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Personal Data

Date of Birth: 1989
Gender: Female
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Blood Type: Unknown
Nationality: American
Ethnicity: Caucasian


Helena Harper

Helena Harper was an American agent of the DSO (Division of Security Operations). She had unusually strong senses of justice and responsibility with unwavering faith, righteous cause and the ability to take action. Although she had a will of steel, she was prone to becoming emotionally invested in some cases. She was formerly an agent in the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) and USSS (United States Secret Service). 1

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Harper had no immediate family except for one younger sister, Deborah Harper. She initially pursued a career as an agent in the CIA, but her strong personality caused severe uneasiness among her superiors.

Her superior's uneasiness was eventually proven correct. During an investigation of a serial murder case, Harper managed to catch the perpetrator brilliantly, but ended up using excessive violence that led to her suspension from duty. In the subsequent hearing with her superiors, Harper explained her motive "to shut him up since the perpetrator wouldn't stop verbally abusing the bereaved." Despite the uneasiness surrounding her, Harper was a candidate for a transfer to the DSO due to her adaptability and performance.

Following her return to active duty, Harper's personality was unchanged. This inevitably led to another incident when Harper fired upon and seriously injured her sister's boyfriend after she caught him physically assaulting her during a break-up talk. This act of attacking a civilian was viewed as an irreparable blunder by her superiors despite it being an act of love and protection for her sister. As a result, she was demoted and transferred to the USSS, whereupon she would undergo a long-term evaluation to determine her suitability to remaining an agent.

Although her position in the USSS was formally a temporary transfer, for an agent, it was practically a discharge. Harper's second incident and subsequent transfer had also ruined her chances at being recruited into the DSO. 2

Bioterrorism (2013)

On June 26, 2013, Harper and her sister were kidnapped by agents of The Family and taken to the organization's secret laboratory beneath Tall Oaks Cathedral where its leader, National Security Advisor Derek C. Simmons, blackmailed Harper to abandon her security post for President Adam Benford in order to create an opportune opening for his assassination, or her sister would be killed.

On June 29, Harper did as Simmons instructed by abandoning her post and leaking false information over the USSS line that caused a change in the President's security detail. However, the guilt of the action motivated her to return and warn the other Secret Service agents of the impending assassination attempt, but due to her reputation, her warnings were disregarded. Soon after, the large-scale bioterrorist attack orchestrated by The Family engulfed the entire town of Tall Oaks in a dark fog containing a variant strain of the C-virus. Although Harper managed to reach President Benford, he had already been infected and succumbed to the virus. 3

Harper blamed herself and was saved from the infected Benford by DSO agent Leon S. Kennedy, who she promised to explain the entire situation to if they went to Tall Oaks Cathedral. Along the way, Harper deflected Kennedy's questions and staunchly refrained from explaining anything about the situation due to her uncertainty over whether Kennedy would help her find her sister. She had no prior experience in anti-B.O.W. (Bio Organic Weapon) combat, but was able to adapt to the situation. After reaching the cathedral, they made their way into the underground laboratory and found Deborah. However, she was already infected with the pure strain of the C-virus and mutated before their eyes. Although they were briefly saved by Ada Wong, the three of them engaged in battle with the mutated Deborah.

After defeating and killing her only sister, Harper set aside her grief and converted it into an unyielding determination to stop Simmons. She joined Kennedy in faking their deaths and boarding a plane to Lanshiang, China, where Simmons had gone to investigate another unrelated bioterrorist attack. However, the plane was forced to crash due to the release of a B.O.W. onboard. Harper and Kennedy survived, and later met Sherry Birkin and Jake Muller who informed them of Simmons' location. Before they could confront him, the four were attacked by the B.O.W. Ustanak and managed to defeat it, but at the cost of being separated.

Harper and Kennedy eventually confronted Simmons and witnessed his infection with the enhanced C-virus, then pursued him onto a train. She listened to Simmons' justifications for the Tall Oaks attack, but was disgusted and vehemently disagreed with him. Although they managed to defeat him, they were caught in a second attack and assisted in escaping by the BSAA (Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance). They managed to reach the evacuation point at the Quad Tower but were again confronted by the mutated Simmons.

After another long battle, Harper and Kennedy were able to kill Simmons with the assistance of Ada Wong, who also provided an escape helicopter and evidence that would implicate Simmons.

Upon returning to the U.S., Harper expected to be taken into government custody, but was allowed to arrange a grave for her sister. Meanwhile, the investigating commission behind the Tall Oaks attack reviewed the evidence behind the incident and determined that Harper could not be held responsible or complacent in Simmons' actions. Rather than being handcuffed by Kennedy, she was given back her sidearm and formally enlisted into the DSO, having proven her abilities and being instrumental in the prevention of a global catastrophe.


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