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BIOHAZARD 3 LAST ESCAPE Official Website (Dreamcast Ver.)

Translations of the Interviews published on the BIOHAZARD 3 LAST ESCAPE Official Website from October 2000 onwards in advance of the forthcoming Dreamcast Version of the game. The interviewees are Tatsuya Minami, Yasuhisa Kawamura, Kazuhiro Aoyama and Shinji Mikami.

Project Umbrella Translation


An interview with the development staff of the Dreamcast version of "BIOHAZARD 3 LAST ESCAPE."
First up is producer Tatsuya Minami.

CAPCOM Production Studio 3 General Manager
Tatsuya Minami
●Main Produced Output
Gaia Master (PS), BIOHAZARD GUN SURVIVOR (PS). Now oversees many products, including BIOHAZARD 3 (DC).

・First, please tell us the circumstances which resulted in porting to the Dreamcast.
Minami: The port was decided when it was considered we would like to present the BIOHAZARD series on the DC too, beginning with "CODE:Veronica."

・Was there any point where you had a hard time in the porting?
Minami: I think we were able to port it relatively smoothly. Since there was a difference in the hue between the PS and DC, it might have just taken a little time for adjustment.

・I think there is a wide variety of fear, including the "reclusive fear" of BIO1 and the "fear of being chased" of BIO3, what would be the best fear for you?
Minami: I think an action-like sense of fear has become the mainstream, but I personally think "psychological fear" is scary too. I would like to consider uniting this psychological fear and visuals in the future.

・Do you have a favourite character in the BIOHAZARD series?
Minami: All of them are individual characters and since their importance is respectively clear, I have no particular taste.

・Thank you, finally, our users would like a message.
Minami: In regards to CAPCOM developing on multi-platforms, I'm thinking of providing content on a variety of hardware in the future. Therefore, since we hope for "something like this on this hardware" and want to grant as much as possible, please give us your opinions without hesitation!

Thank you.
Next time, an interview with Production Studio 4 planner Yasuhisa Kawamura.
We will ask about the story and characters that appear. Don't miss it.


An interview with the development staff of the Dreamcast version of "BIOHAZARD 3 LAST ESCAPE."
Appearing secondly is Production Studio 4 planner Yasuhisa Kawamura.
We asked him to talk about the characters.

・A very large number of costumes were prepared in BIO3, on what standards did you choose from?
Kawamura: It's true they were closely scrutinized, due to director Aoyama's various expectations. I think you can enjoy Jill in states you wouldn't usually see.

・Among the characters that appear in BIO3, please tell me your favorite character and the reason.
Kawamura: A very difficult question. When you come right down to it, the mercenary trio have intensity. Since I set up the events so that you can watch each of their unexpected true intentions depending on your divergences, please push forward playing through the various paths. The opening performance (voice acting) of Mr. Dario Rosso was fiery! By the way, the voice of the Pursuer is the same one as Dario.

・I heard the boss who gives money in The Mercenaries is someone involved with Umbrella, but please tell us about him in detail.
Kawamura: Let's reveal the truth behind the The Mercenaries scene. As a matter of fact, The Mercenaries is a popular entertainment program of the underworld that only very few aristocrats, high-ranking government officials and the super-wealthy can watch in a secret members-only Pay-Per-View (paid program broadcast) televised by Umbrella. The mystery man giving the mercenaries instructions and rewards is the host and producer of the program. The condition of the mercenaries is broadcast live by satellite with high-performance microphones attached to the mercenaries, installed by the Monitors. The time displayed on-screen is a time display broadcast to the mercenaries and the audience's approval rating (viewership) is added to it in real time. If the mercenary fights heroically, extravagantly defeats enemies and impressively rescues civilians and comrades, airtime will be extended if they gracefully escape from the crisis. If they garner support well and reach the goal within the airtime, they're given a reward depending on the audience rating and the mercenary will be freed. Mercenaries who can't earn the audience's approval rating have their camera cut off upon timeout and lose their life at the same time.

