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Production Information

Developer:  Capcom (Japan)
Publishers: Capcom (Japan, USA)
Platforms: Cellphone / Mobile Phone

Release Dates

Jap: 13th February 2003
(i-Mode: 1st February 2005)
USA: September 2006
PAL: September 2006


BIOHAZARD confidential report

BIOHAZARD confidential report (Resident Evil Confidential Report) is a series of four cellphone games, and the only original storyline mobile game made directly by Capcom. Choosing as either rookie RPD cop, Tyler Hamilton or FBI agent, Noami McClain  the pair must battle through four levels surrounded by the horrors of Raccoon City. Implementing a unique for the series, turn based combat system, Files 1 to 4, tells of various Umbrella secrets and their efforts to cover up the entire affair.

Plot Synopsis

File #1

Rookie cop Tyler Hamilton has been assigned to guard the Umbrella Storage Facility in Raccoon City when an explosion from underground rocks the foundations. Tyler is knocked down, and trapped inside the Storage Facility, however as he wakes up he notices hoards of the undead coming towards him.

Meanwhile, FBI Agent, Noami McClain has been sent into the city to investigate the experiments of this facility, and locate what the previous agent could not; concrete evidence direct from secret FBI informants working within Umbrella's ranks.

File #2

After surviving the horrors of the infested Storage Facility, Tyler has been holding up in a local police station. Suddenly, the distress alarm rings from Raccoon University. Governed by his sense of duty, Tyler bravely sets off to the university believing there to be survivors.

Unknown to Tyler, Noami also picks up the distress call, and realises that there is a strong possibility that the alarm was raised by one of the informants she is looking for. She sets off to the university to find more clues to Umbrella and rescue this vital person.

File #3

Having made it back to relative safety of the local police station, Raccoon Museum alarm rings, so Tyler decides that he had better investigate, again believing there to be survivors hiding inside.

Noami also figures that the alarm could have been raised by an informant so also heads off to the museum to investigate.

File #4

With Tyler being tracked by the Special Forces he decides that the source of all this madness is the Storage Facility, and the Special Research Laboratory B situated beneath it. Tyler ventures deep underground and discovers just how sinister Umbrella are.

With 3 informants rescued, and the data disc and sample in hand, Noami realises she still needs test subjects to complete her evidence and so goes to the underground facility to finish her mission.

Development History

All four entries into this mini saga were created for Western markets in 2006, with the first title being released on cellphones in September of that year. The three sequels quickly followed.

The games offer a unique take on the franchise with a turn based system that is more akin to the Final Fantasy series than the survival horror Resident Evil's. Whilst this does add elements of fear and tension, it also significantly lengthens the games too, as this engine is used even in combat situations.

The games are made by Capcom Interactive, a subsidery of the main Capcom development team generally responsible for the mobile phone version of franchises. The credits to these games remain unknown.

In-Game Elements


Tyler Hamilton

Tyler Hamilton is a rookie cop who got caught up in the Raccoon City incident and Umbrella's insidious viral experiments. On his first day on the job, he was guarding an Umbrella Storage Facility when suddenly an explosion rocked the foundations, and Tyler was knocked to the floor.

Beginning his new job with the R.P.D. on September 26th, Tyler Hamilton's primary task was to simply guard the entrance to an Umbrella Storage Facility  As a possible relative of George Hamilton, Tyler is an industrious individual with a strong sense of justice and protection of the public.

Being a rookie, Tyler did not question the merits and the contents of guarding such a facility, and as such was knocked out cold when the explosion hit the facility. Unaware of the secrets that were in and below the facility, in reality the T-virus had leaked throughout the location two days earlier contaminating employees and causing many of the B.O.W.'s to escape from the underground laboratory and even the storage facility itself.

On September 26th 1998, Laboratory Manager, "A" in an attempt to cover up the research Umbrella was conducting, sets off a bomb to destroy the Storage Facility located above the labs. Unfortunately for Tyler, he was in the firing line and felt the effects of the bomb.

Tyler woke to find the facility in ruins, as he gets up he finds the entrance is crumpled and cannot return to his local police station. The only way is through the facility, which is crawling with escaped Umbrellaexperiments and former, now undead employees. As Tyler continues his mission to get safely back he encounters Naomi McClain, an F.B.I. Agent who is investigating Umbrella, an Agent that will have a prominent role in Tyler's life for the next few days.

Despite the hoards of undead in the facility, Tyler makes his way to the escape ladder, and back to the local police station.

