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Written by: Suiren Kimura
Release Date: March 25, 2002
Translated by: TheBatman


BIOHAZARD to the Liberty

BIOHAZARD to the Liberty is a fan novel written by Suiren Kimura that was awarded with the "Grand BIOHAZARD Novel Prize". It got an official release as a book and the writer received 1,000,000 yen. It was released alongside BIOHAZARD Rose Blank on March 25, 2002. 1

A spate of murders linked to sexual assaults are occuring around the United Kingdom leading many to believe there is a copycat killer of the infamous Jack the Ripper. When U.S. Marshall Jose Lopez is called in to transfer the criminal back to the United States he believes it to be nothing more than a routine job. But the ship he is transferring on belongs to the pharmaceutical company that was involved in the mysterious events surrounding Raccoon City. The U.S. Marshall does not suspect anything out of the ordinary to be aboard 'The Liberty'. But it has already awakened and is following its genetic programming whch leads towards a single goal; perfection.

Project Umbrella Translation


JOSE LOPEZ - U.S. Marshall

JACK TRAMP - Alleged serial killer

IVAN KULIK - U.S. Marshall (Lopez' superior)

THE REPORTER - Journalist for City Times

ROBERT CHAN - Umbrella Officer

LOUISE KAH - U.B.C.S. Captain

SILVIA - Passenger


One early April morning in Liverpool, Just off the main road was a small one way street that led down to the harbour which was just wide enough for a vehicle to fit down. It was normally a quiet area but suddenly a taxi appeared going at a fast pace being pursued by three police patrol cars. Some distance behind was a fourth one. Blue lights flashed and sirens wailed.
The robust taxi driver was trembling with fear despite his large stature and had trouble keeping his hands on the steering wheel. He glanced in the rear view mirror and saw his pursuers catching up slowly but steadily. Suddenly recalling what he had witnessed earlier that day the driver began to shake more violently, and in the next moment a face framed by black hair pushed itself between the rear view mirror and the blue lights.
Lopez, who wore his hair with typical Puerto Rican pride and lots of hair gel to keep it swept back in shape, had been casually hiding on the back seat and despite the occasional bump and other regularities had been casually trimming his beard with a humming electric razor.
The taxi driver could not contain himself.
"You! This is madness! We cannot go on for long!" He shouted to his passenger who was still in view, blaming him for the pursuit.
"Are we not there yet? Lopez replied, undeterred and without interrupting his shave. "Are we not at full throttle?"
"Yeah, dammit! But we have the bulls at our heels! And you can guarantee they will catch us before we reach the port!"
"Do not worry. I've already come up with something for when the time comes," said Lopez, who calmly finished his shave. He settled himself and in the next moment there was a loud thud as something shunted into the back of their car. Something fell to the floor of the vehicle, something heavy.
Using the rear view mirror the driver could see Lopez lean down and pick something up. When he came up again, he held a Beretta M92F in his hand with a black barrel that glistened threateningly. But after a moment, Lopez pushed back the lapel of his impeccable suit and put the gun back inside his shoulder holster.
"Nevertheless, the cops carry no shooting irons over here, right?" He said. "So they cannot even shoot the tyres..."
"Hey, don't you make even more trouble for me, Mister. Please." The driver gasped and his voice trembled. "Damn! Why did I agree to take a Mex." He added, muttering quietly to himself.
"What did you just say?" Lopez asked in a friendly voice.
The taxi driver made a face as if he had just bitten into the mother of all lemons. Almost disgusted, he uttered. "Oh, nothing..."
His passenger was not satisfied. "Well, let me make one thing clear. I am an American citizen, not a Mexican. And now tell me dear..."

In Progress...


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