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About the Site

With the launch of Project Umbrella, we're hoping to make a statement to the Resident Evil fan community at large. This site has been founded on something more than a love for the series we've all grown up with, it's been founded on an obsession. For too long fans have had to chase up hard-to-find sources to uncover facts about the franchise they otherwise wouldn't have known. Serious debates about the series have gone down the tubes and intellectual discussion has been stretched thin across countless fan sites, instead of maintained and upheld in one place. Project Umbrella is more than just your average site. We're founded on a philosophy of going further than ever before, unprecedented research, excruciating detail, giving RE fans, old and new, what they truly deserve.

- El Bastardo

Project Umbrella started off sometime in 2006 during a simple MSN conversation between Krispy and News Bot. What was once an idea for a bare-bones web space dubbed "Resident Evil Media" became a complete website shortly after, and for the next three years the site's number of staff would gradually increase past the original six (Krispy, News Bot, Chimera, Neptune, El Bastardo and Mr. Spencer). The amount of content produced by the site's staff would also multiply over the next three years.

Cut to February 2009, and Project Umbrella is now officially open. While still fairly incomplete, Project Umbrella aims to integrate the community with the site more than any other fansite before it, and allows any registered user to make amendments to the site's content under moderation.

Contributing to Project Umbrella

Anyone who registers may submit edits of the articles for staff review before being published. There is no guarantee your edit will make it onto the site or that it will remain unchanged, but all submissions will be equally considered. At the moment there is no way for users to contribute images or videos and the timeline will forever be closed to open edits. Editorials may be submitted to us and we will happily display them on the site. For details, read below.

Editing Articles

Can I create my own articles?

No. In order to keep a close eye on stability, quality, and organization of content on the site, only staff may create articles. If there is an article you would like to add content to that isn't created yet, please ask for a staff member to create it in the Customer Service forum.

Can I use wiki formatting?

No, at this time Wiki input formats are not supported. If you feel strongly about this issue, bring it up in the Customer Service forum and it will be considered.

How do I add a link then?

I lied. This uses standard Wiki formatting, i.e. [ [Title of Article Being Linked] ] or [ [Title of Article Being Linked|Title to be Displayed] ] (without the spaces inbetween the brackets) .

How do I add a table of contents?

A Table of Contents can be added simply by clicking the Table of Contents button next to the Spellcheck button. It will be inserted on the line below your cursor making it unnecessary to break a new line before adding the table.

Can I use citations?

Yes! Please do! While there are very few citations at the moment, moving forward Project Umbrella plans to cite the origin of all information from with in its site. That means if you got the information from a particular file, you can create a citation that links to the file in question. To do this, use the markup, [ fn]Your citation[ /fn] (without the spaces inside the tags). To make your citation a link to a file or interview on the website combine the link and citation markup such as, [ fn][ [Title of File] ][ /fn] (without the spaces inside the tags).

Can I add inline pictures to articles?

At the moment, this is not possible although the feature is being developed. When finished, you will be able to browse Project Umbrella's repository or artwork and screenshots and insert them into articles with captions.

It says I can't paste. What do I do?

That means you are using Firefox (good!) which doesn't allow pasting into rich text editors. The simple solution is to press ctl+v but this window will negate all formatting. If pasting from Word, you may use the Word paste function on the toolbar. If you need to cut and paste within an article you can follow these steps:

  1. Press "Disable rich-text."
  2. You will see the raw code now. Search for what you wanted to move, select and cut it.
  3. Repaste it in this same window and then click the "Enable rich-text" button to go back to the text editor.

Every time I hit enter it skips two lines. How do I skip just one?

The text editor starts a new paragraph every time enter is keyed. To just skip a line you must press shift+enter.

Submitting Editorials

Project Umbrella is above all a community site and welcome any editorial to be submitted for consideration. We do, however, hold the right to reject any submission that does not meet our standards of content and professionalism. Don't let that discourage you, though. All editorials will be presented on the site as either a pdf or word document so please send all submissions in either of those formats. Submissions may be emailed to

Why is there no weapons or items category?

To be quite honest, we had very little or nothing written on these topics and rather than release a bunch of text copied from Archives or nothing at all we decided to postpone their release. When the rest of the article content matures more we will focus more energy towards the weapons and then items categories in that order.

