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Product Details

Publisher: Enterbrain
Released: March 31, 2010
Product ID: ISBN4-047264-99-7
Pages: 191



INSIDE OF BIOHAZARD THE DARKSIDE CHRONICLES (インサイドオブバイオハザード/ダークサイドクロニクルズ) is an artbook for BIOHAZARD THE DARKSIDE CHRONICLES which features artwork, information on the game's story and in-depth commentaries from the developers.

Table of Contents [hide]
  1. Project Umbrella Translation
      1. LEON S. KENNEDY (page 007)
      2. JACK KRAUSER (page 008)
      3. JAVIER HIDALGO (page 011)
      4. MANUELA (page 012)
      5. HILDA (page 012)
      6. LEON S. KENNEDY (page 016)
      7. CLAIRE REDFIELD (page 019)
      8. SHERRY BIRKIN (page 020)
      9. ANNETTE BIRKIN (page 020)
      10. WILLIAM BIRKIN (page 023)
      11. ADA WONG (page 025)
      12. TYRANT (page 027)
      13. CLAIRE REDFIELD (page 031)
      14. STEVE BURNSIDE (page 032)
      15. CHRIS REDFIELD (page 035)
      16. ALFRED ASHFORD (page 036)
      17. NOSFERATU (page 039)
      18. ALEXIA ASHFORD (page 040)
      1. ZOMBIE (page 048)
      2. ZOMBIE DOG (page 051)
      3. CROW (page 051)
      5. GIANT MOTH / BABY MOTH / MOTH / PARASITES (Page 054-055)
      7. ANTS / SOUTH AMERICAN ANTS (page 057)
      8. ALLIGATOR (page 058)
      9. LARGE ROACH (page 058)
      10. PIRANHA (page 059)
      11. LICKER (page 060)
      12. PLAGUE CRAWLER (page 061)
      13. GULP WORM (page 061)
      14. IVY / POISON IVY / IVY+YX (page 062 - 063)
      15. HUNTER II / SWEEPER / HUNTER γ (page 064 - 065)
      16. TYRANT T-103 / SUPER TYRANT (T-103 TYPE) / TYRANT (T-103 MASS PRODUCED TYPE) (page 066 - 067)
      17. LURKER (page 068)
      18. ANUBIS (page 068)
      19. BANDERSNATCH (page 069)
      20. JABBERWOCK S3 (page 069)
      22. G ADULT ORGANISM / G YOUNG ORGANISM (page 072)
      23. MONSTER STEVE (page 073)
      25. NOSFERATU (page 076)
      26. HILDA / SECOND FORM HILDA (page 077)
      27. V-COMPLEX
      28. T.O.F.U. (page 080)
      6. OTHER PRODUCTS (page 171-172)
      2. STAFF QUESTIONNAIRES (page 178-181)
      4. TIPS
      5. Progenitor Virus
      6. Raccoon City
      7. Umbrella Corporation
      8. B.O.W.
      9. t-Virus
      10. t-Veronica
      11. Nemesis Project
      12. G-Virus
      13. S.T.A.R.S.
      14. Ecliptic Express
      15. Mansion
      16. Farewell to Umbrella
      17. Umbrella Security Service
      18. U.B.C.S.
      19. Raccoon Police Department
      20. Paris Laboratory Infiltration
      21. Private Anti-Bioterrorism Unit
      22. Oswell E. Spencer's Disappearance
      23. Plaga
      24. BSAA
    5. Glossary (page 186-189)
      1. B.O.W.
      2. DEVIL
      3. G-Virus
      4. HUNK
      5. t-Veronica
      6. t-Virus
      7. V-ACT Effect
      8. Anubis
      9. Umbrella Corporation
      10. Ada Wong
      11. Edward Ashford
      12. Elliot Edward
      13. Oswell E. Spencer
      14. Lock Pick
      15. Sherry Birkin
      16. Ben Bertolucci
      17. Marvin Branagh
      18. Michael Warren
      19. Rodrigo Juan Raval

Project Umbrella Translation


LEON S. KENNEDY (page 007)

JACK KRAUSER (page 008)

Belongs to the U.S. Army Special Operations Command. He participated in various missions, leaving extraordinary achievements. He is an overall first-class soldier familiar with weapons and the art of combat, and he takes pride in his capabilities. His codename at the time he took part in "Operation Javier" was "Silver Dax", and a full-time operator named Hannah supported him.

Krauser held darkness in his heart, but it was small at the start of "Operation Javier" and hadn't come to the fore. Fundamentally, he was a "good man" and became good partners with Leon while working with him. In addition, not abandoning the weak, he saved Manuela from danger many times and came to be trusted by her. Although he has a cool-headed side such as suggesting the murder of Manuela to Leon, it was a manifestation of his professional pride which gives priority to accomplishing the mission.

Krauser was a pure soldier and also participated in "Operation Javier" in response to an order from another source, the secret military agency Leon belongs to. His knowledge regarding B.O.W.s and viruses was minimal and he didn't understand the true purpose of the mission until Leon showed him the document of the President's special assignment "Anti-Virus Weapon Protocol No. 7600."

For Leon, who showed a sense of duty toward the virus extermination, Krauser outwardly accepted it with "I can't oppose someone under the direct control of the President" as a joke mixed with irony. But after this conversation, he strongly recognized that he was a "piece" for the government, and after he was wounded in his left arm, an inferiority complex grew deep and dark within him.

The inferiority complex Krauser held exceeded a critical point when he saw the capabilities of Manuela and Javier beyond human understanding, and he changed his ambition to "acquiring power through biological weapons and becoming a soldier beyond human limits." In addition, he was unfortunately told the whole story concerning the viruses from Leon, particularly the existence of Wesker and the fact that Manuela survived using the virus' power, giving Krauser's ambition a concrete vision.

After the end of the "Operation Javier" mission, in order to grant his wish, Krauser disappeared from the army and became involved with the organization Wesker belonged to, then met Leon again in 2004 on a solitary island in Europe.


The boss of the "Sacred Snakes" crime syndicate based in a small South American country. Javier was a "drug lord" and his methods were profitable and achieved a fortune, including selling drugs, weapons, organs and sometimes selling off human beings themselves. His organization's power continued to spread and by 2002, it had come to be marked by American intelligence agencies.

Javier had a cold-blooded character and was known for being merciless towards hostile factions and traitors. On the other hand, since he held affection for his relatives and greatly enriched the local area, there were many who viewed him as a hero.

Javier's love toward his family was particularly strong and it served as a trigger that caused the next tragedy. His fate first went mad in 1991, when in order to save his wife Hilda who was affected by an incurable disease, he injected her with the t-Virus. Although she remained alive, the virus transformed Hilda into a bizarre existence. Even still, Javier never left his wife and built a private residence on the land of Amparo, and continued sheltering his wife there.

Then, ten years later. Javier's beloved daughter Manuela was suffering from the same disease as her mother, and Javier was contacted by a man in sunglasses who identified himself as a virus trafficker. "If 15 years are spent, it's possible to not be taken in by the virus, but to control it." The man's words had enough power to move Javier's heart.

Although t-Veronica brought health to Manuela's body, her body metamorphosed little by little as compensation. A hint from primitive religions occurred to Javier, to transplant organs for his daughter to remain with a human figure. Girls of the same age as Manuela went missing one by one, a result brought on by Javier's crooked love to give priority to his daughter's life above all else.

However, Javier's actions greatly declined close to insanity due to Manuela running away from the private residence. Manuela, who knew about her father's behavior, turned up trusting Leon and Krauser, casting a gloomy shadow over his heart.

Javier transformed into the V-Complex in order to take Manuela back from Leon, and might have taken her into his own body to literally be "mine." It's likely that he would have been taken by the virus and lost his sense of self, but his love toward his daughter remained and he entreated Leon and Krauser for death, "Kill me......", so that his beloved daughter may not be hurt anymore.

*DIRECTOR's VOICE (Yasuhiro Seto)
Javier in "Operation Javier" is someone embodying the darkside in family continuing with "Memory of a Lost City" and "Game of Oblivion."

This product's theme, "darkness of the mind", is something that occurs from the ego within each person, but Javier's ego desiring to value his family is particularly powerful. The act of trying to help his daughter should originally be a good thing, but is warped because the love was too strong and he used any methods to exact it.

In the real world many people, substances, money and weapons are involved in drug dealing. Since that also included viruses in Javier's case, Leon was dispatched as it was a glaring threat to the United States.

There was a beginning in which an anti-bioterrorism unit such as the BSAA which Chris and others belong to in "BIOHAZARD 5" was organized, and I wanted to portray that through Javier's existence. There is demand for background on where the viruses or B.O.W.s are produced, and then what interests desire them? When I thought about I, I intended it to be illegal organizations that couldn't purchase weapons publicly. If an illegal organization had the virus' power like the giant "Sacred Snakes" crime syndicate led by Javier, an anti-bioterrorism unit would be organized in order to prevent its proliferation.

By the way, the Umbrella Corporation had virtually collapsed as of 2002, but a lot of remnants remain and sell B.O.W.s and technology to various interests. Since Javier's virus research is stuck at a primitive level, he purchases B.O.W.s as military power from Sergei's faction and Wesker's organization.

Javier's insanity is outstanding, but he has a philosophical side. I consulted with Mr. Gondo on the scene where he says "when you stare into the abyss, it swallows you whole" and had it smartly finished in the movie "Desperation."

MANUELA (page 012)

When she was five years old, Manuela's mother Hilda was completely transformed by the t-Virus, and as she grew up, she was told that she had died. Afterwards, free of the city and without knowing of her father's "business", she grew up in the jungle as a kind girl. Although Manuela was raised wanting for nothing, her life collapsed due to the same incurable disease as her mother.

Manuela has a gentle personality and is somewhat mentally fragile, and although her life depended on t-Veronica, she saw her physical changes and thought "I may have become something inhuman." Then, Manuela's fear became intolerable and she pressed the family doctor for an answer, and when told she was affected by a mysterious virus, she knew that if she didn't have treatment, she would become a monster, and she ran away from the private residence because it was too much of a shock.

Manuela wandered the jungle and arrived at the village of Mixcoatl where she was rescued by Leon and Krauser, who had come for an investigation into Javier. Manuela came to trust the two while cooperating with them and told them what had happened to her body, then returned to Javier's private residence. There, Manuela realized that her father was the head of a huge crime syndicate and girls had been robbed of their lives by Javier in order to keep her alive.

For Manuela, who greatly respected her father, learning the truth was a huge shock. In addition, Manuela despaired of the appearance of her father, who had become deformed, and the fact that she would soon become a monster herself without the sacrifices of others, and she desired to die as a human. However, struck by the courage of Leon, who protected her, she awakened and chose a way which used the power of the virus positively and protected others.

Manuela can use the virus' power while retaining a human figure, but cannot completely control the virus. The problem of needing to sacrifice others as long as she is alive hasn't been solved. Nobody knows what kind of future she'll see after "Operation Javier."

*DIRECTOR's VOICE (Yasuhiro Seto)
Manuela has the same abilities to control the virus as Alexia and resist the erosion to her mind like Steve. After the tragedy of Raccoon City, she's another unfortunate character determined to break the chain of the curse. Moreover, for Leon and Krauser, she's also a key person who deeply influenced their inner world.

In order to cut the chain of the curse, Manuela determined to put herself to an end along with her father. This was the right choice, but Leon protected her, wanting to help her survive and find another way to solve the problem. This can be decided by the will of the players. If you can make Manuela survive in the end, then the "Good Ending" will be unlocked.

However, like Javier, the behavior of "helping a person meant to die" is caused by a certain heart knot. Manuela's survival unleashed the darkness in Krauser's heart and made him walk a path of no return. Because of Leon's mercy, the chain of the curse wasn't cut off in time, which eventually led to more tragedies. This is the main point we wanted to express through the story of "Operation Javier."

HILDA (page 012)

Javier's wife and Manuela's mother. She suffered from an incurable disease and was injected with the t-Virus by Javier, who desired his wife's survival, and she transformed into a bizarre monster due to it.

