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Bioweapons / Creatures

Creatures intentionally created by the Umbrella Corporation or other groups to be used in combat situations. Once perfected these B.O.W.'s would be sold to clients at high profit margins.
Parasitic Organisms
In the interest of discovering a way to both control other organisms and improve them, several parasitic organisms were discovered or developed with these qualities and used for various goals. Details of these parasites can be found here.
Bio-Weapons / Creatures
Creatures that have been exposed to a local viral biohazard and have mutated accordingly. Irregular mutants are not products or B.O.W.s, but merely a direct effect of the outbreak.
Viral Agents
Great advancements in viral technology has been made ever since the discovery of the Progenitor Virus. It has spawned various variants, and researchers continue to discover its secrets and develop other deadly viruses.