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Parasitic Organisms

Developed by the France branch of the Umbrella Corporation as part of the "Nemesis Project", the Nemesis parasite was capable of consuming the brain of a host and controlling it from within after being injected into the host. This research led to the creation of the Nemesis-T Type.
"Plaga" was an ancient parasitic species used and worshipped by a religious group known as Los Illuminados. It is capable of controlling virtually any host and has many unique biological properties which make it suitable for use in the development of bio-weapons.
"Malacoda" was a parasitic B.O.W. created after infecting Gyrodactylus salaris parasites with the "t-Abyss Virus". When administered into a creature while still in its larval stage, Malacoda could subsequently infect the host with the virus and produce more unique mutations.