Although Hilda became a monster that couldn't understand human speech, she oddly followed what Javier said. In addition, she seemed to recognize Manuela. But there was no change in her being a monster and, apart from her family, she mercilessly attacked people. While Hilda was confined in the private residence of Amparo, it's said that anyone who opposed Javier was left as a sacrifice in the private residence.

Hilda completely destroyed the village of Mixcoatl and cornered Leon and Krauser twice. However, Leon and Krauser fought back and finally, she died watching over Manuela.

LEON S. KENNEDY (page 016)


19 years old at the time of 1998. Height of 169cm, weight of 52.4kg, and her blood type is O. The younger sister of Chris, who belonged to the Raccoon Police Department Special Forces S.T.A.R.S. and was involved in the Mansion Incident.

Claire learned how to handle firearms and knives from her brother as an art of self-defense, and aided by her strong-minded character, she fought opponents such as Zombies and B.O.W.s without flinching. Although she shows a lot of bravery, she is gentle at heart and kindly gave her favorite jacket to a frightened Sherry as a substitute for a lucky charm.

On order to look for her brother Chris after not receiving any communication following the Mansion Incident in July, Claire visited Raccoon City, which had become a town of the dead. Claire met Leon in the city area and cooperated with him in looking for traces of her brother and a means of escape, and in the process, she met Sherry and her mother Annette and discovered the true reality of Umbrella and the threat of the virus.

However, for Claire at this time, searching for her brother and protecting Sherry came first and she decided that the next thing was to prevent tragedies the virus causes.

After escaping from Raccoon City, based on Chris' diary she found in the police station, she discovered that his destination was Europe and parted with Leon and Sherry and embarked to the Umbrella Paris Laboratory alone.

But, there was no sign of Chris there, and she was arrested by guards and taken to a private prison on Rockfort Island, one of Umbrella's strongholds.

SHERRY BIRKIN (page 020)

The daughter of William and Annette, who was 12 years old in 1998. Blood type is O. Her parents gave priority to their research and because they didn't show much love to Sherry, she grew to be a child who seldom showed her feelings to others. However, while fleeing in the police department, Leon and Claire stretched out their helping hands to Sherry and she gradually opened her heart, and after the incident, she valued the jacket she received from Claire in particular as a lucky charm.

On the day of the incident, Sherry left school early following a telephone call from her mother who foresaw the situation that would arise in the town, taking the necklace the G-Virus was hidden in at Annette's command and evacuating to the police department. However the police department had already become a den of zombies, and she had to keep fleeing alone until she met Leon.

Sherry was targeted by a Tyrant, which was trying to capture the G-Virus, and her father William who had become "G" which needed a person with identical genetic information in order to breed. She was caught by G when she was separated from Leon and was implanted with an embryo, but it didn't go out of control because Leon and Claire succeeded in the refinement of a vaccine.

However, it's not necessarily possible to say it was best for her to be rescued. Since she retained G-Virus antibodies, she became a valuable individual. She was protected with Leon by the U.S. Army and confined by the government, where she spent days being observed as a research subject.


The wife of William and mother of Sherry. She studied the G-Virus with her husband in the Raccoon City Underground Laboratory. She was cold to Sherry since she gave priority to the research because she strongly loved her husband, but she wasn't without love for her daughter. The laboratory was attacked by the Umbrella Security Service aiming to seize the G-Virus and Annette guessed the town's collapse due to virus infection and contacted her daughter to tell her to take refuge in the police station. However, she wasn't able to throw away her obsession with the G-Virus, the result of her husband's research, leading to even more chaos by giving her daughter a necklace containing a sample. Then, her love for her husband and obsession with the G-Virus had a huge influence on the fates of her and those around her.

Annette perceived Umbrella's movements from before the day of the incident and was looking out for anyone trying to take the G-Virus and quickly saw through Ada, who was aiming for the G-Virus.

Annette was informed of Sherry being pursued by William from Leon and Claire and noticed that her husband had lost his family ties just because he was held firmly by the G-Virus, and she hardened her determination to kill her husband for Sherry. Then, she tried to fire bullets exclusively for anti-G use into G, but the fusion between William and the G-Cells had already advanced to the point where the special bullets couldn't destroy it, and Annette incurred a serious injury at the hand of her out of control husband.

Though Annette was found in waning consciousness by Leon and Claire, she entrusted the two with protecting Sherry and gave them the refinement method of the vaccine, "Tell her, even though I was a bad mother, I love her......", she left these words of apology and penitence to her daughter and passed away.

*DIRECTOR'S VOICE (Yasuhiro Seto)
Since Annette is a mother who only exists in three episodes recorded in this product, we wanted to firmly elaborate the scenes where she appears. She wasn't a good mother and she made Sherry unhappy, but we still transmitted the fact that she loved her family.

Annette knew that her husband William had become G and she made up her mind to take care of him as her wife. In order to make her determination clearer in this product than in "BIOHAZARD 2", we depicted a scene where she prepares special bullets for anti-G use.


36 years old in 1998. Height 178cm, weight 66.7kg and blood type O. He was gifted in science and displayed talent in his early teens, and was invited to Umbrella as a trainee. Then at the age of 16, he was appointed as a chief researcher of the Arklay Laboratory, which became the stage of the Mansion Incident, where he advanced the t-Virus Project. During his time as a trainee, he joined Albert Wesker.

William was a capable scientist, but he was vain and jealous of Alexia who was younger than himself and chosen as the chief researcher of the Antarctic Laboratory at the age of 10, and he spent a short time repeating unplanned experiments. However he regained his passion after hearing a report of Alexia's death, and succeeded in discovering a virus, the prototype of the G-Virus, within the body of the test subject "Lisa Trevor." He then planned the "G-Virus Project" and was appointed as general director with the approval of Umbrella Headquarters. With his wife Annette, he continued demonic research in the Raccoon City Underground Laboratory.

However, while advancing his research, William began to disagree with headquarters and came into contact with United States military authorities. The Umbrella side sensed signs of a rebellion and sent the Umbrella Security Service to attack the laboratory and seize the G-Virus. He resisted and received fatal injuries.

William realized he couldn't avoid death and injected the G-Virus into his own body. He lost his sense of self and was reduced to an unknown organism called "G" which repeats self-evolution and breeding, and began to destroy his body. William became the first G, killing almost all members of the Umbrella Security Service. At this time, he destroyed part of the Underground Laboratory and caused the t-Virus to leak into the city. Furthermore, he wandered the police department connected to the laboratory and caused many more casualties such as Chief Brian Irons and Ben Bertolucci. Additionally, he repeatedly reproduced and mutated when he was defeated by Leon, reaching a final form with an ugly appearance and vanishing in the explosion of the laboratory.

*DIRECTOR'S VOICE (Yasuhiro Seto)
William's a man who wasn't able to notice the things important to him until the end, simply because he was devoted to his research on the G-Virus. Although he's aware of Sherry even after mutating into G, it's to the degree that only an image remains and his motivation to pursue her is basically due to his breeding instinct as a G-Creature. A sad figure that lost sight of love and also became a monster chasing his daughter.

ADA WONG (page 025)

An industrial spy belonging to the organization which has hostile relations with Umbrella. She was 24 years old in 1998, blood type is AB, but the name Ada Wong is an alias. She's a woman of Asian lineage and a fact that is certain from the time she met Leon is that she has first-class combat skills. She appears to be in a position to receive instructions from Wesker in the organization but it seems she frequently disregards instructions to fulfill a unique purpose.

Ada came into contact with John, who began his new post as William's successor at the Arklay Laboratory, and became his lover and received an order to leak t-Virus data to the organization. At this time she learned about the existence of the G-Virus developed by William. She received an order to acquire a G-Virus sample and entered Raccoon City taking advantage of the chaos in the town to sneak into the police department.

Ada searched for Ben Bertolucci who may have had information on the G-Virus, but she met Leon and Claire in the process and began a false cooperative relationship to use them in order to obtain the sample. However, she became attracted to Leon for his way of risking his life to help others, and when Leon was cornered by the Tyrant, she forgot the situation and helped him, suffering a serious injury and losing consciousness. Leon and Claire determined that she died and left the power room, however it's believed that this was because they didn't have time to check whether she was alive or dead and had to move due to the activation of the self destruct device.

Afterwards, Ada regained consciousness, and after making sure Leon and the others escaped, she miraculously survived from the collapsing laboratory. She succeeded in recovering a piece of flesh from G during her escape. Even after the incident, her fate with Leon didn't end, in 2004, she later carries out a reunion with Leon and Krauser.

*DIRECTOR'S VOICE (Yasuhiro Seto)
An erotic scene included in this product has a good meaning; in the movie "Woman" where Leon meets Ada, I think the scene in which Ada licks her lip with her tongue is the result of satisfaction.
There was a problem with capacity with how many movies would be put in, and Mr. Gondoh fought to the end. Although I think "Woman" was somewhat shortened, Mr. Gondoh requested we don't cut the scene where Ada licks her lips no matter what (laughs). The remaining result is good.

TYRANT (page 027)

A B.O.W. developed by Umbrella. It was dropped into Raccoon City by Umbrella executive Sergei separately from the special operations unit led by HUNK. There are various types of Tyrant, however the one that was supplied at this time is called T-103 Type and possesses a human-like appearance and high intelligence which allows it to carry out commands independently.

The objective the dropped Tyrant was given was "seizure of the G-Virus", but while HUNK's target was stored in the underground laboratory, the Tyrant's target sample was contained in the necklace Annette entrusted to Sherry. When it appeared in front of Leon, it targeted neither Leon or Claire because it was pursuing Sherry.

The dark green trench-coat could be called the symbol of the Tyrant T-103 Type; it's bulletproof and blastproof at the same time, and also serves as human camouflage. In addition, it also serves as a limiter that controls the virus' power, and if it comes off, it will transform into a form called Super Tyrant. In the Raccoon City Destruction Incident, when dropped into a blast furnace during a battle with Leon, its coat dissolved and it became a Super Tyrant and came back to life from the blast furnace. It again attacked Leon, who was going to escape by freight train.

The Super Tyrant has very high regeneration capability and its activity can only be stopped with missiles or high-powered weapons such as anti-tank guns, and damage must be dealt to an extent that its regeneration can't catch up. Leon obtained a rocket launcher with the help of Ada and was thereby able to defeat the Tyrant. If Ada didn't meet Leon in the process of escaping from the underground laboratory, a miserable death may have been the outcome.

*DIRECTOR'S VOICE (Yasuhiro Seto)
Other than the Tyrant, the other enemies appearing in this game also look awesome. The Tyrant was greatly "enhanced" this time. When attacked by the rocket launcher, it can grab the rocket and throw it back. Even those players who have played BIOHAZARD 2 would feel astonished for this. And this is also one of the surprises we prepared for the old players of this series.


Clare was confined in a cell in the private prison of Rockfort Island, but, fortunately or not, the island was attacked right after she was imprisoned and she successfully escaped taking advantage of the chaos. She became acquainted with Steve, who was also imprisoned, and they cooperated aiming to escape from the island.

Although Claire initially recognized Steve as a "cocky boy who is everywhere", afterwards, by overcoming many crises together, she deemed him a man worth trusting and reached the point of having a faint feeling of love.

Until then, Claire had a strong sense of purpose and the ability to take action, and her mind never drifted aside from when she was searching for her brother. However, by the time of Steve's death, her rivalry over the virus clearly rose. Claire escaped from the Antarctic and fought the threat of the virus; she joined an NGO that performs aid of bioterrorism-related victims.

After parting from Leon in Raccoon City, she seems to contact him secretly and sent a message from Rockfort Island through a prison guard's PC. Claire was captured by Alexia in Antarctica when this took effect, and Chris' rescue of Claire was successful. Also, after that, her bond with Leon continued and they met again in 2005.


17 years old at the time of 1998. Height 173cm, weight 67.5kg and blood type of AB. He was imprisoned in the private prison on Rockfort Island but took advantage of the raid by someone and succeeded in escaping from the prison. He met Claire, who escaped at the same time, and aimed to escape from the island with her.

The background on why Steve became a prisoner is that his father was a minor Umbrella office worker, and had betrayed Umbrella. Steve's father was going to sell inside information on Umbrella for a small amount of money, and as punishment, was captured with his family. Steve's mother was murdered as a warning.

