coat is dropped by a helicopter. This man is actually a Tyrant camouflaged as a human. From a distance he resembles the title character from the Phantom of the Opera. However, the Tyrant is the complete opposite of other creatures created from the T-Virus such as Zombies and Lickers, who only see the player as a prey to feed on in their presence, the Tyrant will chase the player to the point of breaking a wall. Moreover, it has incredible recovering powers originating from T-Virus that allows it to resurrect itself several times until it finally reaches the end of its life-support function, in which it removes its defensive power limiter coat and challenges the player to a final showdown.

Screenshot caption No. 1: Publicity material of the new T-type weapon. Was the live combat data recorded during the Mansion Incident put to its best use?
Screenshot caption No. 2: A Tyrant inside its pod about to wake up (from Resident Evil)

Artwork caption No. 1: Tyrant in a Coat - He resembles a bald man wearing a military-like moss green coat. However, he is actually the T-103, a B.O.W. developed by Umbrella.

Analysis of the T-Virus

Artwork caption No. 2: Tyrant after the transformation - After the removal of its limiter. Its claws can slice through floors and it is durable enough to withstand scattered fire.

A normal human exposed to the T-Virus will turn into a Zombie and eventually mutate into a Licker. However, while the Tyrant is made from the same virus, it is quite a different creature from Zombies and Lickers. It can be said that this is due to Umbrella's powers and their abundant wealth and scientific capabilities. When a healthy human is administered with the T-Virus, the T-Virus carrier is placed inside a pod and given proper treatment until it becomes a Tyrant. While the Tyrant is inside the pod, it is covered in a liquid solution that helps propagate the T-Virus infected cells to a suitable level.

Screenshot caption No. 3: The first encounter with the Tyrant. In the overseas version, its name is "Mr. X".
Screenshot caption No. 4: The Tyrant endlessly pursues the player. Sometimes it will be create a hole in a wall.
Screenshot caption No. 5: After appearing on a monitor, the Tyrant confronts the player.
Screenshot caption No. 6: The Tyrant pursues the hero while covered in flames. This image overlaps with the film The Terminator.

G-VIRUS (page 24-25)


Embodyment of Strength


The dreadful artificial virus unto which an infected creature undergoes a complete change at the genetic level. The code name is "G". It tampers with a creature's DNA and promotes further evolution, and it is reported that it also has the power of reviving the dead. It is power beyond common knowledge. The Umbrella Corporation, which developed it, waited expectantly for the completion of this virus. However, approaching the domain of the Creator may have been too heavy a burden for a human. When William Birkin, who was the developer of the G-Virus, refused delivery, and when a special team in Umbrella came to take the virus, he appeared in a rash act and took the G-Virus into his own body. William, who became a G-Creature, is not a person anymore. Although he has vitality which can be regarded as immortal, tough physical strength and extraordinary healing ability, William's sense of self is lost completely. It seems that the erosion of the G-Virus to his cells gradually progresses from a portion of his arm, and his form changes every moment.

An incomplete replicated organism of G. It discharges embryos from its mouth.

<-A mutant born through a G creature implanting a human with an embryo. It is a pseudo-duplicate organism of G, without neither intelligence nor reproductive ability.

<-G, which changes its appearance dramatically. The flesh of the face at the time of human form moves to the left breast, and an eye opens up on the right arm.

<-The fifth form of G which raised energy efficiency to the maxiumum, and already became a mere lump of flesh.


G shows five forms (not including G young organism with the G pattern), but its appearance changes between individual forms so as to be strong. First, we will look at the 1st form. It seems that this eyeball incidentally also has eyesight, and it works to enlarge the field of vision as an organ of the G-Creature. When only the left-hand side is seen, G is only visibly like a zombie state, but the right arm in which the effect of the G-Virus has already appeared, and the eyeball which appeared in the right shoulder stands out.
Now, although G still maintains a human likeness so far, when it shifts to the 2nd form, the skin and scalp of the face completely move to the left breast due to the sudden rapid growth of its physique (cf. photograph). The right arm completely becomes a monster-like part, and huge nails stand out. In addition, you can realize that a second left arm is beginning to be formed under the face. Moreover, an upsurge of the skin is seen in the left upper part to which it seems that G-Cells are not multiplying so much, but this seems to be a fourth eyeball. The 3rd form is a perfect form, you may call it the point of a human type G organism reaching its highest point. Both original arms totally stretch like wings, and the second arm seen with the second form finished developing. The scrap of clothes which were proof that it was a human break off, and in the end, most of the traces of the skin of the face are about to disappear. Isn't this probably even the appearance which suited William's genetic design? Since G metamorphoses into a 4th form due to constant damage caused to its 3rd form, maybe it is a reaction of strained recovery from damage or rapid evolution, then gradually returns to a beast that deviates from the human course. When it becomes the 5th form, it's almost a sea slug shape. The arms also change into tentacles and the limbs of undigested Zombies and Lickers are visible on the body surface. It could be called a miserable result of the end in which power went out of control.


Thus far G has undergone a transformation secretly, but there is power to create different types of cells unexpectedly by promoting the division of somatic cells intensely - a phenomenal effect of the G-virus. To begin with, blueprints exist of our unique species that developed on a scale said to be over many hundred million years of life. Therefore, special individuals are less likely to be produced in the natural state. However, examples of heredity programs being distorted can often be seen in the past, especially when they occur due to powerful external factors such as endocrine disruptor chemicals or biological and chemical weapons (so-called BC weapons). If you consider such an example, the G-Virus transcends the existing concept in terms of causing a new part to form ​p​o​s​t​n​a​t​a​l​l​y, but it's not an unbelievable story.


The Umbrella Corporation Special Forces to whom HUNK belongs. Although it is said that private enterprises and organizations have industrial spies for information gathering, to the Umbrella Corporation, it is unusual to have a combat unit which does not mind murder for a mission either. Now, probably, groups which are similar to the military unit to whom HUNK and others belong to in the corporation which truly exist in the world are Special Forces of each country which suppress terrorist organizations. The Special Forces which is most famous in the world is the British SAS (Special Air Service / British Special Air Service).
The SAS has a long history which has opposed terrorist activity of anti-establishmentarians, and its superiority is inimitable from other Special Forces. The secret is in very intense training. CQB (Close Quarters Battle) in particular is severe so as to be called "Kill House". The CQB in the SAS is adopted for training in other Special Forces, and friendly nations receive an offer. It seems the Special Forces to whom HUNK belongs were also subject to the influence of the SAS (or are from the SAS?).
There is a close resemblance between the all-black combat uniforms and gas masks which HUNK and others have equipped in this drama, and the equipment for close quarters battle of the SAS mobilized in the Iranian embassy crisis of London in '80. The gas masks which completely cover the face are for entry when using tear-gas bombs, and the all-black combat uniforms are called objects for intimidation toward terrorists, and are made from flame-proof Nomex. In firearms, the machine gun which was used at the time of G-Virus capture seems to be the Heckler & Koch 9mm MP5 series machine gun, which is used by the SAS and the Special Forces of many nations. In addition, the art of indoor combat which HUNK showed great mobility in through anti-Zombie battle, is also important for anti-terrorism battles in limited small places such as passenger planes or inside rooms.
Moreover, although it's a digression, the codename of HUNK has the meaning "a strong and cool guy" and also "Eastern European immigrant worker". From one name, the scent of a mercenary who came through battlefields is given.