On September 28th 1998, whilst hiding out in the police station, a distress call is received over the radio from a university campus. He heads off to investigate and rescue the student survivors that are trapped inside. During his mission, Tyler once again encounters Naomi. After much dogged determination, he is able to rescue a total of 5 students before heading back to the police station for a rest.

By the time that mission ends, the dawn of the new day has started. At some point in the day, an alarm sounds from Raccoon City Art Museum. Believing there to be more survivors, Tyler enters the museum but quickly realises that the Special Forces Unit are now killing any human survivor. Tyler battles through the museum but cannot rescue any survivors in time. Realising that the source of all this madness is the labs below his workplace, Tyler heads back to the facility and to the laboratories below.

Tyler infiltrates the labs, and is cornered by Naomi. She tells him he needs to escape as she has learned of a bombardment on the city. Tyler does meet survivors, but is unable to help. As he makes his final escape, Tyler enters a room where he becomes infected with the MS-Virus. With only seconds to spare, he administers the M-Vaccine and is cured of its unknown effects.

Tyler escapes through the evacuation tunnel where he meets up again with Naomi. They are both rescued by the FBI, and Tyler is housed into protective custody.

Naomi McClain

Naomi McClain is an F.B.I. Agent sent into Raccoon City to continue where the agent sent before her left off. After losing contact with this operative, Noami is sent to the city to achieve three objectives. 1. Locate the four F.B.I. informants. 2. Gather evidence of Umbrella illegal activities. 3. Collect any samples of the Virus. With a wealth of experience in the field, Naomi McClain was thrust into the limelight by single handily gathering sufficient evidence on the worlds largest pharmaceutical firm, Umbrella.

Arriving in Raccoon City on September 26th 1998, Naomi quickly locates a secret entrance to the Umbrella Storage Facility on a pedestrian street. Suddenly, an explosion is felt underground, and Naomi begins her investigations into Umbrella. She soon discovers the horrors of the T-virus and the hoards of undead and various B.O.W.'s that have escaped from the laboratories below the facility. She soon runs into another survivor, rookie cop, Tyler Hamilton who has been caught up in the explosion, they exchange notes although Naomi is careful not reveal too much information about the informants.

To her horror, Naomi finds evidence that the Special Forces are also within the Storage Facility and seeking out any remaining informants that pose a threat. As she makes her escape, Naomi encounters the Nemesis T-Type but she is able to down the monstrosity. After defeating the B.O.W she locates the first informant, "K" before the troops do, as he reveals that the other three are scattered around the city.

After narrowly avoiding death, Naomi finds the rear entrance and escapes into the streets, where she holds up for a few days searching for clues regarding the whereabouts of the other F.B.I. informants.

Late evening on September 28th 1998, Naomi intercepts the distress call from Raccoon University. Realising that the most likely candidate for the call is an informant, she heads to the location. Upon entering to her horror the USS have already locked down the dormitory. After continued exploration and evasion as well as chance meeting with Tyler, Naomi is able to rescue "S" but not before a deadly duel with the Nemesis again. She overcomes this battle and secures the data disc from "S".

A few hours later (now into the next day) Raccoon Art Museum's alarm rings. Naomi works out that it could be the work of an informant and heads next door to find out. She explores the museum, and finds "M" hiding in the toilet. Naomi learns of a sample hidden in the museum vault that M's Husband has hidden. Upon arrival at the vault she faces two Hunter B.O.W.S. They are easily dispatched as Naomi collects a vital sample.

Despite this success, a live work sample is also needed and heads back to labs. Arriving late night on September 30th 1998 Naomi explores the labs and the deadly specimens that lay in wait. After learning of an nearing bombardment, she informs Tyler to escape as soon as possible whilst she continues her work.

Naomi next meets Project Leader "A", who despite causing the explosion has had a change of heart and offers all the evidence she requires. As he prepares his work, two Nemesis B.O.W.S square off against Naomi. She is able to defeat the creatures, but A has been killed. However with the evidence in hand, Naomi exits the facility through the evacuation tunnel. Tyler is there too and the pair escape before the city is bombarded.

Project Leader: "A"

The leader of the facility, and pioneer behind the Matchless Soldier Programme. He remained very loyal to Umbrella and to his work right up to the end when his Laboratoy was infiltrated by the Special Forces upon which he was killed by a group of two gunmen.
"A" had become suspicious of his fellow workers activities and soon discovered that many of them were defecting to the FBI in exchange for immunity and safety. Further, as the virus began to infect the entire facility, many of his specimens escaped  creating a big problem with the exposure of his work. Taking drastic action, "A" detonated a bomb that attempted to shield his viral work.

