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Softcover: 128 pages
Publisher: ASCII
Product ID: ISBN4-7572-0748-4



The BIOHAZARD GUN SURVIVOR OFFICIAL GUIDEBOOK is the first and only official guidebook released for BIOHAZARD GUN SURVIVOR.

Project Umbrella Translations


CODE:Blanket is ordered
Cross out UM26E completely

The sky is completely dyed like blood by the falling sun, having received special orders from HQ, some black helicopters are flying.
They are named "The Under Takers", and their mission is to obliterate the surviving residents, and wipe out the entire area.
Inside the helicopter, a team of soldiers, who are equipped with special gear as black as the helicopter, are standing on both sides of the cabin.
The soldiers are completely silent and motionless, their wrists are too long and look unnatural as humans.
Many cables are connected between the heads of the soldiers and a big device set in the middle of the cabin.
On their goggles, the LED lamps are sparking irregularly.
They are lives created for moving vessels.
The team leader is looking at his soldiers, they are waiting for the operation as they are learning about the mission, and making the final adjustments.
After several hours, only he will be in the cabin of the returning helicopter.
The helicopters are still flying over the sea, on the sky of sunset, which has turned into dark black from red.
The helicopters changed their route to the Northwest, and disappeared like melting into the night sky.

Character Descriptions (page 124-125)

Ark Thompson

A young detective overflowing with a sense of justice and a friend of Leon S. Kennedy from the Raccoon City Police Department. After receiving a request from Leon, Ark infiltrated Sheena Island alone and investigated Umbrella's plot. He finally uncovered a devilish plot and successfully destroyed some of the research results, but the island's commander, Vincent, cornered him in the Umbrella building. Ark stole a helicopter and escaped, but a relentless Vincent, in close pursuit, causes the helicopter to crash and at that point, he lost his memory. In order to conduct his investigation, he contacted Andy, the sewer manager, right after infiltrating Sheena Island while pretending to be Vincent and his plan backfires because Andy, believing Ark to be Vincent, ends up going after Ark after he loses his memory.

Vincent Goldman

A young elite of Umbrella Pharmaceuticals assigned as commander of this island in succession to his suddenly deceased predecessor. An exceptional leader and all the while an ingenious scientist, he commenced top-secret organic experiments for the company using the island's facility. With an extremely cruel personality, he disposed of a colleague for personal success and had no hesitation in expending numerous humans as research material. By his own hand, he even fatally shot test subjects who escaped from the research facility in order to completely kill the worms. For his overwhelming cruelty, even Umbrella employees themselves, not to mention the townspeople, feared him, and citing excessively brutal acts, they attempted to displace his commander position. However, he obtained that news beforehand and disseminated the T-Virus throughout the entire town before it was reported to Headquarters, causing all of the inhabitants to transform into Zombies and concealing the truth. Naturally, dead men tell no tales. However, even the top-secret experiments he was conducting were well-known information to Umbrella Headquarters, and in their bold connivance, they were allowing him to continue his research.

Lott Klein

A 12 year old boy whose father was chief of the Gene Application Engineering Laboratory on Sheena Island. Ever since he could remember, he was brought up being told nothing but stories of natural selection and racial dominance by his father, and was tainted with Umbrella's supremacy doctrine which states that it is natural for superior Umbrella humans to control inferior humans. It was also a natural consequence that he informed Vincent, the island's supreme commander, of the townspeople's planning of a rebellion, as well as private detective Ark Thompson's sniffing around Vincent. However, due to the incident that occurred this time around, the misfortune of his parents transforming into monsters happened before his own eyes, and with that as a trigger, once he understood that the cause of it lied in Vincent, the things he believed for many years was broken. The thought of attempting to justify that conflicts with his own powerlessness and feelings of guilt, and Lott is frightened and confused.

Lily Klein

Lott's younger sister. Until just two days prior, she was a very typical eight-year-old girl who spent her happy days surrounded by her strong father, kind mother, and close older brother. At the incident's outbreak, obediently honoring her parent's final request, a cry for her to try to quickly escape, she promptly took refuge in the Umbrella building and escaped from trouble. Afterwards, she was hiding herself while shivering like a cat until the roars and screams that envelop the town would vanish. Somehow she has to reunite with Lott, as she realizes that her older brother has become the only person she can rely upon in this world.