・Please tell us about an impressive scene in BIOHAZARD 3.
Kawamura: Though many of the event scenes are respectively impressive, isn't the end of Raccoon City at the climax particularly memorable? It's a very unexpected and overwhelming scene to watch, even bearing in mind that it's not real and just part of a game or a film, and I think it is very impressive as a perfect image adorning the story's conclusion.

・Please tell us about Jill's epilogue after escaping from Raccoon City, just a little.
Kawamura: Jill finally goes to Europe to settle things with Umbrella. I can't tell in detail here. Since files which describe what's next are acquired when 3 is cleared, please enjoy those.

・Please tell us about the epilogues of "3" regarding the sub-characters of Barry, HUNK etc.
Kawamura: Their conditions are depicted in the "Epilogue Files" provided after clearing 3. Although it's necessary to clear it several times, please view the files through your own efforts. Eight epilogues can be found in total. Although clearing eight times is difficult, please consider working together with a friend and do your best.

Next time, we will bring you a continued interview with Yasuhisa Kawamura.
Don't miss it.


An interview with the development staff of the Dreamcast version of "BIOHAZARD 3 LAST ESCAPE."
This third time, we will hear about the story regarding the B.O.W.s from Production Studio 4 planner Yasuhisa Kawamura.

・Please tell us about the connection between the Tyrant and Nemesis.
Kawamura: The Tyrant was a Bio Organic Weapon made by Umbrella USA, and the Pursuer was made by Umbrella Europe. Although it's the same corporation, there was development competition within the subsidiaries and the USA, led by the gifted Dr. William Birkin, was always one step ahead in the development of infantry-type Bio Organic Weapons (in others words, bioweapons as human substitutes). Not pleased with this, the European Umbrella branches united and repeated research on unique concepts. Then, the European Sixth Laboratory finally succeeded in developing "a Bio Organic Weapon to strengthen Bio Organic Weapons." It was the "Nemesis parasite." Nemesis parasitized a Tyrant and received training and conditioning at the European branch, becoming the Pursuer. In addition, although the Pursuer greatly exceeded the Tyrant in specifications, it can't become a product since it has no elegance as a weapon. In the end, the Pursuer's current stage is merely an experimental Bio Organic Weapon.

・A lot of new kinds of enemies appear in "3", including the Hunter γ and DD, but please tell me if there is a B.O.W. rejected in a stage of development.
Kawamura: Bio Organic Weapons which appared in previous products were rejected in the middle of development. Chimera and Neptune are examples. In BIO3, there are experimental Bio Organic Weapons (Pursuer, Hunter γ), Bio Organic Weapon production versions deployed to gather combat data (Hunter β) and irregularly occurred mutations (Zombie, Brain Sucker, D.D, Grave Digger). Bio Organic Weapons abandoned mid-development don't appear.

・What is your favorite B.O.W.?
Kawamura: If I must say, I like the Hunter γ. For some reason I can't hate it for swallowing me.

・That good-looking (?) "Pursuer" enemy character appears, but please let us know what you kept in mind on creating the character.
Kawamura: Regardless of whether it was a human or biological weapon, we had a concept for the characters (in a simplistic form) and one or two designs somewhere, then there we considered if they had any "promise" for the game-like visuals. Thereabouts, the peculiar tastes of each character designer, the peculiar tastes of the model and motion guys building the characters, the peculiar tastes of the planners who manage the settings and game plan and the peculiar tastes of the software programming guys clashed against each other and fought every day while we worked it out.

・What is the best "fear" for Mr. Kawamura? (it's fine if not related to the game)
Kawamura: Being told "Your scenario isn't good enough..." by the boss. Then the boss saying "you're not attractive to women because of that" routinely.