"K" "S" "M"

The three main informants that Naomi was sent to rescue. All three opposed the actions by "A" as it became apparent that the virus was spreading and the FBI were on their tails. "K" fled to the storage facility above the labs, "S" made it to the university dormitory whilst "M" escaped to art museum. All three were successfully rescued by Naomi.

"M"'s Husband, "J" & FBI Agent

"M"'s husband escaped with "M" to the museum, but was killed by the Special Forces. He had managed to raise the alarm for Naomi.
"J" was another researcher who from the face of it remained loyal to "A" and their work. "J" assisted with the creation of the MS vaccine, but was eventually killed by the Special Forces in the laboratory.
The FBI Agent was Naomi's predecessor. He had managed to infiltrate the storage facility and learn of "K"'s identity as an informant. He too however was killed by the Special Forces early on in Naomi's investigation.

Special Forces

A special group of soldiers sent in by Umbrella to eradicate the FBI informants. The forces are human and resemble the USS squads that have been used by Umbrella for various high-risk missions.

Bio-Organic Weapons


As with the majority of Resident Evil games, the humble Zombie takes a starring role in all four games. The majority of the zombies are civilians, researchers and even U.B.C.S. members that have been caught up in the outbreak.


Formally guard dogs of the facilities as well as pet dobermans in the city, all four games feature a large supply of Cerberus each presenting a medium danger to the protagonists.


Skinned B.O.W.S developed at te Special Research Laboratory B. After the T-virus begins to infect the labs and labs, numerous specimens escape up to the Storage Facility as well as Raccoon City itself.


Infected bats that had set up a roost in the University. They will predominantly reside in the underground areas and will attack in mid air.


Native leeches that are also resident in the university. They resemble the leeches created by Dr James Marcus, but do not possess their intelligence. These are secondary infect-ants and move at a slow speed on the floor.


B.O.W. monkeys used by the research team in the secret laboratories. They, like the Lickers have escaped following the T-virus infection, but did not reach the upper levels of the facility or street level.


Acting as the final boss for Tyler in File #1, the Lurker is a survivor of the explosion of the Water Treatment Facility in July 1998. Many specimens remained active in the sewer network and contributed to the spread of the virus. One such Lurker found its home in the Storage Facility and managed to infect the employees.

Giant Spider

The Giant Spider serves as Tyler's boss for the second chapter. Unlike other Giant Spider this variant has retained its ability to create a use its web. The Giant Spider descends from the lecture room rafters on its web before attacking.


Another insect that has felt the full effects of the T-virus. A resident of Raccoon Art Museum, the centipede grew to an enormous size, although not as large as the one documented in the Umbrella Management Training Facility.


Two Hunter's act as the boss for Naomi in File #3. Most likely they are the Beta models that are brought to the city by Umbrella. They retain their jumping ability and represent a dangerous foe.

Eliminator R

A larger test subject for the virus that was tested on monkeys. As a larger specimen, it maintains an alpha dominance over its subordinate Eliminator. This is Tyler's final boss in File #4.

Nemesis T-Type

On ongoing problem for Naomi, the Nemesis is her boss in both File #1 and File #2. Naomi encounters Nemesis in his first form in the Storage Facility before its deployment in Raccoon City. Naomi encounters the Nemesis again in its second mutated state in Raccoon University.

In File #4 Naomi is faced with the daunting task of squaring off against two Nemesis in their first form. Being held at the labs following their transport from Europe, these two B.O.W.S are the final fight Naomi has to make.


Umbrella Storage Facility

The Umbrella Storage Facility is a multi-level building situated in Raccoon City, most likely in a more suburban area than other facilities. In terms of main facilities, this Storage Facility is fairly small, with its main purpose to store various products from the company.

From the location, and the fact that rookie cop Tyler Hamilton is assigned to guard the facility, it can be deduced that this facility is very much in the public domain, and of a non-secretive nature. It is built of a number of levels and has direct access to the city's sewer network. The facility is splintered by this sewer and numerous bridges have been installed to connect both sides. The Storage Facility is built into the surrounding rock, with very little effort going in to actually normalizing the interior. As a result the facility resembles a hollowed out coal mine in many places with various rooms housing computers and boxes. Ultimately, the location of the facility would lead to its downfall. With this direct connection to the sewer network, rats infected with the T-virus slowly contaminated the facility and its employees, and consequently it was one of the early casualties to the widespread outbreak.