Andy Holland

He is an American employed by Umbrella Pharmaceuticals to patrol the island's sewage treatment facility, which is so old that no one can repair it. In reality, he's an ex-convict whose numerous crimes (theft, burglary, assault, etc.) have piled up. Even while thinking it suspicious that Umbrella would grant work to someone like himself, Andy, believing that a life better than his current one was possible, left his defaulted apartment behind and crossed over to Sheena Island. Because he spent almost a year alone inside the dark sewers, his workplace, he hadn't fully grasped the truth about Umbrella. More than that, he is an oddball estranged from a life of interest in photographing the town's garbage, which flows into the sewer.

Under Taker Commander / Under Taker Unit

Also called the "Trashsweepers" of Umbrella, a disposable evidence destruction force applied to top-secret missions of hazard degree A+ class. Their tactics consist of two phases, the complete elimination of witnesses and the destruction of the target area. The only human is the commander who leads the artificial biological force, artificial beings equipped with MP5 automatic machine guns and single night-vision scopes, and upon the conclusion of their operations, they self-destruct in accordance with an order programmed beforehand. Only the commander's return is permitted. In this operation on Sheena Island, their orders were to conceal the biohazard that broke out due to the recklessness of Commander Vincent and destroy the entire island using the research facility's self-destruct device.

Background (page 125)

The setting of the story is Sheena Island

The Umbrella Corporation gained high appraisal as an international pharmaceutical company. In contrast to the company name, which has the meaning of protecting people under their umbrella, it is actually a merchant of death for advancing the development of biological weapons in complete secrecy. The company's pilot plants are scattered throughout the world and the solitary island in Europe "Sheena Island" is one of the research facilities owned by Umbrella where there is a large-scale weapons factory. Umbrella Corp. purchased the entire town on this island and researchers and their families came to live there. The Bio Organic Weapon "Tyrant" became the main product line for R&D on Sheena Island and additional improvements were made.

B.O.W. Profiles (Page 126-127)

B.O.W. (Bio Organic Weapon) is the generic name of Umbrella's developed biological weapons. Below, we introduce the B.O.W.s confirmed on Sheena Island.


One of the artificial viruses manufactured by Umbrella Pharmaceuticals which hides the power to rapidly transform organisms. The T-Virus causes the bodies of creatures infected with it to enlarge with high durability, and acquire new capabilities that cannot be the evolution of the natural world. It is the raw material most suitable for the creation of Bio Organic Weapons. However, at the same time, since there are side-effects in which ferocity increases and intelligence remarkably decreases, the establishment of efficient control methods and conservation of intelligence above the standard as a weapon have become the current problems. Because it also has the ability to make gene synthesis between different species comparatively easy, this virus was mass-produced within Umbrella and supplied to each research facility for new B.O.W. model development.


A B.O.W. developed based on humans. It is an alert and agile monster with phenomenal jumping power, sharp claws and high intelligence, making it able to cooperate with companions and understand simple commands. Considerable numbers with a degree of perfection and high practicality have already been mass-produced, and improved models are also being developed in other Umbrella research facilities.


The ultimate T-Virus B.O.W. Umbrella devoted most of its power to develop. With its human-like appearance, dreadful destructive power and an intellect that allows it to follow any given order, it's more than just a biological weapon. As their main B.O.W. series, various new types of Tyrants are being researched in several of Umbrella's laboratories around the world, with the weapons plant at Sheena Island mainly focused on developing a new mass-production system to create a new type of Tyrant.

Hypnos-T Type

Many cells of different types were made to fight and those that survived were thrown at each other again...... the strong genes of the winning cells were selected to create the most powerful B.O.W. by incorporating them into the genes of the Tyrant... Commander Vincent advanced a new B.O.W. model development project on his own accord. Hundreds of thousands of gene selections were performed over about three weeks. As the experiment continued without a distinction between day and night, the scientists were hit with sleepiness and a certain cell was selected from all the other cells. The scientists named the gene of this cell Hypnos (God of Sleep). Due to this project the prototype of a powerful B.O.W., smaller than the conventional Tyrant, was completed.