The irrational death of his mother implanted a distrust of his father and other people in Steve. Nevertheless, he couldn't truly hate his father and quietly shed tears after killing his father, who became a Zombie himself.

Steve was initially cautious of Claire as a companion, but he was gradually attracted to her strength and beauty and began to be more affectionate. He became a monster after being administered t-Veronica, and attacked Claire at Alexia's command, but his consciousness remained and he defied the command and protected Claire at the last moment and died.

In addition, Steve's corpse was taken from the Antarctic as a precious sample by Wesker, who desired t-Veronica.

*DIRECTOR'S VOICE (Yasuhiro Seto)
When talking about "Game of Oblivion", the story of the Burnside family can't be excluded. Although it's believed that Steve liked his father in essence, his mother was killed due to his father's failure and he may have truly hated him. But since I think "love" and "hate" are two sides of the same feeling in boyhood, I think Steve may have loved his father even though he spoke ill of him with his mouth.
Steve regained his consciousness after becoming a monster, but this meaning of "opposing the virus' control through will power" is very important. Although Steve was unfortunately killed, the fact that he could maintain his will even when invaded by the virus led to the existence of Manuela in "Operation Javier."


25 years old at the time of 1998. Height of 191cm, weight of 80.5kg, and blood type is O. Claire's older brother, he is an honest and strong-minded character like his younger sister. He has a very strong sense of justice and does not hesitate to go against orders in order to carry out his righteousness.

Chris was a member of S.T.A.R.S., but came to investigate the Umbrella Corporation and its connection with the virus during the Mansion Incident in July that year, and he made his way to Europe at the time of the Raccoon City destruction in September.

Afterwards, Chris' whereabouts were unknown and with the efforts of Leon, he was informed that Claire was captured on Rockfort Island. However, Claire had already escaped with Steve when Chris arrived at the island. Chris learned that the destination of the seaplane which the two boarded was the Antarctic, and he set out for the Antarctic in pursuit of his younger sister.

Chris infiltrated the Umbrella Antarctic Laboratory and obtained information on t-Veronica in the process of searching for Claire. After his reunion with Claire, he and Claire fought with Alexia and defeated her in order to prevent the spread of the virus.

By the way, in "Game of Oblivion", Chris wears a former S.T.A.R.S. uniform. He sneaked it out when he was discharged and seemed to wear it with respect to his comrades who died in the Mansion Incident.


NOSFERATU (page 039)

The unknown life form Nosferatu was confined to a cell beneath the Antarctic Laboratory. It was the result of a human that couldn't adapt with t-Veronica; the sixth generation head of the Ashford family and father of Alexia and Alfred, Alexander Ashford, was used as the host.

Alexander, a mediocre virus researcher, caused the Ashford family's fame built by his predecessor Edward to go to ruin in his lifetime. He aimed to revive the Ashford family and drew up the "Veronica Project" in order to produce an artificial genius using the genes of the first family head, Veronica Ashford, who was declared to be a genius. He transplanted her genes into the unfertilized egg of a surrogate mother and manipulated the factor controlling intelligence, giving birth to Alexia and her brother Alfred.

In Alfred, intelligence was a little higher than average men, but Alexia was a genius reminiscent of the first family head Veronica, granting Alexander's wish. However, after being considered as a t-Veronica test subject by the siblings who grew up with vicious hearts and being utterly transformed into Nosferatu by them, he was confined underground in the Antarctic Laboratory since 1983, for no less than 15 years.

When Alexia, charmed by t-Veronica, decided to inject herself with the virus, Alexander noticed that the "Veronica Project" was a huge failure and decided she was a dangerous existence to humanity. Alexander foresaw a worst case scenario and secretly developed the Linear Launcher, deploying it in the control room of the Antarctic Laboratory.


27 years old at the time of 1998. 175cm tall, 54.3kg in weight. She was born into the world with her twin brother Alfred due to her father Alexander's "Veronica Project."

Alexia demonstrated talent from childhood and at 10 years old she was appointed as chief research scientist of the Umbrella Antarctic Laboratory. Afterwards, she successfully developed t-Veronica and collected data by using her father Alexander as a test subject. She discovered a method of adapting to the virus without any unreasonableness and injected her body. Then in order to adapt to the virus she entered a cryogenic sleep for 15 years in the Antarctic Laboratory.

She awoke from her cryogenic sleep completely adapted with t-Veronica and acquired the power to turn her blood into flames. Although she planned to rule all living things on the earth with t-Veronica's power, she died due to the Linear Launcher left by her father and the strenuous efforts of Claire and Chris.

Alexia had astounding intelligence but a cold-blooded personality lacking in human emotion. All those other than herself were merely experiment material and when Steve, who she injected with t-Veronica, opposed her command, she murdered him without hesitation. Even her brother Alfred, who loved and protected his younger sister as she slept, she killed without hesitation when she considered him of no use.


t-Virus Series Creatures
These creatures are born due to direct infection to the t-Virus or by secondary infection after eating infected plants or animals. They are a factor that causes large-scale biohazards by attacking other living things on instinct.

t-Virus Series B.O.W.
A Bio Organic Weapon (生物兵器) is produced from plants or animals, including humans, using the t-Virus. Although every classification is different, some have the intelligence to follow commands.

Test Subjects/Mutants Due to Virus Injection
A creature group born as a result of being administered the t-Virus for various reasons, including B.O.W. research, retaliation against opposing factions, etc. Like the Licker, there are some cases of Zombies mutated further with a virus.

G-Virus Series Creatures
Born through infection with the G-Virus. It is a new species of life form in which self-evolution and breeding are possible, unlike t-Virus Series Creatures which are only single generation. Very few confirmed individuals remain, probably because its uncontrollable aspect is huge.

t-Veronica Series Creatures
Born through infection with t-Veronica. The manifestation of the powers of t-Veronica is not constant and each individuals will have different abilities, Alexia was able to manipulate the power of flames, V-Complex specialized in the control of plants, etc.

ZOMBIE (page 048)

Humans infected with the t-Virus and mutated due to the virus' effects. Although they were originally only a by-product of t-Virus research, such as the Improved Zombie, since the infection zone of the t-Virus in Raccoon City was explosively expanded, mediated by water and rodents, it became a situation in which many people present in the city area were infected and a large amount of Zombies were generated.
Generally their athletic ability is low and a single Zombie lacking intelligence doesn't pose much of a threat. In addition, there are those that think dealing with them is easy since there is a "weak point" to stop activity by destroying the head.
Since Zombies are active with their repetitive, rapid metabolism, they always desire energy and wander in quest for human flesh. People bitten by a Zombie will be infected with the t-Virus and become a Zombie, the result being exponential multiplication; one Zombie to two, two to four, a giant cycle with a big population will be driven to destruction in a short time.
In addition, it is also confirmed that Zombies further eroded by the t-Virus, such as the Crimson Head confirmed in the Mansion Incident due to the "V-ACT Effect", have the possibility to possess ferocity and agility.

ZOMBIE DOG (page 051)

A Doberman trained in the Raccoon Police Department and Rockfort Island, zombified after ingesting food infected with the t-Virus. Rotting of its skin is advanced by the t-Virus making it visually ugly, however its athletic abilities were not damaged and its brutality greatly increased. In addition, the thing named Cerberus developed as a B.O.W. is distinguished from the Zombie Dog.

CROW (page 051)

After crows ingested animals and plants infected with the t-Virus, they were zombified via secondary infection. Many infected individual crows act collectively and have a habit of regurgitating prey in isolated areas and accelerating proliferation of the t-Virus.
Crows infected with the t-Virus have increased brutality considering any living humans as prey and actively attack. Their original habits strongly remain and they accordingly never leave their territory, but attention is necessary for prey when lost in their territory as they swarm to attack as a group.


Spiders excel in environmental adaptability no matter the area of activity and in addition, as female spiders may produce a large quantity of Little Spiders, spiders were actively researched as a B.O.W. host as a medium to spread the virus. There have been many kinds confirmed in activity areas; there is the Web Spinner applied in the Mansion Incident, the Jumping Maneater purchased by Javier and the Black Widow deployed on Rockfort Island.
In addition, some creatures that use spiders as the host also exist such as the Giant Spider confirmed in Raccoon City and its off-spring, the Little Spiders, and it seems they were accidentally born due to secondary infection of the t-Virus.
In a situation where the virus could be spread indiscriminately, maximum effectiveness as a weapon can be expected. In addition, they are cheap compared to other B.O.W.s and are particularly popular with illegal organizations which can't have formal armed forces.
Faults of spider-type B.O.W.s include that complete control cannot be performed as intelligence is low. As a typical example of failure, a Black Widow due to be transported from the Umbrella Antarctic Laboratory escaped and adapted to the severe cold environment, breeding and making some of the personnel its victims.


The Giant Spider emerged in the sewer of Raccoon City. The spiders living in the sewer grew gigantic after being infected with the t-Virus flowing into the sewer, and they sneak up on prey without a sound and capture them, killing their target by lunging and biting it with venom.


The off-spring of the Giant Spider. It is usually inside the womb of the female but jumps out when danger approaches the parent. Although combat capability per one is low, it can be said that they are hated when attacking together in dozens of groups.


A kind of B.O.W. using a spider as the host, it has a hairless characteristic. It was deployed to Rockfort Island to serve as training of the Umbrella Security Service and data collection on the Black Widow itself.


A B.O.W. improved for hot and humid climates with a South American spider as the host. Javier purchased and released it into the village of Mixcoatl.

In the beginning, this creature was supposed to be named "South American Spider", but because its prototype is different, and we know a giant spider called "Jumping Spider" which lives on the birds in the South American jungle, we eventually decided to name it "Jumping Maneater."


The Giant Moth in the Raccoon City Underground Laboratory and the Moth in the Antarctic Laboratory respectively were creatures bred and kept as research subjects, then born after being infected with the t-Virus. A common characteristic of the Giant Moth and Moth is the point that the toxicity of their phosphorus powder was strengthened to a fatal level. In addition, they have a property in which the Baby Moth, the larva of the Giant Moth, and the Parasite, the larva of the Moth, attack other living things.


A moth for experiments that grew abnormally under the influence of the t-Virus and escaped from the Umbrella research facility. Development of its wings did not catch up with its enlarged body and it could fly at low altitudes only for a short time.


A larva of the Giant Moth. Since it has a habit of gathering around warm objects, approaching humans are considered targets. It usually crawls around on walls and when it discovers prey, it uses its entire body as a spring to throw itself at it.


A moth for experiments kept in the Umbrella Antarctic Laboratory. Like the Giant Moth, it achieved abnormal growth under the influence of the t-Virus. If a living thing approaches around its nest, it kills them by making them breathe in its toxic phosphorus power and also has a habit of laying eggs on the creature's abdomen.


The larva of the Moth. After hatching from the egg laid on a host, it quickly grows using dead flesh as nutrition. If it grows beyond a certain point, it will jump on living things passing nearby that it wants as its next host and parasitize them.


Bats mutated through secondary infection by ingesting insects and plants infected with the t-Virus. Ferociousness increases due to the virus and auditory perception capability becomes extremely sharp. In addition, their feeding habits change to carnivorous and blood-sucking. Although they are dangerous when working together in groups, they are nocturnal like the original bat and aren't active at either daytime or bright places.
Surface changes aren't seen so much in the Bat of Rockfort Island, but in regards to the South American Bat, the virus' influence is significantly evident on its head and ears. In addition, the creature size enlargement phenomenon due to the t-Virus has been confirmed in bats with a sighting report of an individual in the Arklay Mountains called the Infected Bat which had a wing-span of up to three meters.


A bat infected with the t-Virus scattered on Rockfort Island which increased its ferociousness. Through its sharpened hearing, it can hear human footsteps and attacks in groups. After tearing off the skin with its fangs, it sucks blood and continues until prey is dried up.


A bat infected secondarily after absorbing the honey of flowers contaminated by the t-Virus. Its features are its swelled head, drooped ears and protruding blood vessels. Like the bat seen on Rockfort Island, they form groups upon seeing other living things and attack them.


