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Arklay Mountains Biohazard Case Summary Report
August 8, 1998

The Beginning
Early July 1998. Unnaturally murdered bodies seemingly eaten by someone were discovered in the Arklay Mountains, the outskirts of Raccoon City in the American Midwest.

Circumstances (1)
Same Year, July 23. An investigation is started with S.T.A.R.S. by the Raccoon Police Department, taking the situation seriously. S.T.A.R.S. B (Bravo) Team is dispatched but communication is cut-off.

Circumstances (2)
Same Year, July 24. A (Alpha) Team begins dispatch to search for B Team and we investigated the vicinity for some time, but evacuated to a nearby mansion because we encountered monster dogs.

Investigation Report (1)
As a result of our investigation in the mansion, the mansion was proven to be a den of Zombies. Other than them, we encountered a large number of traps as well as animals and plants believed to have rearranged genetic information. In addition, we confirmed the deaths of B Team officers.

Investigation Report (2)
After my investigation I independently discovered a research facility hidden deep underground. The mansion was a biological weapon laboratory constructed secretly by the global pharmaceutical company, Umbrella. Chris Redfield also confirmed this.

Regarding Zombies
Zombies were researchers infected due to the leak of a virus, the "T-Virus", used to create biological weapons. (I submitted a researcher's diary. Please refer to it.)

Background of Case Handling
Chris Redfield and I blew up the facility to prevent the virus spreading to the town.

I believe the destruction of the facility was the optimal method of disposal in that extreme situation. However, Chris Redfield and I have concluded that we'll wait at least 60 days to pass from the time of the virus leak at the site. Therefore we can't help but say that the possibility of the virus leaking into Raccoon City is very high. We will re-investigate the case immediately and think we must urgently appeal to the citizens for caution through the mass media.

Jill Valentine