Why is "BIOHAZARD" used on the site rather than "RESIDENT EVIL"?

This is more of a case of vanity and convenience. Since there is a large amount of series material which has only ever been released in Japan, and has never been licensed overseas with "Resident Evil", this means that the only existing name for that material is "Biohazard". Since this site deals with much of this material, this would mean that both Biohazard and Resident Evil would be used for different articles. To stay consistent, Biohazard was adopted as the official term, though any material which has been licensed as Resident Evil is stated as such in the respective article. There is also the matter of the Biohazard name being the original intention of the developers.

Why are certain terms capitalized in articles, such as "RED QUEEN", or "t-Virus" rather than "T-Virus"?

This is simply how some terms are shown in some of the series' Japanese material. The use of term capitalization on Project Umbrella is simply to stay true to the original text and remain consistent.

Why does the file section list the site translation of a file first, Japanese text second and official translation third?

Much of the text in the English versions of the games contain copious amounts of errors and fabricated material caused by the translators, leading to plot holes and apparent retcons within the series storyline. In order to identify these mistakes and offer a more accurate rendition of the files, Project Umbrella makes the original canon Japanese text available, and translates each file with utmost scrutiny and attention to ensure a faithful translation. The English translations available in the American and British versions of the games are included only to allow people to see where the translators went wrong, and should never be taken as fact with regards to the series storyline. This is why they are last to be listed.

Forum Rules and Guidelines

These are the guidelines for the Project Umbrella forum. Please be aware that it is your responsibility to adhere to the rules, not ours. By posting, you agree that you have read the rules and are willing to follow them. Failure to do so may result in an infraction, or ban. The rules may also be updated at any time and it is your responsibility to keep up to date. For this purpose, please regularly check for any updates in the Customer Support forum.


General Rules

No spam.

No trolling.

No porn or hentai.

No religion topics. Ever.

No flaming (insulting other members).

No petitions.

No one-word posts.

Do not double post. If you have already made a post and need to add something, use the edit function.

All thread titles should be written like newspaper headlines. This will be strictly enforced, and we reserve the right to change those which do not meet our standard.

If you try to circumvent a ban by making an alternative account, the new account will be permanently banned as well as the original banned account.

Please do not type in caps for a whole post as it is regarded as shouting, or treat a thread like an MSN conversation. If you want to talk to a specific member, take it to PM or Instant Messenger.

You can take heated debates to PM, however if harassment or insults become involved, we have the right to step in if necessary.

All moderator decisions are final. Please do not contact us and use aggressive behaviour regarding your punishment. Doing so may result in a ban. If you genuinely believe your punishment is unfair, please contact one of the moderators and explain. This may not revert the decision, however.

Spoiler Rules

For all spoilers, use spoiler tags unless the thread mentions "Spoilers" in the title. In this case, spoiler tags aren't necessary. Spoiler tags are used such as:

Spoiler: Mouse over to view
Your spoiler here.

A comment is considered a spoiler if the media it is revealing information about is either not released yet or one to two weeks after release. As long as people stick to discussing plot points in "Spoiler" marked topics, there should be no problems.


Try to avoid using Internet slang such as lulz, ohnoez, omfg, etc.

Please try to use proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling. This forum has been equipped with spellcheck, so be sure to make use of it. (We realize that English may be a second language for some of you. We only ask that you try your best.)

Please keep all polls, "favorite" threads and light hearted discussion in the General Research Department. Any such topics made in the Bioweapon Research Department will be removed. This department is for more serious discussions regarding the mythos and universe of Resident Evil. Only post there if you have something relevant to say.

The "Bioweapon Research Department" will be heavily moderated.


The Founder



Handle: Krispy
Name: Kris

Built this website with his bare hands. Respect and fear him.

News Bot

Handle: News Bot
Name: Paul
Location: Belfast, Ireland
Twitter: @NewsBotPU

History with the Site:

One of the 'Original Six'. Planned to found "Resident Evil Media" with Krispy which then evolved into the more ambitious "Project Umbrella". Currently the site's administrator. Writer of the "Chronology of Evil" timeline.

Personal Background Information:

First played 'Resident Evil' in 1996 and hasn't quite recovered since.


...still needs to give us his details.


