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Personal Data

Date of Birth: 1960
Date of Death: March 7, 2009
Gender: Male
Height: 190 cm
Weight: 90 kg
Blood Type: O
Nationality: Unknown
Ethnicity: Caucasian


Albert Wesker

Albert Wesker was one of the most promising subjects of the Wesker Project. Following his education, he became a Chief Researcher and prospective executive of Umbrella Corporation. He was an expert in bioengineering and became directly involved with research on the t-virus. He later became the leader of S.T.A.R.S. as Alpha Team Captain in Raccoon City. Directly involved in the Mansion Incident, he faked his death and joined the rival company of Umbrella, later establishing his own organization in secret. He was responsible for creating the Uroboros virus, which almost caused the deaths of billions. He was known for his sharp insight, superior judgement and relentless pursuit of power. He was calm and composed while still never letting his guard down, even around his closest allies. All the while, Wesker hid his own plans from others and cared only for his personal gain, manipulating his allies and turning against those he felt he had no use for. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9


Early History

Albert Wesker was one of thirteen children born to parents of superior intellect chosen as a part of the plans of Oswell E. Spencer to create a model for a superior race of human beings, being labeled No. 013 of the Wesker Children test subjects. During his younger years, Wesker was conditioned by Spencer to excel as a superior human being. Wesker himself was unaware of the fact that his name was not his own and that his whole life was puppeteered by invisible hands. Wesker aspired to become an employee of Umbrella, a position which Spencer ensured Wesker received the highest education for. Wesker was selected to be trained at the Umbrella Research Center. At some point in his teenage years, Wesker took up regularly wearing sunglasses, partially in order to mask his emotions and expression, making it difficult for others to know what went through his mind and giving him an unapproachable air. 10

Executive Candidacy ~ 1977

Now a student at the Umbrella Research Center in 1977, a young Wesker met and befriended William Birkin, a fellow student who was two years his junior. The two formed a competitive rivalry, but maintained a good relationship. The contrast between the two earned Wesker the nickname "Practical Al" from one of the assistant researchers. The two caught the eye of the normally reclusive James Marcus, who took them both under his wing, becoming the only two individuals Marcus genuinely trusted. 11

Wesker had earned a degree in bioengineering and was being trained as a potential future Umbrella executive. By January 1978, Marcus succeeded in developing the t-virus. In the meantime, Spencer used the two as spies to steal the newly developed virus, which they retrieved and were allowed to research while Spencer commenced his own t-virus project in the Arklay Laboratory. In July 1978, the Umbrella Research Center was shut down, and Wesker and Birkin were promoted as Chief Researchers at the Arklay Laboratory where they continued their research into the virus, whilst Marcus continued his own in the abandoned training center. 12

t-Virus Project ~ 1978 - 1991

Wesker and Birkin arrived at the Arklay Laboratory on July 31, 1978 as the facility's new Chief Researchers. Together, they were responsible for an acceleration into t-virus research and development, producing mutant strains, B.O.W.s and making several new discoveries. In 1988, the two were ordered to assassinate James Marcus. In doing so, they also stole all of his research on Progenitor and the t-virus and had a research team evaluate the results of his research. After a shared conclusion was reached by the research team with Marcus' notes that human beings were the most viable test subjects for the virus, Birkin and Wesker commenced the Tyrant Project, but were unable to produce immediate results. Wesker planned to advance their research by taking over the research on the Nemesis Project by administering the prototype parasite specimen received from France to Lisa Trevor, hoping to surpass the research results of the Sixth Laboratory. However, following the sudden discovery of what would later become known as the G-virus, Wesker's plans changed.

During this time, Wesker also began to ponder the true motives of Spencer. Wesker later compiled all of the events of his time as Chief Researcher in a report he had compiled for Ada Wong. 13

Intelligence Operations ~ 1991 - 1998

By now, Wesker and Birkin had become high-level officers within the Umbrella Corporation. In 1991, Wesker transferred to the company's secret Intelligence Department knowing he had reached his limits as a researcher, and also in order to gather info on what Spencer was really planning. Following that, Wesker made yet another move, this time to S.T.A.R.S., the Special Forces of the Raccoon City Police Department in 1996. Following the formation of the unit, Wesker was inaugurated Captain of the Alpha Team under the "recommendation" of Umbrella and became leader of the entire unit. His shooting skills were not far behind those of the No. 1 marksman in S.T.A.R.S., Chris Redfield, and he also customized his own Samurai Edge. He was also the only member of the unit to be equipped with a wireless headset receiver as opposed to a standard-issue radio, giving him a tactical advantage over the rest of his teammates.

