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Iron Maiden (biohazard 4)


B.O.W. Model: "Iron Maiden"
Base Organism: Human


Iron Maiden

The Iron Maiden was a humanoid B.O.W. (Bio Organic Weapon) produced as a reimproved variant of the Regenerador that received further treatment. 1

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Several Regenerador specimens were reserved and reengineered into Iron Maidens on the island base under the control of the Los Iluminados.


The Iron Maiden possessed the same extraordinary metabolism and regenerative abilities as the Regenerador, but was also able to grow countless needles from its entire body which it could expand and contract freely. Its attack patterns were similar to the Regenerador and it could also stretch its arms to catch prey, then retract to impale them.


The Iron Maiden's namesake comes from the 16th century medieval torture device of the same name, due to the similarities between the device's spikes and the creature's needles.


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