Whilst the function of the facility is never directly alluded to, the sheer volume of storage boxes suggests that this location was used a mass storage facility where Umbrella files, research and products can be stored safely. In all likelihood, this facility was not a secret building, and in full public knowledge. The fact that rookie cop, Tyler Hamilton is assigned to guard the facility, with no questions asked lends to the idea that the storage facility was very much in the public domain.
With the amount of storage boxes being evident, this facility was used to house the legitimate side of Umbrella's portfolio.

The main function however, as with many Umbrella properties is to be a disguise for Umbrella's main revenue flow. The Storage Facility is no different, with the Special Research Laboratory B built directly underneath the facility, away from investigators and corporate rivals.

On September 24th 1998, many escaped specimens from the laboratories below began to filter into the Storage Facility. The more agile Licker B.O.W. successfully infiltrated the confines of the building and began to infect the employees. That, combined with T-virusinfected rats spreading the virus it led to a full scale outbreak in the building. Due to the structure of the facility, it was fairly well contained, and it did not pose a substantial risk to the outside world. However with the escape by numerous Lickers the inevitable chain reaction of further contamination was only a matter of time.

September 26th saw the arrival of the U.B.C.S. in Raccoon City. An initial objective for one of the units was to reclaim the facility and the laboratory beneath. In reality as with all U.B.C.S., they were in fact being used as guinea pigs for combat data. However the troops faced overwhelming odds, and undoubtedly struggled against the undead in the facility. Meanwhile in the Laboratory deep below, project leader "A" decided to take matters into his own hands. Fearing the F.B.I were investigating the facility, "A" detonated a bomb to cover up the research. This severely damaged the Storage Facility with many internal walls crumbling under the blast impact. One such blast knocked out Tyler Hamilton still guarding the entrance, who had become trapped in the building. A final nail in the coffin was the "A"'s bomb also released the virus into the local vicinity, infecting the local population and many of the remaining laboratory staff. This would be a major contributor to Raccoon's demise.

Raccoon University

After fleeing the labs, an FBI Informant hid in one of the university's dormitory's where he used other student survivors to call the secret police number. This alerted Tyler who was recovering from his ordeal and was also intercepted by Naomi who also investigated the dormatory. In the evening of September 28th, Tyler explored the building rescusing 5 students whilst Naomi was able to locate and rescue the informant.

Raccoon Art Museum

When the Raccoon police force moved into the old museum, the artifacts and the contents were relocated to this museum. Now acting as the city's art museum, it is divided into 5 main exhibitions showcasing the very best of world art. More drawings are housed in the attic along with the museum's vaults. On September 29th 1998 the alarm was rang by FBI Informant, M and her husband in a bid to attract the attention of Naomi. It worked, and she was able to save "M" although her husband was less fortunate.

Special Research Laboratory A & B

One of the many secret underground laboratories that Umbrella operates, The Special  Research Laboratory A & B is constructed underneath the seemingly innocuous looking Storage Facility acting as a perfect disguise and decoy. The exact location of this (and therefore the Storage Facility) are unclear, although with the evidence that a local police station is nearby it can be deduced that this laboratory is not in the downtown Raccoon City area, but perhaps in a suburb or other unseen district.

There are two main entrances to the facility that is built on numerous levels. There is an access ladder that descends past the Storage Facilityand directly into the labs. This begins at street level through a hidden manhole cover. The second entrance is

Furthermore there is an emergency evacuation tunnel should anything that may contaminate the area be leaked. It is here that Tyler Hamilton and Naomi McClain escape, which leads back up into the city.

From the evidence unearthed by the investigating pair, there were two main functions of this facility. The first was the continued research and development of humanoid T-virus infection, and namely the effects of continued exposure, and the subsequent mutations. This was in essence the creation of the Licker B.O.W. with this lab being a front runner of this agile bio-weapon.

The research team were very successful in achieving their first goal of creating the Licker. Many specimens were produced in controlled environments, virtually by-passing the dangerous and unpredictable Crimson Head mutation. This early breakthrough with this bio-weapon was recognised by Umbrella and full bio-organic weapon status was authorised.1

The second purpose, and what became the main objective of the facility was the development of the Matchless Soldier Programme through the MS-virus. The goal was to research the non-death cell, and how the virus could create in Umbrella's eyes were matchless and perfect super soldiers.

Two failed Nemesis T-Type B.O.W.'s were stored at the facility, as the Paris lab had deemed them of low intelligence, these may have well have been test subjects for further developments.

By the time the laboratories began to become infected, the research into the MS-virus had come to a virtual standstill. Numerous stockpiles of failed experiments and virus's were common, and many employees had defected from Umbrella becoming secret informants to the F.B.I. Above the laboratories, in the sewer network, the T-virus had began to spread through rats and Lurker.  On September 24th 1998, many Licker experiments, escaped from their confines and fled into the above Storage Facility, following this, and the spread of the virus from above, the laboratories were heading for certain doom.