During this time he conducted counter-intelligence operations in order to ensure Umbrella's secret activities within Raccoon City were never discovered by S.T.A.R.S. or the state police. At the same time, Wesker also remained Chief of Security at the Arklay Laboratory, and was present during the infamous outbreak incident in May, preventing the researchers from leaving the grounds or making phone calls. 14

All the while, Wesker made plans of his own to abandon Umbrella and join with another rival company of theirs, seeing that they would at some point be exposed for their criminal activities of biological weaponry and desiring power over all else.

At some point between 1991 and 1992, Wesker met an Edonian immigrated women in her early 20's who's last name is only known to be Muller. They briefly copulated and the result of that brief relationship was the birth of of the future mercenary Jake Muller, who's specialized blood type gave him protection against mutagenic pathogens just like Wesker. Jake's mother returned to Edonia without telling Wesker of Jake's birth shortly after meeting him.

Ecliptic Express Derailment ~ Jul. 23, 1998

At some point in 1998, Umbrella Headquarters issued the plan for the "Reclamation Project", aimed at reclaiming the abandoned Umbrella Research Center and its respective laboratory and additional facilities. Wesker, along with William Birkin, was charged with carrying out the operation and led the Special Forces and investigation teams in their attempts to reclaim the facility. By this time however, the facility was crawling with escaped B.O.W.s and a new creature called "Mimicry Marcus", and the teams were wiped out by the infesting creatures. Wesker was later also charged with carrying out the "X-DAY" procedure by order of Umbrella HQ on July 22. 15

On July 23, Wesker had deployed the S.T.A.R.S. Bravo Team to the Arklay Mountains, and had begun the acquisition of combat data against the B.O.W.s in the Arklay Laboratory. Along with Birkin, he soon discovered the involvement of a "revived" James Marcus after the Ecliptic Express was attacked and its passengers wiped out. In response, Wesker and Birkin commanded the Delta Team of the Umbrella Security Service in an attempt to re-take the train, ending in failure. As the two watched events unfold within the Research Center, they also gathered the combat data from Rebecca Chambers and Billy Coen and their encounters with the creatures infesting the area, along with the rest of Bravo Team.

Wesker noted that a full-scale biohazard was at hand due to the leak and spread of the t-virus in several different locations, including the Arklay Laboratory, Ecliptic Express, Research Center, Underground Laboratory, the nearby factory and the Arklay Treatment Plant. With Umbrella's downfall evident, he had one last meeting with Birkin before setting his own plans into motion and then left to gear up the S.T.A.R.S. Alpha Team to search and rescue the lost Bravo Team in the Arklay Mountains. While attempting to get back to Raccoon City to carry out the mission, Wesker encountered Sergei Vladimir, who was in the area to retrieve the T-A.L.O.S. prototype from the Arklay Laboratory before X-DAY was carried out. Vladimir was not only displeased that Wesker had failed to reclaim the Research Center and was planning to simply destroy it without authorization from Umbrella higher-ups, but was in fact aware that he was planning to betray Umbrella for the rival company.

As a "lesson" for not taking "responsibility", Vladimir sent his bodyguard, Ivan, a modified Tyrant T-103, to engage Wesker in battle. Thankfully for Wesker, he was able to use Birkin's setting-off of the Research Center's self-destruct sequence as a diversion and escape. Before parting ways with Birkin, Wesker had also received a prototype virus from him which unbeknownst to them was a specially engineered virus based on the Progenitor virus, developed by Spencer and used for the Wesker Project. 16

Mansion Incident ~ Jul. 24, 1998

On July 24, Wesker carried out his orders as part of the X-DAY procedure, also intending to make a good impression on the rival company he was planning to defect to. Wesker intended to steal the research data of the B.O.W.s at the facility and record the combat data of the S.T.A.R.S. teams against them for his own purposes. Rather than destroy the Tyrant that lay dormant within the facility, he planned to seize it and its combat data and hand them over to the rival company in order to solidify his position. On top of all this, he intended to fake his death by using the experimental virus received from Birkin. Independent of either Umbrella or the rival company, Wesker also threatened Barry Burton with the lives of his wife and two daughters in order to use him as bait for the remaining members.