The ant is an insect with high breeding potential, superior environmental adaptability and aggressiveness towards other creatures, and was very attractive as a B.O.W. base. However, since intelligence did not develop to the extent they could be controlled as a result of mutation by the t-Virus, the risks when they go out of control were huge and weaponization was shelved. But a situation happened which caused a stir. It was the development of t-Veronica in which queen ant genes were incorporated.
The queen ant genes contained in t-Veronica made it so that ants administered t-Veronica gained a property making them subservient to a higher existence. For example, the ants bred in the Antarctic Laboratory completely followed the commands of the queen, Alexia, by making a nest in the "Alexia Pod" plant growing in the lower section of the control room. In addition, the South American Ants produced by Javier also came to have a similar property.
However, there is still a fatal problem to use ants as a B.O.W. Since it's necessary to adapt to t-Veronica over a long period of time in order to have powers like Alexia, a commander can't be prepared easily. But if this problem is solved, it may be enough for ant-type B.O.W.s to be deployed in actual combat.


As part of t-Veronica research, Alexia injected t-Veronica into ants. They became gigantic under the virus' influence and the power of their large jaw is so strong that they can easily injure humans.


Javier injected ants inhabiting the South American jungle with t-Veronica. Their natural aggressiveness was further increased and if they detect other living things, they attack indiscriminately. In addition, they have strong fertility and became a source of severe virus infection.

ALLIGATOR (page 058)

A large creature appearing in the garbage dump in the Raccoon City underground. Its frame grew gigantic under the influence of the t-Virus and its length amounted to about 10m. An alligator kept as a pet got mixed in with the sewage and it's believed that it was infected with the t-Virus from food and water in the garbage dump. There's no witness information regarding whether this individual is a unique example of infection.
Although originally an alligator is characteristically more docile compared to a crocodile, this individual became brutal under the t-Virus' influence. In addition, it seems to have a habit of distinguishing food by biting and even bites into gas bombs which are lumps of iron.

LARGE ROACH (page 058)

Cockroaches mainly inhabiting the sewers of Raccoon City that became gigantic under the influence of the t-Virus. They are large extending to 40cm long and even prey on rodents. The species' original phenomenal breeding capability was amplified by the virus and huge numbers of Large Roaches surround when something steps into their area of activity. Since they have a habit of going for soft parts when attacking prey, they fly from floors and walls when they discover humans and bite near the carotid arteries.

PIRANHA (page 059)

A monster created by administering the t-Virus to piranhas. This creature itself isn't a real B.O.W. but due to their terrifying attack power, they are used by Javier to execute traitors in his organization. As a result of virus infection they are able to survive out of water for a short time and will leap out to launch an attack once they find other creatures passing by. After Manuela ran away from him Javier flooded the whole village and let a number of Piranhas come in through the water. This is one of the reasons which finally caused the village's destruction.

LICKER (page 060)

The Licker is a human Zombie that has undergone further genetic mutation as the result of the t-Virus. Differing further from the "V-ACT Process", it's a completely different creature with an enlarged brain and newly formed muscular structure. A Raccoon City police officer came up with the name. After seeing its very long tongue, he gave it the name "Licker" (one who licks). There is also a Licker variant called the "Improved Licker" which combines the naturally occurring Licker with a B.O.W. to increase aggressiveness and endurance.
The Licker has completely lost the sense of sight as is obvious from its outward appearance. It instead relies on enhanced hearing ability to hunt its prey according to the small sounds they make. It uses its abnormally developed leg strength to stick to ceilings and launch attacks on victims from unexpected angles.


A genetically mutated Zombie discovered in the Raccoon Police Department. It is named for its long tongue, which sticks out and is used to peel the skin off its victims. One characteristic of its bone structure mutation is that it generally walks on four legs.


Umbrella researchers noticed the Licker's extreme mobility and intentionally created this creature based on an Improved Zombie. Compared to a Licker it has greatly enlarged front legs and black-blue skin.


A B.O.W. product produced by Umbrella through repeated genetic manipulation on several insects and administration of the t-Virus, with a nearly 2 meters large body and huge sickles with high capability for killing and wounding and a low level of intelligence, considered a fault of an insect-type B.O.W. Since they lacked practicality as a weapon they were intended to be disposed of, but some were leaked to Javier's organization as a cheap B.O.W.

GULP WORM (page 061)

A Bio Organic Weapon based on an earthworm produced with gene manipulation and administration of the t-Virus. The B.O.W. is still in the prototype stage and it was also used in the Rockfort Island training center for the training of the Anti-B.O.W. Countermeasure Service, and combat tests were repeated.
It is carnivorous and has a huge mouth and digestive organs that allow it to devour prey the size of humans, and it is able to sense prey underground with smell then forcefully jump out from deep underground and swallow a target.

IVY / POISON IVY / IVY+YX (page 062 - 063)

B.O.W. Development Chart of the Ivy Series

      Plant 42
  B.O.W. Practical Application
  Plant 43 (Ivy)   ---------------------------------------------------
           |                                                           | 
Enhanced Prototype                            
P-Epslion Gas 
   Human DNA                          
                 Poison Ivy

      Ivy Y+X                                               


When the t-Virus leak accident occurred in the Arklay Laboratory, the virus infected a plant in the dormitory and a monstrously huge carnivorous plant was born. After analysis the plant was named "Plant 42" and after successful miniaturization through selective breeding, gained independent walking ability and became a B.O.W. named "Plant 43", known as Ivy.
The Ivy has high environmental adaptability and can absorb and adapt to harmful substances around it. As an example, in a short time it adapted to the toxic "P-Epsilon gas" and an individual named "Poison Ivy" able to exhale toxic discharge itself was ascertained.
As for faults of the Ivy series, movement speed is slow and because its body is a plant, it's vulnerable to fire. Increasing its resistance to fire was quickly given up due to the body problem, however a proposal to improve its movement speed was submitted several times and led to the development of the "Ivy +YX."
By combining the Ivy with human genes, huge improvement was observed in the endurance, offensive ability and mobility of the Ivy +YX. However, mass-production was shelved as sufficient capabilities couldn't be demonstrated in any environments other than warm climates. Afterwards, several Ivy +YX prototypes ended up in the hands of Javier and were used as substitutes for guard dogs in his private residence.


The Ivy absorbed the "P-Epsilon gas" and the bud portion discolored purple. Although the "P-Epsilon gas" was developed as a weapon to weaken B.O.W. resistance, the Ivy's environment adaptability exceeded the effect of the gas, and the Poison Ivy was produced as a result.


This mysterious prototype plant was created by Umbrella by incorporating human genes with the goal of improving the Ivy's mobility. The lower half of its body is formed in a shape similar to that of a human and movement speed is increased compared to the regular Ivy.

Personally, the Ivy is one of my favorite creatures in the series. Imagine an immobile plant, which is at the lowest level of the food chain, now able to move and hunt other creatures, isn't it amazing?

HUNTER II / SWEEPER / HUNTER γ (page 064 - 065)

B.O.W. Development Chart of the Hunter Series

   Hunter α
   Hunter β
            |                                                                   | 
Amphibian Subspecies Series                        Data leaked to
                                                               opposing organization 
            |                                                                   |
 Hunter γ                                                    Hunter II
                                                                Enhanced Toxic Type

The Hunter is a B.O.W. product developed by Umbrella by inserting some genes primarily from reptiles into a fertilized human egg and administering the t-Virus. From the design stage it was developed to be able to track and kill specific targets with enough intelligence to accomplish simple commands, possessing extremely high aggressiveness, agility and jumping power. It was named Hunter since it left results from combat tests suitable for a "hunter."
In addition to the above-mentioned performance aspect, the Hunter α model attained practical use as a weapon in terms of cost and was mass-produced as a flagship Umbrella B.O.W., and later several variations were produced such as the Hunter β possessing improved agility, and the amphibian-based Hunter γ.
As a B.O.W. with a high degree of perfection, the Hunter attracted attention from organizations besides Umbrella, and Umbrella's opposing organization developed the Hunter II after development data was leaked by Wesker.
The Hunter II and its Sweeper subspecies achieved an enhanced degree of perfection as weapons in comparison with Umbrella's Hunter which attacks the area around a target indiscriminately.


It inherited the Hunter α's characteristics and the skin of its whole body is covered with scales. It approaches targets with quick movement and tears them with sharp claws on both hands. It was deployed to Rockfort Island in the raid operation by the organization Wesker belongs to.


An individual with a red body deployed simultaneously with the Hunter II. Its athletic abilities are heightened over the Hunter II and it's skilled at jumping abundantly to perform multilateral attacks. Since it was used to pursue targets the Hunter II missed, it was called Sweeper.


A Hunter subspecies based on amphibians developed by a European Umbrella laboratory. Instead of having a sharp perception ability for attacking targets, its vision degenerated. While sensitive to sunlight and dry air it demonstrated high capabilities in water and was purchased and used by Javier.

TYRANT T-103 / SUPER TYRANT (T-103 TYPE) / TYRANT (T-103 MASS PRODUCED TYPE) (page 066 - 067)

The Tyrant series was a humanoid B.O.W. aimed at being the "ultimate life form." After the failure of the Proto Tyrant, the T-002 model was completed in the Arklay Laboratory with combat abilities worthy of the name "tyrant", and it was the prototype of the Tyrant series. Afterwards, the Tyrant T-103 model was developed with the same extraordinary combat abilities and became known in the weapons industry as a masterpiece B.O.W. with high intelligence and close human resemblance. In addition, the T-103 model could easily camouflage itself as a human and was used as the base of a custom model for the purpose of guarding VIPs.
After the Tyrant T-002, when the Tyrant series is on the verge of death, control of the t-Virus is completely disconnected and they become a "Super Tyrant" demonstrating greatly exceeded combat and regeneration abilities. This wasn't planned at the design stage and an artificial limiter was provided to stop them from going out of control, and as a result, the Tyrant's product value increased. In addition, in order to restrain becoming a Super Tyrant, it's been confirmed that all main Tyrants after the T-103 model were equipped with trenchcoats as the limiter.
The techniques provided by developing the Tyrant series were diverted to other B.O.W.s and its characteristics were inherited in the Nemesis-T Type, aimed at strengthening the control system with a parasitic organism, the Bandersnatch developed for the purpose of cost reduction and the Jabberwock S3 developed by Umbrella's opposing organization.


It was dropped into Raccoon City by Umbrella executive Sergei for the purpose of acquiring a G-Virus sample. It has a strong protective coat covering its entire body and is unacceptable as an imperfect weapon.


The state when the limiter of the Tyrant T-103 Type is removed. It's offensive strength and agility are greatly improved. In addition, regeneration ability is also strengthened and it can't be stopped unless weapons with power equal to heavy weapons or missiles are used.


The mass-production type of the Tyrant T-103 Type. It was brought to the island for training of the Umbrella Security Service and was used by Alfred. Because its limiter is removed from the beginning its nails are small in comparison to a Super Tyrant of the T-103 Type

LURKER (page 068)

In early B.O.W. research, the t-Virus was administered to various animals and plants seeking to find a host for virus adaptation. The Lurker is a frog-based B.O.W. created through that process.
The Lurker was not put to practical use as a weapon due to its low intelligence although its combat abilities met the standard. The phenomenon of intelligence failing to develop even if administered the t-Virus is common in amphibians, and like the Lurker, the Hunter γ has the same problem.

ANUBIS (page 068)

A new B.O.W. model produced by Umbrella as the next main B.O.W. after the Hunter series data began to leak and its development was cancelled. The name Anubis comes from the Egyptian God.
Insect genes were incorporated with a bat and in order to maintain the strength of its physique, its digestive organs were removed and it is thoroughly lightweight. With extraordinary agility and jumping power, it's able to move quickly on vertical surfaces or ceilings and uses its claw-like nails to skillfully and fiercely attack from there.

*DIRECTOR'S VOICE (Yasuhiro Seto)
The most interesting thing in an on-rail shooting game is watching your enemies jumping around in a 3D environment. A monster like this was finally created by combining the design notions of high speed and weight reduction.