Handle: Neptune
Name: Nick
Location: Southampton, UK

History with the Site:

Neptune is one of the founders of Project Umbrella, after receiving the call from Krispy way back in 2007. Back then the site was just forums with other member posting vital information to be used when the site went live. Neptune started to investigate predominately B.O.W. base organisms and drafting creature articles before assisting El Bastardo with his Dead Aim 'Theorists Never Die' article.

Neptune is now a key cog in the Project Umbrella Podcast, hosting the bi monthly podcast to all. Neptune also prepares the always brain bending Neptune and Newsy's Biohazard Quiz and edits the recordings along with TheBatman too.

Neptune then started to create his own editorials and became fascinated with the forgotton games of the series - the portable one's. There are now two in-depth features all about the Confidential Report games and information from the other mobile games on the site, making Project Umbrella the number one source for this genre. During this time, Neptune also had time to create one of the most ambitious and well-received fan projects, Resident Evil Monopoly. Six years in the making, Neptune set about combining the classic board game with the series to create a must-play for all fans! Neptune is now an active staff member on the site, assisting with the moderators on the forum, editing articles and creating new features.

Personal Background Information:

Nick has been a fan of the Resident Evil series since purchasing the first game off a friend and then buying a brand new copy of Resident Evil 3 for 60% off the marked price when a department store made a mistake. Nick has never looked back and has amassed a modest collection including games, strategy guides, novels, dvd's and of course, monopoly board.


Handle: Hieronymus
Name: Don
Location: Albany NY

History with the Site:

Hieronymus began lurking among Resident Evil communities in 2009, and joined this one shortly after the release of Resident Evil 5 based largely on the quality of discussion here. Shortly thereafter, he was tapped by The Doctor to collaborate on a series of detailed scientific reports describing every virus, mutant, and B.O.W. in the series. Though he initially considered such a project impossible, it succeeded beyond his wildest expectations and is ongoing. The first two reports in the Biology of Evil series are currently available in the editorial section. Hieronymus is a regular contributor to the forums, where he expounds upon the biological implications of minute details of the series.

Personal Background Information:

Hieronymus is a mad scientist in training at Albany Medical College. He harbors a smoldering resentment at being snubbed by a certain highly-regarded academic institution and has vowed to "show those fools at the Academy." In his spare time, he studies the history and science of biological warfare and unethical human experimentation, but swears it's just a hobby. At home, Hieronymus is never more than ten feet away from a weapon, because when the zombie apocalypse comes, it will probably be his fault.

The Doctor

Handle: The Doctor
Name: Jordan
Location: Varies
AIM: PhysicianofDeath

History with the Site:

The Doctor was recruited by Chimera from the forums of reHorror thanks to his expertise in the biological sciences. Seeking to apply that knowledge to Resident Evil and fill a deficit regarding the scientific aspects of this series, The Doctor began a fruitful collaboration with Hieronymus in March of 2009 which yielded the expansive 'Biology of Evil' report just nine months later. Work immediately commenced on the second report as well that year with its eventual release on January 9, 2011. At the moment, The Doctor is working with The Project Umbrella Biological Analysis Committee (consisting of bruno, T-A.L.O.S., Hieronymus, and himself) in general to broach the theories that will coalesce into 'The Biology of Evil Part 3' while collaborating personally with Hieronymus to release a revised second edition of 'The Biology of Evil Part 1'.

Personal Background Information:

The Doctor's passion for Virology was born upon witnessing Dr. William Birkin's obsession with a virus and his inevitable transformation into something more, and less, than human as a result. While initially incredulous concerning real world viruses in comparison to that fictional representation, The Doctor nevertheless became hopelessly enraptured by the potential to exploit these biological entities in a therapeutic context to change the world; he thus aspires to obtain a PhD in Molecular Biology and found a biotechnology startup company which offers genetically-modified viruses to the public in the forms of viral gene therapy and oncolytic virotherapy.

In addition to his goals as a scientist, The Doctor is also a budding screenwriter with an eye towards penning Hollywood features. Currently, he's working on both a low-budget slasher horror film as well as a comedy webisode series for up-and-coming director/producer Ace Salvador. His ultimate goal in this venue is to write and direct a biopunk trilogy heavily inspired by Resident Evil and Metal Gear Solid which focuses on the United States' role in the Middle East.