When they arrived in the Raccoon Forest in search of the Bravo Team, Alpha Team discovered the corpse of Kevin Dooley, and were attacked by a pack of Cerberus'. They decided to take shelter in the Arklay Laboratory, in its upper level mansion guise, being unaware that it was in fact an Umbrella-owned outpost. The survivors were: Chris Redfield, Jill Valentine, Barry Burton and Wesker himself. Separating from the others, Wesker co-ordinated behind the scenes, retreating to a secret room within the mansion filled with monitors which allowed him to collect combat data on S.T.A.R.S. encounters with the facility's B.O.W.s. Wesker surfaced only briefly in order to assassinate Enrico Marini, who knew the truth, as well as to lure the surviving members back into the mansion, release the Hunter B.O.W.s and remind Barry of his predicament. Wesker injected himself with the prototype virus he obtained from Birkin, planning to have the Tyrant kill him. He then had Barry lure Chris and Jill into the facility's lowest level laboratory, where Wesker was waiting. He explained the reasons for being there, as well as his plan to sever himself from Umbrella. Then, Wesker released the Tyrant, allowing it to attack him. Chris and Jill fought the creature and eventually killed it on the heliport of the laboratory, where they were later rescued by S.T.A.R.S. member Brad Vickers.

Wesker, however, was not dead. The prototype virus had revived him. It allowed him to obtain super physical ability, and through the complete recombination of his cells, the toughness of his body was improved, making him unlikely to be harmed through conventional means, resulting in him being nigh-invulnerable to bullets and explosions. His muscle power was also highly enhanced, granting him super strength and enabling him the ability to leap heights and distances unthinkable of a human being. Other improvements included his cardiovascular and nervous systems, and a footspeed surpassing that of a cheetah, possibly due to an increase in density of his mitochondria. A miraculous healing ability also surfaced, most likely as a result of an improved metabolism.

Making his way through the mansion to escape, he finished off Lisa Trevor before departing, running with new-found speed away from the facility through Raccoon Forest. Watching from outside as the mansion exploded, he was then officially severed from Umbrella and presumed dead for many months. His official report of death was filed on August 28, 1998. 17

While Wesker was reborn and succeeded in retrieving some research data from the facility such as the Hunter data, the interference of Sergei Vladimir backing up all of the data in the facility to the U.M.F.-013 and removing Wesker's access prevented him from stealing the rest of Umbrella's research data from the Arklay Laboratory. This, along with the destruction of the Tyrant at the hands of Chris and Jill preventing him from acquiring its combat data, dealt a significant blow to his plans and tarnished his reputation within his new company. In response, Wesker turned to his backup plan in order to regain his lost honor and pride: the recovery of the G-virus developed by William Birkin.

Wesker's retrieval of the Hunter research data allowed his new employers to develop the improved Hunter II and its "Sweeper" subspecies.

Raccoon City Incident ~ Sep. 23 - Oct. 1, 1998

After the Mansion Incident, Wesker partnered with Ada Wong, a spy and fellow Special Agent of the rival company of Umbrella. Before Wesker could execute his plans to retrieve the G-virus from Birkin, Umbrella deployed the Alpha Team of Umbrella Security Service, led by HUNK, into Raccoon City in order to recover it themselves. On September 23, Birkin was assassinated and the G-virus fell into the hands of Umbrella. Before dying, Birkin injected himself with the virus and massacred the team, leaking the t-virus in the process.

In the midst of the resulting outbreak, Wesker sent Ada into the city in order to recover the G-virus. Meanwhile, Wesker observed the events occurring in the city, recording combat data in the process. Among the B.O.W.s Wesker recorded was the Nemesis-T Type. Ada initially failed to recover the virus due to her involvement with Leon S. Kennedy. Wesker somehow witnessed their interaction and saw her growing affection for the rookie police officer as a sign of betrayal, initially willing to leave her to die.

Ada managed to escape the Underground Laboratory and made her report to Wesker on October 1, shortly before the destruction of Raccoon City. While fully prepared to desert Ada, his interest was piqued when she revealed a tissue fragment containing the G-virus from Birkin's body. With her value proven, Wesker immediately sent a rescue helicopter to her; however, she left the rival company of Umbrella shortly after the completion of her mission. With the successful retrieval of the G-virus, Wesker made up for his failure to acquire the Tyrant and the data from the mansion, regaining his lost honor and earning himself a major bargaining chip that he would later use to great effect in boosting his own power and influence.