A prototype humanoid B.O.W. developed from the Tyrant concept as a weapon with enhanced versatility. Since it's not assumed to disguise as a human in its prototype stage, it has a distorted form with a noticeably enlarged right arm.
Although the lower half of its body is degenerated, movement is possible by using its elastic right arm with excellent capability for pursuing a target. However, because the left arm has disappeared, the head which is the weak point of a humanoid B.O.W. must be covered only with the right arm, giving it a significant disadvantage of a poor balance between attack and defense.

JABBERWOCK S3 (page 069)

A prototype B.O.W. developed by Umbrella's opposing organization. Much influence of the Umbrella B.O.W. Bandersnatch can be seen in its body. It has an ugly appearance but understands commands and has intelligence allowing it to accomplish missions under various situations.
Its sickle-shaped arms were achieved by reinforcing it with t-Veronica and they boast strength with the same intensity as steel, able to block bullets. In addition, protection of the head, a fault of the Bandersnatch, was realized by taking a stance which wraps its whole body using the three arms.

*DIRECTOR'S VOICE (Yasuhiro Seto)
Our primary idea on designing this creature was to create a super tough monster that would approach its prey slowly. However, considering the balance on gameplay, we had to keep adjusting its attacking behavior. We decided to make its appearance as ugly as the U-3 in "biohazard 4", so we put some figures from that monster on this one.


When the G-Virus developed by Dr. William is administered, it creates cells in the host's body. These G-Cells fuse with the cells of the host, eroding flesh while rearranging its anatomy causing it to mutate and evolve into an unheard of life-form. A G-Organism born this way is known by the common name "G" and unlike t-Virus creatures that live only for a single generation, the landmark characteristics of G include self-evolution and reproductive ability.
G breeding is performed by implanting embryos proliferated in its body into other creatures. In this case, G tends to instinctively search for hereditary close relatives as a normal G is more likely to be born when the genetics of the host are close to the target creature.
Like the t-Virus, which has a vaccine, a vaccine for the G-Virus also exists named "DEVIL." However, if the fusion between the host and the G-Cells progresses from a fixed stage, it will be ineffective and difficult to control the G-Virus. In addition, the unpredictable evolution G carries out doesn't give it the stable performance demanded from a weapon. For that reason, B.O.W. research mainly involving the G-Virus is in a frozen state.


The result of G-Virus developer Dr. William Birkin. It may be called "G-Birkin" to distinguish it from other G-Organism. A huge eye, a feature of a G-Organism, has formed in the part of its greatly bulging right arm.


The erosion of the virus advanced and the unique organs of a G-Organism have begun to develop. The skeleton and surface of the body tissue have greatly changed and huge nails have lengthened on the right arm. As a G-Organism, a new brain was formed and most of William's head has been buried.


The form in which William's body tissue and the G-Virus have completely united and evolved into a perfect G-Organism. With the development of supporting arms, his arms have increased to four and two have moved to his back. The muscular tissue of his lower body developed and became able to make very quick movements.


The form in which G, near the end of its life, mutated to its next form while over-compensating. Its bipedal form has become a form with its weight supported by four legs, and its athletic capabilities have improved further. Its large chin, in which the head and chest have unified, crunches its poor victims without mercy.


A form in which during the process of over-compensating, it absorbed various creatures and further increased its physical mass. Its body, similar to a lump of flesh, is very soft and it's possible for it to invade small spaces such as a train very softly. Its reason is completely lost and it swings claws and teeth around for raw food randomly.


If a creature implanted with an embryo by G has little genetic closeness to G, the G cells cause dramatic rejection and as a result it will evolve into an imperfect creature called a "G Adult Organism."
When normal G cells are unable to fuse with a host, a G Adult Organism is born after destroying the host's body from within, and repeats pseudo-replication. Therefore, from the moment it is born it has none of the host's features and transforms into an extremely distorted appearance. Although there are few samples and its detailed ecology is unknown, it is confirmed to produce a small creature called a "G Young Organism" in its body.


A G Adult Organism confirmed in the Raccoon Police Department. The G Adult Organism born from Chief Brian has an enlarged left arm and a huge eyeball, a characteristic of a G-Organism. It moves while vomiting G Young Organisms around from its mouth.


A small creature produced by the G Adult Organism. It is carnivorous and crawls on the ground and when it senses creatures coming close, it throws its entire body like a spring. Although it is clear that it doesn't have the ability to reproduce like G, it's not yet confirmed if a G Young Organism continues to grow or how it will evolve.

MONSTER STEVE (page 073)

When Alexia administered t-Veronica to Steve, he failed in the symbiosis with the virus and transformed into this form. His skin was discolored green and his spine rose greatly. With abnormally developed muscular tissue, he was able to lightly wield a huge axe with superhuman strength and amazing durability, and his legs were able to jump several meters at once.
In the administration experiment on Alexander, t-Veronica rapidly eroded the infected cells and was also proven to erode brain cells. Steve's case was no exception, after becoming a monster he lost his reason and sense of self. However, due to the t-Veronica characteristic of obeying a higher being, he obediently followed the commands of the biological mother, Alexia.
Noticeably in Steve's case, he opposed the virus through will-power and defied Alexia's commands. The reason he escaped the virus' control is unknown but this case brought huge significance, and new possibilities of the virus are being explored.
In addition, the birth of Monster Steve played a huge role in B.O.W. development results. Steve's corpse was taken by Wesker to bring t-Veronica to a different organization than Umbrella, and it was used for the research and development of various B.O.W.s including the Jabberwock S3.


Alexia obtained t-Veronica's power due to a 15 year cryogenic sleep. She had strong plant-like skin and the power to turn her blood into hot flames. In addition, in relation to the tentacles set up underground, she was able to freely manipulate them with the symbiotic plant called the Alexia Pod bred in the basement of the control room, putting approximately the entire Antarctic Laboratory under her control. Moreover, Alexia also possessed the ability to self-evolve and successfully acquired the ability to produce soldier ants by uniting with the Alexia Pod. Furthermore when the Alexia Pod received fatal damage it was separated and she evolved into a flying form.
t-Veronica was born by fusing queen ant and plant genes into the t-Virus and is able to control low-ranking infected individuals like a queen, a significant advantage not present in other viruses. However, it rapidly ate into infected cells and also held a fault of destroying brain cells. Alexia devised a method of coexisting with the virus and maintaining consciousness by allowing the body to adapt to the virus in a long term, low temperature state. She administered the virus to her own body and achieved symbiosis with the virus due to cryogenic sleep.


The form after a long-term virus fusion, the power of the t-Veronica Virus is completely unleashed. The blood in her body starts to burn when it comes into contact with air and turns into terrible flames. Also, except the left side of her face and a small part of her body, a special plant-like skin covers Alexia. This skin holds extreme hardness and most gunfire can't harm her at all.


The form after fused with the Alexia Pod with a large oviduct at the bottom of the pod. Though she can't move she uses the tentacles and soldier ants released from the oviduct to attack enemies.


The form after pulling the oviduct out of the pod, she now has the ability to fly. Under this form, Alexia moves very fast and uses her blood fire to attack. If not using some special weapon, killing her is almost impossible.

NOSFERATU (page 076)

The 6th head of the Ashford family, Alexander Ashford, was injected with the t-Veronica Virus as a test subject by his daughter Alexia and finally mutated into a monster after a failed fusion with the virus. After that, Alexia locked him in the dungeon of the Antarctic Base. The researchers there could always hear its chilling cries from underground, so the name "Nosferatu" from Romanian myth was given to it.
Though the brain cells were completely destroyed by the virus, his memory about Alexia and Alfred still remains. Besides that it could also use metal buckets and a crane as weapons to attack, and this probably comes from fragments of its memory while it was human.
The arms and legs of Nosferatu were bound by many belts but it grew three appendages to compensate for them and help it to move. The appendages mutated into a form like sharp sickles it used as strong weapons. Moreover, its heart was exposed through its rib cage and when the venom generated in its body contacts with air, it becomes a poisonous gas after oxidation.


In order to cure Hilda's disease, Javier injected his wife the t-Virus but made her mutate into a giant monster in the end. Though not being a human again, when Hilda hears the Javier's voice and Manuela's song, she won't attack her husband and daughter. Her appetite is also very large due to her giant size. At ordinary times, Hilda always looks for her prey driven by hunger. Hilda's skin is very smooth like an amphibian and she also possesses webs on her feet. While hunting victims, she uses tentacles to attack or shoot up stings on her tail to poison them. Hilda likes to stay in water and though her size is very large, she can swim at an extremely high speed. Her movement on the ground is also very swift and she can jump up for several meters.


This is the form when Hilda moves in water. Under this form, she attacks by grabbing rocks and throwing them at enemies. In order to chase her daughter Manuela who ran away from him, Javier sent Hilda out to the village and made many villagers become this monster's food.


The second form of Hilda. Because of the extreme feeling of anger, part of her skin turned red as a reflection of her emotion. After the protective covering on her head and neck was broken down, part of her brain was exposed. In this form, she can spew poison from her mouth and anything that gets touched will be heavily damaged.

*DIRECTOR'S VOICE (Yasuhiro Seto)
The Amazon jungle is the place where all sorts of terrible things gather. We designed Hilda's appearance after combining all of these fears. She has high mobility whether in water or on the ground, this stems from some amphibians such as the lungfish. In order to make her express emotions like a human, we made her eyes and skin be able to change colors alongside emotional changes. Hilda herself has some human emotions remaining, but they are hard to see outwardly. On the design of her appearance and ways of performance, we did put in a lot of time and energy.


Javier caused the Veronica Plant cultivated in his private residence's greenhouse to go out of control and the extreme life-form that was born absorbed surrounding organisms, including Javier. Moreover, the subordinate organisms produced from its body fly around it, and its huge legs are powerful weapons in themselves. There is a spore sac in its abdomen and when this explodes, spores are scattered and cause all surrounding plants to mutate into Veronica Plants.
Unlike the t-Virus or G-Virus, the true fear of t-Veronica is in evolving and propagating while absorbing surrounding ecosystems. Since its diffusion speed is fast and effective, there are few actions able to be taken and it could be said that, in a sense, it's the most dangerous virus.
Since it was the severely cold Antarctic in Alexia's case, t-Veronica's proliferation capability was controlled to some extent. But as the virus can become active under high temperatures and humidity and transform surrounding ecosystems, it became dangerous in Javier's case. If the V-Complex remains active, it's believed that approximately 60% of the Amazon will be contaminated within 48 hours due to the birth of a "Veronica Ecosystem." It's thought that a Veronica Ecosystem would cause the worst biohazard by absorbing surrounding creatures without limits and continuing to spread.

DIRECTOR'S VOICE (Yasuhiro Seto)
Since the spread of a biohazard was to occur at the end of "Operation Javier", I had it built up as a symbol of a virus itself. Because it's said that a virus itself has a rather mechanical and very mysterious form when viewed under an electron microscope, I asked for a form to be designed to transmit that image somehow.
Moreover, since I wanted to convey a strong concept by way of a huge sense of fear, its appearance scene had to feel like the sky was covered. When deciding its appearance scene, various ideas were proposed to touch the likes of "premonition of conflict" or air plants, and I showed the various ideas and annoyed Mr. Designer.


The figure in which the Veronica Plant fused with Javier and surrounding organisms and became gigantic. Javier fit into the part believed to be its head and controls the virus' power while retaining his sense of self.
Through fusing with the Veronica Plant, Javier turned himself into a monster which can absorb everything around into its body. Under this form, Javier can control the power of the virus to slaughter his enemies, and his head is covered by a hard mutated crust.


The state, with the hind leg destroyed, from which Javier became enraged and further released t-Veronica's power. The virus began to go out of control and absorbed the body of Javier settled in its head, and acted as a monster out of even Javier's control.
After one of the legs was destroyed, an enraged Javier further unleashed the virus' power. Because the virus was out of control, Javier's head was exposed from the body of the V-Complex, and he made it become an uncontrollable and raging monster.


A part of the V-Complex that attacked Leon and the others in the warehouse of Javier's private residence. Specifically, it's the tip of a forelimb and you can imagine the body's tremendous size. It brandishes tentacles and catches creatures which it then attempts to absorb into its own body, and can also spit out a toxic solution from the tips of its tentacles.