Handle: Ridley
Name: Mauricio
Location: Medellín, Colombia
Other Sites: (Ridley W. Hayes) (Ridley W. Hayes)

History with the Site:

After learning there were members of THIA working on a fansite dedicated to the Lore of the series, Ridley became interested on the outcome of such project. The premise of having translations, an in depth timeline, editable content and awesome editorials pushed him to create an account as soon as PU launched. Ever since he's been contributing information and participating on discussions about the series.

Personal Background Information:

Being an avid fan of the Zombie genre, Ridley got to play Resident Evil 3 during a nice vacations with his cousins. He immediately became a fan of the series. During that time he was only beginning to learn English, but that didn't stop him to lurk other sites, learning and sharing whatever information he could on RESH, a Spanish fansite. Once he mastered enough the language to feel comfortable with English speakers, he joined other communities meeting valuable people on the process. He's also interested on beta material from the early years of the series, especially 1.5.


Handle: GunFreak
Name: Coltan
Location: Rome, GA
E-mail: ask for it if you need it (I get too much spam as it is)
Other Sites: (IMFDB user page) (A-P profile & blog) (RE Wikia Profile)

History with the Site:

GunFreak was/is originally an admin for the Resident Evil Wiki who joined to clean up the weapon articles. After that task was (at the time) completed, he eventually migrated to Project Umbrella after making contact with News Bot and submitting an issue of ARMS magazine to be translated by BioTech. He was eventually lured into a staff position by the prospect of not having all of his carefully constructed work (backed by hands-on firearms experience and meticulous searching for information) tarnished by the greasy hands of 14-year-old members whose gun knowledge stems solely from Call of Duty. While he doesn't care all that much about the plot and background details to Resident Evil, he is OCD regarding anything firearms related, and as such makes for an excellent one-trick pony; spewing forth massive amounts of gun-related information without bothering the discussions related to subjects that he is unfamiliar with.

Personal Background Information:

Coltan has been playing the Resident Evil games for a number of years (but never bothered remembering when he first played one) but is a cheap bastard, usually buying used copies of the games after they've been out for a few months.


Handle: HUNK
Name: Mike
Location: San Diego, CA
AIM: hawkknox
Twitter: @EgoVoxRationis
Other Sites: (GrimReaperHUNK) (Film projects) (Costume and prop commissions)

History with the Site:

HUNK has been a member of Project Umbrella since mid-2009, when he decided to quit simply stealing the images posted here for costume references and actually contribute to the forums. His interest in Raccoon City's geography and the timeline details circa 1998 were huge factors in his decision to join the site, but since then his interests have branched out and he has actively taken part in various discussions of the Biohazard universe. He moderates the forum with his bare hands, and doesn't tolerate any crap in the Bioweapon Research Department.

Personal Background Information:

Mike has been a fan of the Biohazard series since he played "Resident Evil 2" as a young lad, and was terrified to walk through a door because a Licker crawled past a window.


Handle: Sindra
Name: *Classified*
Location: Buffalo, NY
AIM: SoulShadow51
Twitter: @tasteslikesin
Facebook: *Classified*
Other Sites: (Personal Site) (Art Display)

History with the Site:

Sindra lurked around Project Umbrella for several months after signing up in late 2009, mostly to gauge atmosphere and whether or not it would be like every other Resident Evil fansite on the net. Satisfied with the results, she began posting on the forums and asserting herself as a less-than-typical female enthusiast of the series. After proving herself a capable individual after a verbal altercation with Mr. Spencer won him over to her side, she was offered a moderation position, where she gleefully backs up her new partner HUNK. Usually with sharp pointy objects.

Personal Background Information:

Sindra became a more familiar with the spot in front of her Sega Genesis than she did with the social world when she was young. She became a fan of survival horror with Resident Evil 2, and has been a zombie-stomping devotee ever since.


Project Umbrella prides itself on integrating with the wider BIOHAZARD community, and aims to maintain good relations with other fan-sites. Among these sites are;



Project Umbrella has a YouTube channel: ProjectUmbrellaTV.


Project Umbrella operates a Twitter account, which can be found here.


Project Umbrella also has a fan-page on Facebook, which can be found here.