Rockfort Island Attack ~ Dec. 27 - 28, 1998

At some point, Wesker took the leadership position of H.C.F., the Special Forces unit owned and operated by the rival company. Umbrella also became aware of his survival of the Mansion Incident. He deployed an H.C.F. spy to Rockfort Island, with said spy relaying details on the reawakening of the presumably dead Alexia Ashford. 18

With this news, Wesker was ordered by the rival company to retrieve Alexia, whose body contained the only known sample of the t-Veronica virus which was considered lost by Umbrella. Wesker himself also believed the virus would be useful for his own goals. On December 27, Wesker led an airstrike and subsequent ground assault of the island, leaking the experimental t-virus on the island in the process. While on the island, Wesker confronted Claire Redfield and used her progress through the island to ascertain the real location of Alexia whose awakening was originally believed to take place on Rockfort. Wesker's team succeeded in retrieving data and B.O.W.s from the island, including the prototype Bandersnatch.

Following Claire's escape from the island, Wesker encountered Chris Redfield once again and attempted to kill him without success, following Claire to the Umbrella Antarctic Base immediately following their encounter. Although Alexia Ashford was completely destroyed by Chris, Wesker succeeded in acquiring a sample of her refined Veronica virus (dubbed by Wesker as "t-Alexia") from the corpse of Steve Burnside. However, he determined that Alexia's work "wasn't much of anything" and as such, disregarded the virus, handing it over to his employers whilst still keeping samples for himself, though merely as a selling point.

Instead, Wesker began to focus on the weakening of Umbrella itself, amassing their own B.O.W.s and research from them. He had also begun to sell the viruses and B.O.W.s he had either developed or stolen through the black market in order to gain capital.

Operation Javier ~ Summer 2002

In 2001, Wesker turned his attention to South America and came into contact with and sold the t-Veronica virus to the powerful drug lord Javier Hidalgo as an analeptic drug. Javier was desperately searching for a treatment for the illness afflicting his daughter, Manuela Hidalgo. Wesker instructed Javier to replace Manuela's organs on a regular basis to keep the virus at bay, using girls of the same age to harvest the organs. In return, Wesker requested a large sum of money and a stake in a collusive business partnership. Wesker also sold B.O.W.s to Javier, including the Jabberwock S3. Additionally, Ada Wong attempted to gain information from Javier on his activities, having joined another unknown organization following her departure from the rival company. Suspicious, the drug lord inquired about her to Wesker, who lied and claimed that Ada was an Umbrella spy as a farce. Despite this, she managed to narrowly avoid death at the hands of Javier's crime syndicate. 19

In the summer of 2002, Wesker was present in Amparo during the biological disaster, and observed the destruction of the V Complex. Around this time, he also established his own organization in secret, independent of the rival company of Umbrella, as a means of carrying out his own objectives outside his employers' jurisdiction. Sometime after the incident, Wesker was approached by Jack Krauser, one of the operatives involved in Operation Javier. Krauser offered his services to Wesker, and became one of Wesker's followers and operatives, joining his underground organization.

Umbrella's End ~ Feb. 18, 2003

The rival company was aware of the existence of "hangars" administered by Umbrella in remote areas throughout the world, used to stash their various assets including developmental B.O.W.s and viral anti-bodies lying in stasis whilst their Supreme Court trial dragged on, preparing for a revival of the company. Following bizarre murder cases being reported in the Russian Caucasus region, Wesker launched an investigation into the cases, leading to the uncovering of the Caucasus Laboratory and the knowledge that Umbrella was planning a "revival". Wesker detailed his findings in another report. 20

Later, Wesker received reports from spies in the village that the t-virus had leaked, prompting him to travel to the village to collect the research data collected there and the developmental Hunter Delta B.O.W.s. While there, he encountered Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine. Uninterested in revenge against S.T.A.R.S. due to his current goal, Wesker avoided the two as much as possible. Finally getting to what he required, his plans were foiled as the data and the Hunter Delta models he planned to collect went up in flames. However, he successfully retrieved a disk containing diagrams of the Caucasus Laboratory, and immediately set off to enact Umbrella's downfall. 21

Wesker planned to wipe out Umbrella's mainframe, the U.M.F.-013, and steal all of the company's collective data, which he had failed to do years prior at the mansion due to the intervention of Sergei Vladimir. In order to achieve his goal, he leaked the t-virus throughout the facility. In the meantime, Wesker avoided Chris and Jill and the Russian anti-biohazard unit they were deployed with, using them in as a distraction. Wesker fought his way through countless escaped B.O.W.s and infected employees, eventually encountering Sergei and defeating his two Ivan T-103 bodyguards. Noting that he was more powerful than last time when he fought Sergei's one Ivan bodyguard at the Umbrella Research Center, Wesker was able to gain the upper hand on the Tyrants more easily.