Project leader "A" soon became aware of his teams betrayal, as he was offered the opportunity to corporate with the F.B.I., after refusing, and fearing his results would be made public, he planned to cover up the whole affair by blowing up the labs and the storage facility above. This bomb was detonated on 26th September 2006 injuring rookie cop, Tyler Hamilton in the process. It in turn released the T-virus into the local vicinity.

The labs were badly damaged as well with many interior walls crumbling and the power was also knocked out on particular elevators. Despite this, the labs remained in a recognisable situation, and scientists were able to fend off the undead right up until October 1st. On this day, the initial wave of bunker missile specifically aimed at Umbrella underground facilities were launched and destroyed the labs outright. 



  • 9mm AU - 10+7
  • 9mm GE - 2/24
  • 9mm IT8M
  • 9mm GE - 2/16
  • 9mm BE - 35
  • 9mm GE/M2/18


  • SN -001
  • HN -001
  • AN -001
  • AN -002

Assault Rifles

  • 5.56mm US MOSAO
  • 5.56mm US-SWSF
  • 5.56mm GE -2/106 C. Euro Rifle
  • 5.56mm GE -2/66
  • 5.56mm SU2/1100
  • 5.56mm IS-MAR Arab Assault Rifle
  • 5.56mm IT - M7/9L
  • 45L R. Gun US - SAA


  • USSHOT2 - 12
  • 12 IT - SHOI


  • US-ON11 Magnum
  • US  - 44MTN Magnum
  • 357 US-MON Magnum
  • 357 Magnum R ITI5
  • 357 US-F Magnum

Grenade Launchers

  • 40mm US - SAA G. Launcher

Health Packs

Green Herbs

Restores small amounts of health.

Green Herb PLUS

Restores a medium amount of health, and as the same suggests, more so than the Green Herb.

First Aid Spray

Restores large amounts of health but not full recovery as in other games.

First Aid Spray SP

Completely restores health back up the 100%. One SP spray is usually available at the beginning of each chapter and should be used sparingly.

Viral Agents


The main virus in the game series and the reason for the laboratory. Little is known about the virus however from the diary enties in the game the following is revealed. The isolation of the non-death cell means potentially that soldiers can be created that are in effect immortal thus making excellent B.O.W.S.

The virus was never completed, that much is clear with only the "mouse version" finalised and tested on. The results of these tests remain a mystery.

"M" Vaccine

The "M" Vaccine was initially an attempt by the researchers to compliment the yet incomplete  MS-virus to forward their studies into the 'Matchless Soldier' program. However with the MS-virus not showing the desired the results, the "M" Vaccine would ultimately cure any persons infected with the virus.

Created in the bowels of the Special Research Laboratory B, by the research team, scientist and secret F.B.I. informant "M" created the vaccinne. The effects of adminstering the cure were very apparent, as it would very quickly reverse the effects of the mutagenic virus, and stop further infection. It can be deduced that hosts infected with the virus will simply die.

On 1st October, having become infected, Tyler adminsters the vaccine and is not killed as a resut.

All relevant data regarding the "M" vaccine was lost in the Raccoon City bombings. Prior to the nuclear blast wiping the city off the map, the military fired bunker missiles that specifically targeted the underground facilities located throughout the city. The laboratory as a result was a target, and the infrastructure was destroyed.


The Confidential Report series have generated a lot of debate since the contents of the series were really explored on this site. The games are created by Capcom Japan from the mobile phone division. Unlike other mobile phone games this represents a true saga with clear storyline elements with a definative ending.

As such these four games are the first and only series of mobile phone games with an original and logical storyline developed by Capcom and represent a unique Resident Evil cellphone game.

Despite the additions to the mythos, at no point in the games are the words Raccoon City or Umbrella ever mentioned nor are any specific dates given. Whilst they can be inferred through in-games events and conduct it is only this, inferred. It seems obvious that the development team, whilst in-house were keen to not directly link the main series, which is a for some a disppointment.

As such the best way to view the canonicity of the games is on a purely personal basis, the extracts that have been written out had to be tweaked to make them fit with the series, so this should also be considered when evaluating the franchise.

However, the series can fit with a little work, all of which can be found in the editorial section. The games cannot be considered true canon until Capcom clarify the position. However as the article alludes to, it can fit just with the overall storyline and if you want it to be included then you can.


  1. 1. Full B.O.W. status here.
There are no related games or films.