T.O.F.U. (page 080)







OTHER PRODUCTS (page 171-172)





The "BIOHAZARD" series that produced many products is listed below. Here, we introduce the truth of the story that can be seen throughout the series in the form of a chronology. Among the chronological table, the bold-faced item is the incident described in this product "Darkside Chronicles." In addition, the abbreviation at the end of each item describes the product name.

"BIOHAZARD" List of Series Products


Released March 22, 1996 (PlayStation Version)
The memorable first product. The Survival Horror where members Chris and Jill of the Special Forces S.T.A.R.S. confront fear to solve the consecutive bizarre murder cases in the mansion in the mountains. This incident is commonly called the "Mansion Incident." It was later ported to the Sega Saturn and PC, and elements were added and partly changed in "BIOHAZARD Director's Cut" and the GameCube version "biohazard" used as a full remake were released and won favorable reception.


Released January 29, 1998 (PlayStation Version)
The second series product. The story in which Claire, the younger sister of the main character from "BH1" and rookie police officer Leon plan to escape from Raccoon City where a virus leak accident occurred after the Mansion Incident. By adopting the new "Zapping System", the player was able to follow each story of Claire and Leon. It was later ported to many hardware such as the PC, Dreamcast, Nintendo 64 and GameCube.


Released September 22, 1999 (PlayStation Version)
The third series product. The story describing the escape drama of Jill who was investigating Umbrella in Raccoon City, set almost at the same period as "BH2." Many new systems were added, and the mini-game "THE MERCENARIES" which becomes familiar after this product can be played after clearing the original story. It was later ported to the Dreamcast and GameCube.


Released January 27, 2000 (PlayStation Version)
Becoming four products in total of the series, this is an extra edition with an action shooter system which is greatly different from the main volume. The story in which the main character who lost his memory aims to escape from Sheena Island where a virus leak accident occurred just like Raccoon City.


Released February 3, 2000 (Dreamcast Version)
The fourth main volume series product that was released to make use of the Dreamcast for the first time. A battle that unfolds on the stages of a solitary island in the distant sea Rockfort Island and Antarctica, the main character is Claire looking for her older brother Chris. A system was adopted by which the player character changes to Claire in the first half of the game, and changes to Chris in the second half. The "BIOHAZARD CODE:Veronica Complete Version" that added various elements was later released for the PlayStation 2, Dreamcast and GameCube.


Released November 8, 2001 (PlayStation 2)
A product which became an action shooter "GUN SURVIVOR" extra edition of the above-mentioned. As you can see from this title, the fundamental world-view is the same as the above-mentioned "BIOHAZARD CODE:Veronica", but there is no direct relation with the main volume series. In addition, before the PlayStation 2, an arcade version operated from July that same year.

biohazard 0 [BH0]

Released November 21, 2002 (GameCube)
The fifth product of the main volume series developed for the GameCube. The product which describes the activities of newcomer S.T.A.R.S. member Rebecca. This incident which strikes just before the Mansion Incident is called the common name "Ecliptic Express Incident." Introducing the assistant character of the first product as the leading role is like a lateral biography, but there is much information shown to supplement the mystery of the Umbrella Corporation connected with the whole series and other series products.


Released February 13, 2003 (PlayStation 2)
An extra product equaling 8 series products in total. It describes the sea-jacking case of the luxurious cruise ship Spencer Rain using the t-Virus theft in the beginning. It was introduced as an "extra edition" in the "GUN SURVIVOR" series, but the world-view is the same as the main volume series.


Released December 11, 2003 (PlayStation 2)
A product which describes the story of average citizens trying to escape from Raccoon City in the same time axis as the main volume series "BH2" and "BH3." The Internet was accessible and the cooperative play of two or more players was attained. "BIOHAZARD OUTBREAK FILE2" to which many new elements were added was released on September 9, 2004, it's another story which uses the same player characters.

biohazard 4 [BH4]

Released January 27, 2005 (GameCube Version)
The story where Leon who became a United States agent fights for the rescue of the President's daughter, becoming the sixth main volume series product. It is greatly different from the conventional series products at various points. For example, the old main enemies were zombies infected by a virus, and the new type of main enemy were humans controlled by a parasite. In addition many new systems were adopted, such as the camera always being behind the main character Leon when it was formerly fixed camera angles. It was ported to the PlayStation 2, Wii, PC, etc. In addition, as for Krauser who appeared in "BHDC", he appears for the first time in this product.


Released November 17, 2007 (Wii Version)
A new action shooter game, different from the "GUN SURVIVOR" series. The story is a historic summary of the main volume series products, and the scenarios of "BH0" "BH1" "BH3" could be relived. As a new addition, the scenarios provided also supplement the information between the main volume series, and the process of Umbrella's collapse from "GS4" to "BH4" becomes clear.


Publicly Shown October 18, 2008 (Movie)
A feature length movie. It is a story that describes the appearances of Leon and Claire who challenge the bioterrorism which occurs in the U.S. Midwestern Harvardville. Although it is not a game software, it can be called an important product which connects "BH4" of the main volume series to "BH5." As of Janurary 2010, it was released on each media of DVD, Blu-Ray and UMD.


Released March 5, 2009 (PlayStation 3 Edition, Xbox 360 Edition)
The seventh main volume series product. After Umbrella's collapse, bioterrorism with leaked biological weapons began to occur frequently all over the world. The story features Chris, who belongs to a counter bioterrorism force and challenges the bioterrorism that occurs in the African Kijuju Autonomous Zone. Although the basic system follows the previous product "BH4", many new systems are adopted including multiplayer between two people via online cooperative gameplay and top-and-bottom screen division. It was later ported to PC.

An aristocrat from a distinguished family, Edward Ashford, begins the search for the Progenitor Virus.

The world famous multimillionaire Lord Oswell E. Spencer requests architect George Trevor to design and build a mansion in the Arklay Mountains. [BH1]

Three people, Oswell E. Spencer, Edward Ashford and biochemist James Marcus discover the Progenitor Virus which causes mutations in the genes of various organisms.

The mansion (Spencer Mansion) and Arklay Laboratory are completed in the Arklay Mountains of the Raccoon City outskirts. The designer George Trevor is imprisoned for confidentiality then dies in the mansion. [BH1]

At Oswell E. Spencer's suggestion, Edward Ashford and James Marcus cooperate as three joint entrepreneurs to establish a company called the Umbrella Corporation. It was officially a pharmaceutical company but it used the Progenitor Virus to develop B.O.W.s and its true aim was to monopolize the military market.

Edward Ashford is infected with the Progenitor Virus and dies. His son Alexander takes over as head of the Ashford family. [CV]

The Umbrella Executive Training Center is established in the Arklay Mountains. James Marcus is first director. A laboratory is established alongside the training center and James Marcus continues research on the Progenitor Virus. [BH0]

Alexander Ashford constructs the Antarctic Base. A secret underground laboratory is established for the top-secret "CODE:Veronica" project. [CV]

Twin brother and sister Alfred and Alexia Ashford are produced by Alexander’s CODE:Veronica project. [CV]

Both Albert Wesker and William Birkin are assigned to the Umbrella Executive Training Center as executive candidates.

James Marcus successfully develops a new t-Virus strain by administering the Progenitor Virus to a leech. [BH0] [BH1]

Oswell E. Spencer schemes to steal James Marcus' research results and consequently t-Virus research is taken over by the Arklay Laboratory. [BH1]

Alexia Ashford graduates from a famous university at the age of 10. Her ability is recognized and she becomes chief research scientist at the Antarctic Laboratory. [CV]

Alexia Ashford incorporates insect and plant DNA with the Progenitor Virus and successfully develops a new virus strain, t-Veronica. [CV]

Alexia Ashford administers the t-Veronica Virus to her own father Alexander. The experiment fails, turning Alexander into the monster Nosferatu. He is then announced missing to the public. [CV]

Alfred Ashford succeeds as the 7th head of the Ashford family. [CV]

Alexia Ashford injects herself with the t-Veronica Virus. In order to perfectly fuse with the virus, she puts herself into cryogenic suspension for 15 years. She is announced dead to the public due to infection with the virus. [CV]

At Oswell E. Spencer's order Albert Wesker assassinates James Marcus, director of the Umbrella Executive Training Center. t-Virus development becomes led by William Birkin and the B.O.W. Tyrant is developed. [BH0]

The European Umbrella Sixth Laboratory sets the "Nemesis Project" in motion. Development begins on a new B.O.W. model overcoming the Tyrant's fault of control difficulty. [BH3]

Umbrella begins planning construction of a huge laboratory beneath Raccoon City and William Birkin's "G-Virus Project" is approved by Oswell E. Spencer and set into motion. [BH2]

Albert Wesker transfers to the Intelligence Division. He begins to be more deeply concerned with the darkside of Umbrella.

South American drug lord Javier Hidalgo obtains the t-Virus from Umbrella. On February 25, Javier's wife Hilda suffers from an incurable illness and the t-Virus is administered to her, but on May 20 the same year the virus goes out of control and she becomes a monster. [BHDC]

Alfred Ashford is inaugurated as the commander of the Umbrella base on Rockfort Island. [CV]

William Birkin transfers to the Raccoon City Underground Laboratory. He continues to conduct G-Virus research. [BH2]

Umbrella begins colluding with Raccoon Police Chief Brian Irons. [BH2]

The special operations unit S.T.A.R.S. is established by the Raccoon City police. Albert Wesker is inaugurated as captain. [BH1]


An accident occurs in the executive training center and a large quantity of pollutants leak out.


A large-scale virus leak accident occurs in the Arklay Laboratory. The laboratory is completely destroyed. [BH1]

-May ~ July

After B.O.W.s and similar naturally infected creatures escape from the laboratory, victims and missing persons occur in succession in the Arklay Mountains. They come to be recognized as frequent bizarre murder cases.

-July 23

S.T.A.R.S. Bravo Team is dispatched to investigate the bizarre murders and makes an emergency helicopter landing due to engine trouble. They investigate the Ecliptic Express and the abandoned Umbrella Executive Training Center and are attacked by B.O.W.s. Afterwards, only some survivors arrive at the mansion. [BH0]

-July 24~25
S.T.A.R.S. Alpha Team is dispatched to search for Bravo Team after communication is cut off. They are attacked by B.O.W.s and escape into the mansion but are further threatened by B.O.W.s and virus infected people inside. Eventually the mansion and Arklay Laboratory which were invaded by the virus are blown up and only a few members survived. [BH1]

Albert Wesker, who was believed to have died, is brought back from the dead by the effects of a new virus strain. He obtains the t-Virus and escapes the mansion. At this time, he was already planning to leave Umbrella and hid samples he obtained. [BHUC]

S.T.A.R.S. officer Chris Redfield, survivor of the Mansion Incident, goes to Europe for an investigation to uncover Umbrella's conspiracy.

-September 20
Dr. William Birkin is attacked by the Umbrella Security Service and injects himself with the G-Virus. The doctor becomes the organic weapon "G" and annihilates the special operations unit, and on this occasion the t-Virus from the laboratory leaks into the sewers. [BH2]

-September 23
The t-Virus leaked into the underground waterways is carried by rats and cockroaches and infects humans, and a biohazard occurs throughout Raccoon City. [BH2]

-September 26
Umbrella's private U.B.C.S. military unit is deployed to rescue Raccoon City civilians. They deal with annihilating the Zombies like the Raccoon City police but are completely destroyed and only a few remain. [BH3]

-September 28
S.T.A.R.S. officer Jill Valentine was conducting a solo investigation in the city and attempts to escape from the town. [BH3]

-September 29
In the evening, newly appointed police officer Leon S. Kennedy arrives in Raccoon City. Around the same time, Chris Redfield's younger sister Claire worries about her older brother who cut off communication and visits Raccoon City. The two join and aim to escape from the town. [BH2]

-September 30
Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield protect William Birkin's daughter Sherry and successfully escape from Raccoon City with the help of the agent Ada Wong who infiltrated the town and faked her identity. [BH2]

Umbrella Security Service survivor HUNK successfully obtains a G-Virus sample. He escapes from the town. Afterwards, the sample is handed to Umbrella. [BH2]

Although she was seriously injured and almost died Ada Wong sucessfully acquires the G-Virus and escapes from the town. The G-Virus is handed to her employer Albert Wesker. [BHUC]

The U.S. Army intervenes in the biohazard that spread throughout Raccoon City. Martial law is declared in the city.