As Chris and Jill fought off Umbrella's last resort, T-A.L.O.S., Wesker defeated a mutated Sergei and gained full access to Umbrella's entire mainframe, making his exit after copying the data onto a hologram memory disk and then wiping it clean. Wesker then successfully turned in the incriminating evidence he recovered to the Supreme Court and even personally testified against Spencer, acting under the guise of an anonymous friend of the CEO. His actions successful, Wesker succeeded in toppling the Umbrella Corporation completely.

With full access to all of Umbrella's data, resources and assets the world over, including the Umbrella Satellite System, Umbrella Archives, Umbrella Chronicles, Umbrella Network Archive and Umbrella Data Link, Wesker was able to conduct his own activities with greater effect. Wesker ultimately planned to one day succeed the fallen Umbrella Corporation, having seen the company as a representation of power and desiring to erect a new "umbrella" under which to achieve his personal interests; he intended to lead the world into a "new future", which Umbrella had failed to do themselves, designing it himself in his own "vision".

Alliance with Tricell ~ 2003

After sealing Umbrella's fate in 2003, Wesker approached Excella Gionne, an executive in the pharmaceutical division of TRICELL. Wesker's interest in her was piqued by her intelligence and character, and he supplied her with a vast amount of information on the t-virus and other research including the t-Veronica virus, as well as the technology necessary to make use of it. Using the assets provided by Wesker, Excella was able to gain a greater position of power within the company and TRICELL began to move into the field of B.O.W. research and development and a secretive bioweapons division was established. With the company in his pocket, Wesker continued his own activities. 22

Around this time, Wesker's activities were being monitored by the unknown organization whom Ada worked for. A growing animosity between them and Wesker's underground organization began to lead to the organization plotting against Wesker.

South Europe Incident ~ Autumn 2004

In 2004, Wesker's underground organization became the third force involved in the South Europe incident behind the scenes. After learning of the ancient parasitic organism known as the "Plaga", he ordered Jack Krauser to infiltrate the Los Illuminados cult in rural Spain in order to learn more about the parasites and spy on the cult. In order to buy his way into the cult, Krauser kidnapped Ashley Graham, the daughter of the new U.S. President. Krauser learnt of the power of Las Plagas and their nature, as well as the existence of a sample developed by the cult's leader, Osmund Saddler, known as a Master Plaga. This sample was a type of dominant strain Plaga, the species which is able to control all subjects infected with other subordinate Plaga types.

Around this time, Wesker beckoned Ada Wong to join his organization and participate in the mission, which he performed independently of the rival company he still worked for and whom Ada had departed from after Raccoon City. He tasked her with retrieving the sample and gathering information on the parasites. Wesker guided her with the necessary information for her mission via a live satellite feed of the area and direct video feed with Ada herself. During the mission, Wesker ordered Ada to assassinate Leon S. Kennedy, later passing on this order to Krauser instead. In defiance of Wesker, Ada went out of her way to save Leon's life as she had years prior, preventing Krauser from assassinating him.

Krauser and Leon later fought a second time, during which Krauser unleashed the mutation within himself of the dominant strain Plaga he had been given by Saddler. Leon had supposedly killed Krauser in the fight, which Ada reported to Wesker, though it was soon after revealed that he had in fact survived, forcing Ada to finish him off. At the end of the mission, Wesker was betrayed by Ada after she took the dominant strain Plaga sample for her unknown organization, proving where her true loyalty lay. Instead, Wesker was sent a subordinate Plaga in its place. Not concerned with Ada's betrayal and even having foreseen it, Wesker succeeded in acquiring a dead dominant species Plaga through the dead body of Krauser.

Immediately following this, Wesker's organization began to conduct research on both the subordinate and control types. To Wesker, this was a big step forward in his plans. He also used his accumulated salvaged materials to take full control of the rival company that same year, the followers and resources he gained in his underground organization being carried over to his new company, rendering his former organization nonexistant. Wesker had now effectively accomplished his goal of erecting his own "umbrella", replacing the one erected by Oswell E. Spencer that had folded at his hands. Moving forward with his plans for a "new future", Wesker spent the next two years focusing on one goal: tracking down Spencer.

