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Production Information

Developer: Capcom (Japan)
Publisher: Capcom (Japan)
Platform: Cellphone / Mobile Phone

Release Date



BIOHAZARD Zombie Shooter

BIOHAZARD Zombie Shooter is the first Biohazard game developed that is not an adventure style game, instead a unique puzzle game with Resident Evil sprites.


A Japanese-only game, very little is known about the makeup of this puzzle-come-shooter, although it can be determined that there are no story elements to be concerned with.

Development History

The fourth cellphone game to be produced, it borrows heavily from the graphical art design seen in Resident Evil: Assault The Nightmare Many of the B.O.W.S that appear in the quadrant are reminisant of the unique stylizing from Assault The Nightmare, and consequently it feels more cartoony than many games.

The object of the game is to shoot the B.O.W.S as quickly as possible when they appear in their squares using the corresponding numerical button on your mobile phone. Zombies, Hunters and even the Nemesis will randomly appear in the squares and the longer they are present the more damage they inflict.


Even though this is a Capcom developed game,  the fact remains it is a puzzle game with no storyline.

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