-October 1
Jill Valentine and U.B.C.S. survivor Carlos Oliveira escape from the town. [BH3]

The United States government decides to execute the "Sterilization Operation." A missile strike on Raccoon City is carried out at the President's order and the town vanishes from the earth. [BH3]

Claire Redfield follows clues on her older brother Chris and infiltrates the Umbrella Paris Laboratory but is discovered and captured by Umbrella. [CV]

Claire Redfield is confined in the prison on Rockfort Island. At the same time a special operations force led by Albert Wesker attacks the island. The t-Virus leaks throughout the island. [CV]

Claire Redfield meets young man Steve Burnside who was also imprisoned in the concentration camp and they are attacked by the director Alfred Ashford, but cooperate and successfully escape the island. However at this time, they arrive at the Antarctic Base due to the auto-pilot on the seaplane they boarded. [CV]

Alexia Ashford is awakened from her cold sleep in the Antarctic Base by her older brother Alfred. [CV]

Chris Redfield arrives at the Antarctic Base to rescue his younger sister Claire. After an encounter with Albert Wesker he encounters the mutated Alexia Ashford. He defeats her and destroys the base. [CV]

Albert Wesker maneuvers secretly in the background taking advantage of the chaos in the Antarctic Base to obtain t-Veronica. [CV]

In relation to the tragic event at Raccoon City, there has been a movement for Umbrella to take full responsibility; however, because of the "Sterilization Operation" all evidence was lost and the movement is suffering.

Albert Wesker comes into contact with the South American drug lord Javier Hidalgo. He gives the t-Veronica Virus he obtained in the Antarctic Base to Javier Hidalgo, who administers it to his daughter Manuela. [BHDC]

U.S. authorities acquire information that Javier Hidalgo has obtained a virus. Agent Leon S. Kennedy and U.S. Army Special Operations Command soldier Jack Krauser are sent to infiltrate. [BHDC]

Although he successfully prevented Javier Hidalgo's bioterrorism, Jack Krauser is discharged from the military due to an injury during the operation. He is not heard from since. [BHDC]


The t-Virus is stolen from the Umbrella Paris Branch Development Laboratory. [GS4]

The Umbrella-owned luxurious passenger liner "Spencer Rain" is sea-jacked and serves as a stage of bioterrorism using the stolen t-Virus. A secret B.O.W. auction was conducted on the Spencer Rain by Umbrella for a revival but it loses many valuable samples and customers due to this terrorism. [GS4]

-February 18

The private anti-bioterrorism unit Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine belong to receives information that the Russian branch of Umbrella is developing a new B.O.W. and infiltrates the plant. [BHUC]

At the same time as Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine, Albert Wesker sneaks into the Russian branch facility to obtain top-secret data from the main computer "U.M.F.-013." Afterwards, he leaks information to the prosecution which filed the lawsuit against the Umbrella Corporation. [BHUC]

Concerning the biohazard in Raccoon City and its subsequent destruction, a business suspension order was issued to the Umbrella Corporation by the government. As a result, Umbrella's stock plummeted around the world and the Umbrella Corporation virtually collapsed. At this time, CEO Lord Oswell E. Spencer vanishes. He disappears to evade responsibility and afterwards goes missing.

The President's daughter Ashley Graham is kidnapped and Leon S. Kennedy visits a European mountain village to rescue her. He is then embroiled in an incident involving the Plaga parasite. In the middle, he meets Ada Wong and Jack Krauser again. [BH4]

The Plaga sample taken by Jack Krauser ends up in the hands of his employer Albert Wesker. [BH4]

2004 and hereafter
With Umbrella's collapse, biological weapons are passed into the hands of terrorists around the world and come to be abused in regional conflicts. [BH5]

In the airport of the American Midwestern town of Harvardville, a large-scale bioterrorism event occurs. Leon S. Kennedy is dispatched to resolve the incident where he reunites with NGO member Claire Redfield who is involved with the incident. [BHD]

The bioterrorism countermeasure unit "BSAA" organized by the Federation of Pharmaceutical Companies becomes an organization under the direct control of the United Nations.


Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine infiltrate the Spencer Estate. A fight with Albert Wesker occurs and Jill protects Chris and falls off the cliff. They aren't able to find her corpse or lost articles and she is officially declared dead on November 23. [BH5]

BSAA member Chris Redfield confronts bioterrorism in the Kijuju autonomous zone in Africa. [BH5]


Progenitor Virus

In the beginning, Edward Ashford was searching for an unknown virus able to induce evolution upon living things. But it seems his aristocrat friend Oswell E. Spencer considered its military use from the start. As a result, the Progenitor Virus was discovered from a kind of flower, a rare West African species.

Raccoon City

A city of approximately 100,000 people in the Midwestern United States. Other than the fact that the residents enjoy a high standard of living thanks to the factory of the massive Umbrella Corporation, it's like any other regional city, surrounded by mountains on four sides. At the same time the nearby Arklay Mountains are a popular spot for fans of outdoor activities and many people travel to the city to visit its football stadium. These unfortunate coincidences increased the number of victims of the series of incidents in 1998.

Umbrella Corporation

A multidiscipline pharmaceutical company established by three people; Spencer, Ashford and Marcus. Other than medicine, it has many ranges and also deals with products in cosmetics, food and unknown to the public it's also a military industrial enterprise developing Bio Organic Weapons through gene technology. In addition, the company name of "Umbrella" seems to have been placed to mean "protecting people under the umbrella of peace of mind."


Short for Bio Organic Weapon, one of Umbrella's main products. Making use of the Progenitor Virus to enhance the abilities of some creatures and control them for use as weapons. During early stages there were a lot of B.O.W.s under research but most of them became uncontrollable. More than half of the biohazard incidents related to Umbrella are caused by these creatures gone out of control. However, the Zombies and some gigantic monsters are not B.O.W.s, only unexpected mutated creatures infected by the leaked virus.


A new virus created from the Progenitor Virus for B.O.W. production. "t" is the initial of Tyrant. Infected cells are dramatically activated and afterwards serious necrosis is caused and in many cases the target's appearance becomes zombie-like. Since the necrosis also spreads in cerebral tissue, it was unsuitable for the manufacture of a practical B.O.W. in regards to control.


A new virus developed by Alexia Ashford. It was named after the founder of the Ashford family, Veronica. It differs from the t-Virus in that by fusing queen ant genes it could control low-level infected individuals like a queen. However, in order to draw t-Veronica's power and maintain intelligence fusion had to be gradually achieved over a long period of 15 years following virus injection through cryogenic sleep.

Nemesis Project

A new B.O.W. model development project advanced by the European Umbrella leadership in order to conquer the fault of control difficulty. The result of that research was NE-α. The B.O.W. Nemesis-T Type was manufactured from this parasite and was able to execute commands faithfully and with autonomous performance. At the time of Raccoon's collapse, the Nemesis-T Type was deployed by Umbrella aiming to destroy evidence of the incident and it attacked surviving S.T.A.R.S. officers, including Jill Valentine.


A new virus discovered by William Birkin. Since t-Virus test subject Lisa Trevor was administered the NE-α, a new factor she held was discovered and became the basis of the G-Virus. This virus produces a B.O.W. with abnormal regenerative ability but autonomous replication is possible in the form of using an embryo grown inside infected individuals to parasitize other victims. Moreover, it was intended to be studied as a biological weapon and also had a fault of being unable to become a G if the genotypes of the target individual were incompatible. In addition, a vaccine "DEVIL" existed.


Stands for "Special Tactics and Rescue Service," a special operations unit within the Raccoon Police Department. The unit was comprised of two teams, Alpha and Bravo, with six members on each team. While operating as a part of the city police department, the members were specialists recruited from the private sector and the unit was funded by investments from private companies, including Umbrella.

Ecliptic Express

The Ecliptic Express was a luxury train that travels through the Arklay Mountains. The popular train had a luxurious retro interior reminiscent of the famed Orient Express as well as first class cabins as nice as hotel rooms and a dining car equivalent to a three star restaurant. The biohazard incident at the Umbrella Executive Training Center came to be called the "Ecliptic Express Incident" due to the train's role in that incident. Since the train ran out of control in that incident and eventually reached the Umbrella Executive Training Center, it's believed that some or all of the Ecliptic Express line may have been secretly used by the Umbrella Corporation.


A mansion built in the Arklay Mountains by Oswell E. Spencer. This place was where S.T.A.R.S. officers who wandered inside attempted to escape during the biohazard stemming from the Umbrella Arklay Laboratory, later known as the "Mansion Incident." Although the aforementioned and the Ecliptic Express Incident are similar, the incidents reported by S.T.A.R.S. survivors were not generally trusted and it was shelved by those in collusion with Umbrella, no countermeasures could be found and a biohazard followed in the entire area of Raccoon City.

Farewell to Umbrella

Wesker seems to have communicated secretly with Umbrella's opposing organization. Though the name of this company is unknown it's clear that both Albert Wesker and Ada Wong belong to the organization. During his time as a trainee Wesker reported the carelessness of James Marcus' research management to his superior Spencer and it eventually developed into the situation of Marcus's assassination. At that time a distrust of Spencer was born and he decided on his parting.

Umbrella Security Service

As the so-called private police of the Umbrella Corporation, the Umbrella Security Service was responsible for not only guarding Umbrella executives and protecting laboratories but also took care of behind the scenes jobs that needed to remain secret. It's known that there were at least three teams, Alpha, Bravo and Delta, with several dozen members believed to be in each team. However, the team was largely wiped out with the destruction of Raccoon City, although HUNK, or "Reaper," managed to escape alive.


Short term for the Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service. It was organized as a corporate counter-terrorism measure for Umbrella and for biohazards in the company, including virus leaks. Its members are comprised mostly of mercenaries and among them there are also many ex-military veterans, and they have a strong implication as disposable troops for dangerous missions. More than 100 members were deployed in the Raccoon City incident but were wiped out except for Carlos Oliveira who cooperated with Jill Valentine.

Raccoon Police Department

The Raccoon Police Department protects Raccoon City. The department fought to protect the city in times of crisis, but because police chief Brian Irons had connections with Umbrella and took various actions to conceal evidence of incidents, the department ultimately met its demise without being able to operate effectively.

Paris Laboratory Infiltration

While this scene was cut from "BHDC", this infiltration scene served as the game intro in "CV." Incidentally, the scene in which a helicopter shoots at Claire is recreated as a homage in the movie "BIOHAZARD II Apocalypse," which features the same shooting scene with Alice played by Milla Jovovich.

Private Anti-Bioterrorism Unit

A special operations unit specializing in anti-bioterrorism that was organized due to financing from rival pharmaceutical companies of Umbrella. Its members know the darkside of Umbrella and most are direct or indirect victims of their evil experiments including some former S.T.A.R.S. members who escaped Raccoon City. In "BHUC", Chris and Jill appear as members of this unit.

Oswell E. Spencer's Disappearance

The then-healthy Russian branch of Umbrella was suspected in the disappearance of Lord Spencer, but he was actually thought to have gone into hiding in an estate that had been in the Spencer family for generations. The details of his fate are revealed in Wesker's flashback in BIOHAZARD 5.


The Plaga is a parasite that inhabited a mountain village in Europe. It inhabited this particular area for a long time and hadn't coincided with humans for a very long time. But a religious group called Los Illuminados released it in order to gain control of the village. They also conducted advanced research and finally created Bio Organic Weapons equal to an Umbrella B.O.W. in power. A person infected by the Plaga is called a Ganado and although the person shows abnormal aggressiveness, they don't seem to lose their memory or intelligence. Therefore, it can be said that the Plaga is more efficient as a biological weapon than a virus-based one. Krauser was injured in "BHDC" and lost sight of his future and later became fascinated with the power that the Plaga possesses.