・Do you have a message for the fans.
Kawamura: I hated zombies until I did this game. There are those who hate horror and ghoulishness. However, it's like tasting a spicy dish and finding out it has a delicious interior, you may be scared of a fearful and difficult game like BIOHAZARD at first glance, but it has much flavor behind it. It superficially seems like a game in a hard genre to grasp, but please, please play it once before avoiding it. If you digest it I think you can notice its taste, and may say "Is this horror? is this BIO?" Thanks to BIO, I have come to love zombie movies and have grown able to eat roasted meat unconcerned while watching zombies. If you play BIOHAZARD, both your heart and stomach should become strong.

Director Kazuhiro Aoyama appears next time. Don't miss it.


An interview with the development staff of the Dreamcast version of "BIOHAZARD 3 LAST ESCAPE."
We'll hear the fourth story from Production Studio 4 Director, Kazuhiro Aoyama.

・Please tell me the total number of project staff and the production period.
Aoyama: The total number of staff was 20 people at the time it was launched, but as the production period was coming to an end, the staff increased and eventually became about 40 people. The total production period was about one year.

・Please tell us the circumstances in which the system of emergency evasion was introduced.
Aoyama: When fighting against an enemy, it's more nail-biting than ever and it was the planned intention of the emergency evasion to make it more enchanting and cool.

・In Mr. Kawamura's last interview, he answered "the variations of costumes were "Aoyama's tastes", please tell me the full story.
Aoyama: Since the stage was a town and we thought Jill didn't stand out in everyday wear when you saw her on screen, we tried to create good sexiness and coolness that stood out.

・Please tell me the intention of planning Mercenaries.
Aoyama: Since bonus games have become obligatory in the BIO series, I feel it was a request of you all rather than an intention of the project.
I worried about this every time, but because we had made the concept of BIO3 "wanting to play over and over again", we linked the main volume and the bonus and tried to design it so the game could be played more densely. Please enjoy the painful battle of The Mercenaries.

・Please tell me if there were any hard times with the production.
Aoyama: While working on the game itself was fun, there was also some heated moments during all the fun and I think we created very interesting good things, but with the company side's production policy changing around, worries didn't stop. But it became a good study despite that.

・Please give a message to the fans.
Aoyama: I've consulted many times with core BIO fans and I hoped they were truly pleased with the work I've done. For those who haven't played it yet, and BIO fans concerned about new elements exclusive to the Dreamcast version, please try and play it at this opportunity.

The next round is the last.
Father of the BIO series Shinji Mikami will appear. Don't miss it.


An interview with the development staff of the Dreamcast version of "BIOHAZARD 3 LAST ESCAPE."
Shinji Mikami, who can be called the true father of the "BIOHAZARD" series, appears in this final round.

・The DC version of "3" has finally been released. Please tell me episodes concerning development and your feelings regarding "3."
Mikami: Although I left most to the director of development, I told him "to design an appealing new BIO."

・Please tell me Mr. Mikami's favorite character in the BIO series and the reasons.
Mikami: My favorite characters are the "Zombie" and "Chris."
Because the Zombie is a symbol of fear able to be called the pronoun of BIOHAZARD. The main character Chris has a rustic attractiveness rare in this day and age.

・What sort of things do you want to challenge in the future?
Mikami: Something I "personally" want... I'd like to return to the work site and make games. Since I really like the Kadokawa movie "G.I. Samurai", I wonder if it could be a network-enabled game, that... although again, as I said, this is "personally" to the end.

・Please tell me a little about the next development of BIOHAZARD with the Dreamcast.
Mikami: Actually to commemorate the fifth anniversary of BIOHAZARD, we're going to release the Complete Version of "CODE:Veronica" on the DC and PS2. We greatly added Wesker-related event scenes in the Complete Version and also adjusted the messages and graphics of the entire game. I think it will delight the fans.

・Finally, give a hot message to these "RACCOON TIMES" readers!
Mikami: I want to try my best to make horror exceeding (!) the progenitor BIO1.
It's been on my mind for awhile, so please wait for it!