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BIO HAZARD Directors Cut V-JUMP Guidebook

BIO HAZARD Directors Cut V-JUMP Guidebook was the guide released by V-JUMP Magazine for the "BIO HAZARD Directors Cut" re-release.

Project Umbrella Translation



The prime factor making elucidation of this incident difficult is the point that the mansion no longer remains at the site. Therefore, the investigation cannot rely solely on the survivors' testimonies, rendering it impossible to advance any legal procedures. In addition, reports that there was an internal betrayal were also made, and its impossible pursuit may pose a problem.

*As for the true intentions of Officer Wesker, confirmation is impossible due to the man's death.


It has been proven over the registry that the on-site mansion was owned by Lord O.E. Spencer, who is in the leading position of the Umbrella Corporation. However, material evidence that the unethical experiments in the reports were carried out has not been obtained. It is not a wise policy for Raccoon City to advance some kind of legal action against Umbrella Corp. under the present circumstances.

*Umbrella Corp. computers said to have been present at the site were destroyed by fire.


Presently, various press have paid attention in relation to the incident. Fortunately, because the survivors are all police officers, contact with the press is forbidden by the Code of Professional Ethics, but the foundation of a rather irresponsible feeding frenzy cannot be denied either. Should the mass media-orientated official announcement delete the problematic parts from the case or should we consider an intentional leak?


CONCLUSION: This matter greatly differs from the characteristics of conventional cases/crimes and it may be difficult to reach a final conclusion, as it includes a delicate political issue. Even if the reports of the survivors are true, it would probably be a realistic policy if we left this confidential to outsiders until the end.

Raccoon Police Department Internal Investigation Committee
Special Investigator
Damien A. Ashkenazy

CONCLUSION (Page 102-103)

The impact on several of the city's industries was recorded as a crime of unprecedented magnitude. Since night-time operation of factories was suspended, industrial production decreased by about 30% compared with the previous year. Many of the citizens refrained from going out at night and a decrease in large sales was forced upon the distribution industry. (The sales of gun stores and video rental stores alone showed a sudden rise)

The impact on the tourism industry, which assumes the forest and mountains of the city outskirts as its main attractions, was devastating. As a result, it is also said that the damage the industrial world suffered from the occurrence of the serial-murder cases prior to this conclusion of the incident was equal to the direct hit of a hurricane.

2. R.P.D. (Raccoon City Police)
The Raccoon City police suffered from a considerable loss of face due to this matter. It will be necessary to carry out bold actions, including the complete reform of the organization as soon as possible in order to regain civic trust.

The Umbrella Corporation has denied involvement in this incident entirely. Moreover, it added that it is ready to offer various kinds of financial support for the city's revival, including municipal authorities and industry.


I received a report from the city's Health and Sanitation Bureau regarding the skin disease showing signs of spreading as a new problem in the city. According to experts, it seems more likely to be a totally new kind of thing. The probability is that an undiscovered virus is the cause of the disease......


Information regarding the damage Raccoon City has suffered in this incident is shown in the previous investigation report.
Regardless of abnormality, the serious impact only one serial murder case had on the area is just amazing.
Revival from the damage in connection with this incident is aimed for using all our methods as city authorities.

The controversial serial murders which already took place by the time S.T.A.R.S went into the mansion are included in this matter. At least seven of the twelve S.T.A.R.S. members in all who had been in the mansion can be calculated as direct victims of the incident. This is the worst cost of lives in this place's history.

The mansion owned by Lord Oswell E. Spencer, an influential figure of the business world and the leader of Umbrella Corp., was completely destroyed by fire in this incident. Lord Oswell is also famous as a collector of fine arts and crafts and if the amount appraised of the vanished collectibles is totaled in addition to the asset value of the mansion itself, the deficit amount reaches at least millions of dollars.

In the case of the mansion's destruction by fire, the neighboring forest was also fire-damaged within a width of 100-acres. Although the fire didn't approach houses due to the strenuous combined effort from the fire department and volunteers both in the air and on the ground, it is certain that the environmental and ecological balance of the entire forest area is greatly out of control due to the fire. Prompt field surveys by experts and restoration work from an ecological viewpoint, such as afforestation, will be required.