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Group: Group VI (ssRNA-RT)
Family: Retroviridae
Genus: Unknown



The Chrysalis virus was a hybrid artificial retrovirus created by scientist Carla Radames for B.O.W. (Bio Organic Weapons) development. It could transform humans into the B.O.W. "J'avo" upon injection and activation of the virus within a host led to a pupa-like Chrysalis stage where the body underwent a complete reformation into a perfect stable organism, a "Complete Mutation Species." A variety of strains existed with different mutation potential. 1


Development (2001-2012)

In 2001, Carla Radames began development of a new virus strain in order to prove herself to Derek C. Simmons, the leader of the secret organization The Family whom she admired. She initially only succeeded in extracting the DNA mutation attribute of the t-virus, which had been strengthened from the original Progenitor virus through the incorporation of leech DNA, Ebola virus genes and much recombination.

In 2002, she acquired the weakened t-Veronica virus from the body of Manuela Hidalgo before it was disposed of by the U.S. government. She used t-Veronica as a base and incorporated the DNA mutation attribute of the t-virus to strengthen it. Her improvements created the new t-02 virus which negated the faults of brain cell rejection and necessary fifteen year adaptation period. She then combined t-02 with the G-virus extracted from the body of Sherry Birkin and successfully created a new virus strain named "Chrysalis" after its ability to transform creatures into a pupa-like state from which they would emerge as perfect stable organisms known as Complete Mutation Species.

Simmons noticed that by using the C-virus as a retroviral vector containing the genes of specific creatures upon a human host, then inducing the Chrysalis process, the resulting Complete Mutation Species strongly reflected the characteristics of these creatures. Several variant strains of the virus were manufactured with genes including those of reptiles and mammals, and the new creatures were considered for B.O.W. application. Secretly, Simmons began "Project Ada" in order to use this characteristic to create a clone of Ada Wong using DNA samples he obtained while she was in his employ.

Development on the virus secretly progressed for several years under Radames, while Simmons secretly used the virus in experiments aimed at creating a clone of Ada Wong through the Chrysalis process by introducing her DNA, leading to several recombinant strains able to create B.O.W. mutations with vaguely feminine traits. In 2009, one of Simmons' researchers reported that Radames had the compatible genetic structure to successfully replicate Wong. Acting on this, Simmons subjected her to the experiment and successfully created a clone of Wong.

In 2012, Simmons ordered Radames to conduct an isolated field test with the C-virus at Marhawa School in Asia. She supplied student Bindi Bergara with a recombinant strain of the virus derived from Project Ada, and she administered it to the comatose student Nanan Yoshihara. Yoshihara was designated test subject "C-16" and could expel a variant gaseous form of the virus from her body in the form of a black fog. Those infected by the fog exhibited mutations reminiscent but stronger than those of the t-virus. C-16 was deployed in combat and based on the results from the test; The Family recovered a sample of the virus from her body and subjected it to improvement. This sample was used to create the Complete Mutation Species B.O.W. "Lepotica."

At some point, Radames' memories of her time before she became a physical clone of Ada Wong began to resurface and she conducted independent development of the C-virus to further a personal goal of global chaos. Using the extensive resources available to her through Simmons, she constructed an underwater research facility to accommodate development of an ultimate B.O.W. to spread the virus worldwide. By extracting magma from the bottom of the sea, Neo Umbrella studied the microbes and bacteria able to survive in the high-temperature environment and drew that characteristic into a C-virus variant strain used to create the B.O.W. This development led to the creation of "HAOS." 2

Combat Test (2012)

In December 2012, The Family discovered that Jake Muller, the biological son of Albert Wesker, possessed a rare genetic makeup capable of producing a rare natural antibody effective against the C-virus. In order to prevent this antibody from falling into the hands of other organizations, Simmons ordered Radames to infiltrate the Republic of Edonia and ensure that Muller was successfully extracted by agent Sherry Birkin. 3

Meanwhile, Radames conducted a full-scale combat field test of the completed C-virus by supplying several strains and certain B.O.W. models to the ELA (Edonian Liberation Army). She gave the virus to the rebel soldiers under the guise of a "nutritional supplement" to enhance combat prowess. As a result, most of the ELA forces became J'avo. She captured Muller and Birkin and reported them dead to Simmons in order to use them for her own C-virus research.

Enhancement (2013)

In Lanshiang, Radames created an enhanced C-virus strain using Muller's genes. When the regular C-virus was administered, it would cease mutations following Chrysalis rebirth, but in the case of the enhanced strain, mutation and strengthening rapidly progressed without end and without the Chrysalis process at all. Only three samples were created, one reserved for use on Simmons, one for Radames herself, and one recovered and used by BSAA operative Piers Nivans. 4

The refinement method of the enhanced strain was extremely difficult, and there was no one who knew how to manufacture it other than Radames. However, a sample of the enhanced strain was recovered by The Family from the corpse of Simmons.


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