Short for Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance. It was formed by financing from the Federation of Pharmaceutical Companies to oppose bioterrorism which occurred with the leak of biological weapons caused by Umbrella's collapse. Eleven people including Chris and Jill were founding members and are called the "Original Eleven." As of 2005 it's grown to be a public organization of the United Nations with branches in every corner of the world.

Glossary (page 186-189)


Abbreviation of Bio Organic Weapon (living biological weapon). Various B.O.W.s appear in the series productions, such as those that Umbrella developed and successfully commercialized, those which went out of control in the middle of development and didn't result in commercialization, and those developed by companies and organizations other than Umbrella. B.O.W.s which appear in "BHDC" include the Anubis, which Javier purchased from Umbrella, and the Jabberwock S3 that was purchased from Wesker's organization. In addition, with other series productions, B.O.W.s created through methods other than viruses also exist, such as those produced by the Plaga parasite in "biohazard 4", and the Plaga Type 2 which appears in "BIOHAZARD 5."


"G" creatures breed by implanting embryos into other organisms, this is the name of the G-Virus vaccine developed to suppress the mutation of these embryos. It seems it was developed in conjunction with the G-Virus by William Birkin, creator of the G-Virus, and his wife Annette Birkin. In the game, in order to save Sherry who was implanted with an embryo and infected, it is obtained in the P-4 level laboratory at the bottom of the Umbrella laboratory in the Raccoon City underground. Although the effect of the vaccine was dramatic and Sherry recovered because little time was wasted, it's said to be ineffective if the infection level of the embryo is not in an early stage. In addition, although it had an effect which stopped the embryo's growth, in reality, the G-Virus wasn't completely driven out of Sherry's body and she is protected by the U.S. government as a carrier of the G-Virus.


The base action of the G-Virus is to mutate infected humans into "G" creatures with abnormal offensive strength and resilience. Appearing in "BIOHAZARD 2" and "biohazard DEGENERATION", it's described as only being transmitted through injection syringes and oral ingestion, and it's unknown whether someone can be infected through a different form. In the game, the G-Organism implants other humans with an embryo which can be seen as a course of breeding or parasitizing rather than infection. On this occasion, if there are few genetic differences between the original G-Organism and the parasitized host, reproducing a perfect form is possible, therefore William who became a G-Organism in BIO2 instinctively pursued his daughter Sherry. In addition, in the case of Curtis Miller who transformed into a G in "DEGENERATION", he ignored the fighting of the commandos and there was a scene where he tried to attack his younger sister Angela who appeared there. When the host parasitized by an embryo is genetically incompatible the embryo grows as an incomplete clone of the original G-Organism and breaks through the host's body, birthing a G Adult Organism. In addition, although the G Adult Organism attacks and spits out G Young Organisms from its mouth, these young organisms don't have reproductive or procreative capabilities and are creatures limited to a single generation.


A member of the Umbrella Corp. Security Service. Since he always returns alive from severe situations in which his unit is completely destroyed, he has the nickname "Grim Reaper HUNK." He is from the Rockfort Island training facility which becomes the stage of "Game of Oblivion", and in the Raccoon City Destruction Incident he obtained a G sample from the underground waterways and escaped after William Birkin became G. His only appearances in the series in the past are in a hidden scenario and hidden battle modes after clearing the main story, but he is able to use a skill called "execution" to defeat enemies with a single blow, and his combat abilities are considerably high. It could be said that he is the strongest among the human characters in the series.


P-4 Level Laboratory



A virus holding an important significance in the series. After being injected into Alexia the t-Veronica Virus gradually became stable in her body and was called "t-Alexia" by Albert Wesker. As for the t-Veronica Virus administered to Manuela in this title, it's the virus extracted from the body of Steve who was infected by Alexia. Compared with the prototype, it's very possible that the properties of this t-Veronica Virus has changed greatly.


The virus serving the most appearances in the BIOHAZARD series. It was said it "wasn't suitable to produce a practical B.O.W.", but this talk was restricted to the first t-Virus. Various improvements were applied later and by performing various adjustments after infection, it's come to produce ones superior enough as weapons. It could be said that the Hunter γ, Tyrant (T-103 Mass Produced Type) and Anubis sent into combat in this product gave a certain amount of results and achieved success. In addition there are three patterns in which the virus infects humans clearly written in the games, via direct injection, secondary infection in which the virus is leaked and infects insects and rodents and is transmitted to humans from there, and wounds caused by Zombies or B.O.W.s. Although the situation of aerial infection in which the virus spreads through the air-conditioning of a laboratory is seen at the beginning of the "BIOHAZARD" movie, this depiction isn't in the games.

V-ACT Effect

An effect peculiar to the mutant form of the t-Virus applied to strengthen the Javier Zombies which appear in "Operation Javier." In response to attacks, hosts infected with the t-Virus temporarily enter a dormant period in a state of apparent death where reconstruction and rejuvenation of body tissue is performed and they awaken with increased aggressiveness and brutality. The Crimson Head which appears in "biohazard" for the GameCube is produced by this effect. In "Memory of a Lost City", no matter how many times you defeat G it will revive with enhanced power. Though not specified in the games this is also quite possibly caused by a similar phenomenon to the V-ACT Effect.

Ashford Family


The etymology of the B.O.W. Javier purchased from the Umbrella Corporation and deployed into combat in "Operation Javier" is Anubis, god of the afterlife who appears in Egyptian mythology. He's described as a figure with a human body and head of a jackal and his image may be placed in the entrance of a cemetery as a God who protects the dead. Moreover, he's considered a supervisor of mummies and priests who actually made mummies are said to have worked while wearing a mask of Anubis. Umbrella Corp. B.O.W.s elsewhere include Nemesis (revenge god in Greek mythology) and Cerberus (protection beast of Hades in Greek mythology) and they seem to like names derived from mythology.

Umbrella Corporation

The origin of the various crimes in the BIOHAZARD series. It advocated the company motto "to protect the health of the people" and was officially recognized as a pharmaceutical company which sold a lot of worldwide hit products. Its main product was medicine, but it also conducted development of medical equipment and was a mega-business boasting the top share in the medical treatment and the pharmaceutical product industries for many years. Under the table it used the Progenitor Virus discovered by its three founders and conducted research and development of various B.O.W.s for military affairs and sold them to various customers, including the United States government. In addition, it simultaneously conducted weapons development for dealing with B.O.W.s and seemed to take a strategy of selling B.O.W.s and anti-B.O.W. weapons as a set. Although only the insanity of the founder Oswell E. Spencer is talked about, it can be said that responsibility on the side of its customers such as the U.S. government is also significant. After the destruction of Raccoon City in 1998, it was accused and demanded to take responsibility and many lawsuits were filed, its activities halted after a business suspension order was issued until it was concluded in 2003 and dissolved. But meanwhile underground activities for the survival of the company were continued by dummy companies and branches outside the United States, and it had secretly sold B.O.W.s to Javier at the time of "Operation Javier."

Ada Wong

An agent of an organization in hostile relations with Umbrella. Although she's a woman belonging to enemy forces, looking at the main characters of the BIOHAZARD series she's bound together in a strange bond with Leon and performs various assistance for him. Her first appearance is in "BIOHAZARD 2" but in reality her name appears in the first game "BIO HAZARD." The letter of Umbrella researcher John describes her as his lover and she also became an important password in the game. However, it seems only John believed she was his lover; Ada was an agent who at the time had infiltrated the Arklay Laboratory in order to steal information on the t-Virus. Although Ada was unable to successfully seize the virus due to the unexpected virus leak accident, she used her abilities as an agent to escape from the laboratory which turned into Hell. In this title, according to cinematic director Mr. Gondoh's preferences, many spy-customized items like the compact mirror with ampules and lipstick-type micro-rocket were added to Ada's pocket. Also, Ada's sexy figure being bandaged around her entire body in the previous game "Umbrella Chronicles" was also designed as a personal preference of Director Seto.

Edward Ashford

One of the founders of Umbrella who discovered the Progenitor Virus and fifth head of the Ashford family. Officially, he's supposed to have died from accidental Progenitor Virus infection, but considering the time of his death there's some suspicion that he was murdered by Lord Spencer who came to power after his death.

Elliot Edward

A Raccoon police officer mentioned in the archive Operation Report 2 obtained in a chapter of Memory of a Lost City. He's one of the last four survivors among all the police officers. There's also an officer that appears in the spin-off title BIOHAZARD OUTBREAK, but it's unknown if these two are the same person. In OUTBREAK, Elliot was planting a bomb with his colleagues Eric and Harry in order to wipe out a Zombie horde on the main street, and was killed by the monsters during the operation.

Oswell E. Spencer

One of the Umbrella founders. The man who from the beginning proposed Umbrella's establishment in order to carry out military use of the Progenitor Virus and raised it up to a global corporation. He's a cool-headed character with a tendency to be attached to power and doesn't hesitate to eliminate obstacles for that purpose. One of the founders James Marcus and G-Virus developer William Birkin are some of the people erased by his ambition.

Gas Cylinder

Lock Pick

The unlocking item of series tradition. If it is a lock of a set of cylinders for a fundamental structure, it can be opened by piercing and operating a key pick from the keyhole. Although the key is opened easily in the games, it is necessary to have full knowledge of the key's structure in reality. In the "BIOHAZARD 1 Umbrella Conspiracy" novel, an S.D. Perry product, Jill Valentine's unlocking is possible with a lock-pick because she had a strict father and rebelled in her youth. Was Claire also able to use a lock-pick in "BIOHAZARD 2" because she was at a rebellious age?

Kendo Gun Shop


Cold Sleep

Sherry Birkin

The daughter of G-Virus developer William Birkin. In "Memory of a Lost City" she is protected by Leon and Claire. Her father became G and she was pursued because of its family preservation instinct and implanted with an embryo, but she was saved by the vaccine they obtained in the Umbrella Underground Laboratory. However, the bacteria in Sherry's body wasn't killed and she was placed under observation by the United States government as an important carrier of G. The reason Leon works as a member of the U.S. secret military agency is because Sherry was taken as a kind of hostage. In addition, subordinate agents of Albert Wesker are also present in the department monitoring Sherry putting her in a doubly-dangerous position.

Self-Destruct System

Jabberwock S3

George Trevor

Scott Harman



Antarctic Base





Brian Irons

Ben Bertolucci

A freelance reporter who appears in the Memory of a Lost City. Ben visited Raccoon City due to his interest to those bizarre murders that happened there, and soon after he found the chief of the city's police department - Brian Irons is somehow involved. He then started an investigation about this, but was held in custody in the prison of Raccoon police station. Ben is quite an intelligent and capable man, and it is very possible he had contacted Ada Wong and obtained information about the mayor from her. Considering the prison is a safe place, he let himself stay in jail, but was eventually killed by "G." By the way, in BIOHAZARD OUTBREAK FILE2, Ben also appears in the police station, offering help to the players.

Marvin Branagh

Officer of the Raccoon City Police. In 'Memory of a Lost City,' Leon and Claire find him lying wounded in the station. A good cop, faithful to his own duty he regretted not trusting the words of Chris and Jill after they warned of the dangers of the Umbrella Corporation. He desperately defended the police station up until the last moment, protecting the citizens and not conscious of his own safety. He appears in BIOHAZARD OUTBREAK "FILE2" where his appearance shows him remaining at the station to the end in order to buy time for the survivors to escape.

Michael Warren

The mayor of Raccoon City who appears in BIOHAZARD 2 in name only. At one stage, he was a former technician and electrical engineer and was inaugurated as mayor thanks to his achievements in effecting the electrification of Raccoon City. But behind the scenes, he adhered to Umbrella and was said to be one of the main culprits that devastated the city. Information from the game suggests he managed to escape the city in the early stages but his subsequent fate is unknown. He had a daughter whose name hasn't been ascertained, but it's believed she was murdered by Chief Irons for the purpose of becoming a stuffed trophy.

"Mole Bashing!"

Mixcoatl Village

Lisa Trevor

Rocket Launcher

Rodrigo Juan Raval

A character who did not turn up in "Game of Oblivion" in this product but had appeared in "BIOHAZARD CODE:Veronica." He served as a prison guard on Rockfort Island and had an important role in helping Claire escape from the prison. In the end he was attacked by a sand insect and died in front of the graves of his wife and daughter.