Spencer Estate Incident ~ Aug. 1, 2006

Wesker focused all of his company's money, time, resources and connections on finding Umbrella's former Chairman; however, his efforts would prove to also be the downfall of his "umbrella", the company being rendered dissolved after almost all efforts to seek Spencer out had been exhausted and failed. Eventually, Spencer himself leaked his own location, wanting Wesker to find him without him knowing his intent; Spencer's butler, Patrick, gave the information to Ricardo Irving, whom had been working for Ada Wong. She in turn then passed the information onto Wesker himself. 23

Wesker finally discovered the Spencer Estate, and met his former employer himself on August 1, 2006 after brutally decimating Spencer's entire security detail. Spencer explained to Wesker that he was a product of the "Wesker Project", a plan aimed at creating the perfect model for Spencer's advanced human race. Wesker's parents were intellectuals, and to this end Spencer took Wesker and his "siblings" under his wing and prepared to install his own ideals unto them if their intelligence could not be enhanced via genetic manipulation. He also explained that the prototype virus Wesker obtained from Birkin in July 1998 which gave him his strength was created for the purpose of artificial selection, to filter out the more special Wesker Children. However, the process ended up killing most of them, leaving Wesker as one of the only survivors by 2006. Spencer had one miscalculation, however; once the children finally met him and his mystery faded, there was no more mental restraint between them. Thanks to this, Wesker murdered Spencer, impaling him through the chest with his hand.

Utterly shocked and angered by the revelation that his entire life had been manipulated, and also bitter that the resources he had laboured years to accumulate were now gone, Wesker pondered his next move, standing in the window of the castle's study tower with Spencer's corpse left on the floor of the chamber as thunder roared and lightning flashed in the skies above. He was soon confronted by his former subordinates, Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine. Believing fate had delivered them to him, Wesker took their appearance as a sign that the weak would always resist the will of the "chosen".

He engaged the two in a one-sided battle and prepared to kill Chris. Before he could deliver the finishing blow, Jill leapt at Wesker, throwing both herself and Wesker out of the nearby window and off the side of the large cliff the Spencer Estate stood upon. Both Jill and Wesker were presumed dead, but in reality both had survived. After noticing Jill's heavily injured but alive condition, he took her body with him and placed her in a cryogenic stasis as he went underground, using the news of his death to veil his activities while he enacted his final plan: the Uroboros Project. 24

Uroboros Plan ~ 2006 - 2009

Now completely free from the bonds Spencer had set upon him, Wesker mobilized his final plan, joining TRICELL and becoming full-time partners with Excella Gionne in the wake of his own company's destruction. Deciding to continue Spencer's plan in his own way, Wesker began the Uroboros Porject. It was a revised version of Spencer's plot to use the Progenitor virus to create an advanced race of humans, making himself a god. With the help of TRICELL and indirectly, Jill Valentine, Wesker was able to successfully cultivate the Uroboros virus and suppress its potency by using the t-virus anti-bodies within Jill's body. Rather than use her as the initial Uroboros test subject as he had initially planned, he instead found other uses for her as a test subject for the P30 ancillary chemical. Meanwhile, Wesker also provided TRICELL with samples of the Plaga, which allowed the company to improve upon them and develop the new Type 2 and Type 3 Plagas. In 2009, Wesker prepared to send his plan into motion by spreading the Uroboros virus throughout the world in an aircraft designed to spread the virus at an optimum altitude, being carried by the wind currents throughout the globe. 25

However, through the efforts of his nemesis Chris Redfield, as well as Sheva Alomar, Wesker's plans were ultimately foiled as the plane intended to spread the virus crashed into a nearby volcano. During his dragged-out battle with the duo, he was injected repeatedly with the serum PG67A/W, a substance that had been mass-produced by TRICELL in order for Wesker to keep the prototype virus inside his body in check so that he would not lose his superhuman powers; overdosing on the serum caused it to act as a poison, causing Wesker great internal pain and forcing his abilities to slowly fade, robbing him of his invincibility. In a last-ditch effort and using the last of his enhanced strength, Wesker absorbed plenty of the Uroboros virus from a missile. Due to being an adaptor to the virus, Wesker was able to control the Uroboros pustules which covered his body, preventing him from being consumed by the virus, also becoming more powerful and overcoming his limit.

Despite Wesker's attempts, Chris and Sheva managed to outdo him, and he fell into the lava of the volcano. As dawn was arriving on the morning of March 7th, 2009, after attempting to pull the pair's helicopter in with him, Wesker was completely obliterated by the launch of two RPG rockets by Chris and Sheva given by Jill Valentine, his body consumed by the lava, disappeared forever.


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